Elyas Ayazzo

User: Zynth
Campaign: Endless Horizons
Race: Eladrin
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Swordmage/3
Elyas appears more unkempt than most fey in the endless horizon. Long shoulder length blond hair masks parts of his face at times, due to his unwillingness to pull it back. When in ceremonies or relaxing, he ties it, showing his brown eyes and light skin. Elyas wears a long black cloak, charred and singed in various places, on top of a leather chest piece, adorned with straps of many sorts. Brightly colored bracers cover his forearms, exposed from the shirt worn underneath the armor and cloak. At his side, always, lies the longsword his father gave to him.
Elyas Agazzo was born in heartland, in a small town near a marsh. His father is a blacksmith, but his mother died soon after giving birth due to a sickness. As a result, Elyas spent a lot of his youth in the blacksmith, with his father. Elyas' father did use wildlings to help him in his shop, and although the father treated the wildlings better than most, Elyas never grew accustomed to the treatment in general. Elyas chose to leave his home, joining the regional guard, seeking glory with the skills he had learned from his father. He soon found that his views on the treatment of wildlings set him aside and below in the minds of most fey he thought were to become life-long friends.

At this point in his life, he chose to leave heartland all together. An uncle in the regional guard had recommended him to an arcane training school, within the Athenaeum guild. He started a successful and nearly-finished curriculum until an incident, which has obsessed him recently. A year away from finishing his training, Elyas was framed for an act of vandalism and hatred within the town. Someone had sent a clear message about the wildlings, and with few eladrin living in the area, the blame came to rest upon Elyas. Currently he is suspended until further investigations can be concluded. Elyas chose to seek out the evidence of his innocence himself, using unorthodox methods, for which he is not accustomed to.