Tremanion de-Daxos

User: James
Campaign: Eye of the Gods
Race: Minotaur
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class: Fighter
Tremanion is a serious, thoughtful Minotaur. He is serious because it takes a lot of effort to hold back his primal, monstrous tendencies. Sometimes he is not very good at holding back... a trait that proves useful in combat, but always leaves Tremanion feeling disappointed in himself.
Tremanion grew up in a Minotaur family in mid-sized, mostly human town. He had a twin brother, Raxas, who was always getting into trouble, and sometimes the trouble that Raxas would get into would come back on Tremanion. As the two grew up together, Raxas became worse - stealing, lying, bullying other children - while Tremanion worked very hard to distance himself from his brother and protect those that Raxas would bully.

When they were twelve years old, Tremanion and Raxas got into a very big fight. Raxas was beating up some other children, and Tremanion lost his temper. The fight was long and vicious, and neither of them really won. Raxas decided, however, that his brother Tremanion was holding him back from what he wanted to do, and ran away from home. They have not seen each other since.

Raxas' running away wrought havok in the de-Daxos household. Tremanion's parents, who were largely unaware of Raxas's villainy, fell into a deep depression over the loss of their son. They both died a few years later, when Tremanion was seventeen. It was as if they just gave up on living.

Tremanion left his childhood after his parents' deaths, and found work as a mercenary. Small jobs mostly - escorting caravans and the like. The pay is decent, and he seldom has to engage in actual violence as his intimidating size encourages most brigands to find easier prey.
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