"I fight for my friends...and gold. Mostly Gold"
User: thexblade
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter/5
Age 142. Weight 200. Height 3'9''.
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
When you think dwarfs you think about short fat men mining in the undergrounds for gold and riches.

In this case you're right.

The miners guild of this underground complex has discovered a great secret treasure trove of gold, silver and other riches. Settled in their underground city far away from the surface and the troubles of the outside world, the dwarfs rarely leave the safety of their home. Only a few humans know about the city and are abducted to be talked into being couriers of food and messages from the confines of their caves to the surface. Due to...unusual methods of ancient rites and dwarven ingenuity the humans don't talk about the dwarfs to protect their secrets.

The Copperfist family is a rich clan and one of the founders of the mines and the city itself, housing one of the greatest dwarven hero's of its time; Titanius Copperfist.

Titanius, along with a few other dwarven companions dug their way out of a dangerous cavern to protect their families from the denizens of the caves. Titanius defended his friends from goblins and drow while the others dig their way to something or somewhere safe. As luck would have it they dug their way into an ancient dragons caved in treasure trove. The dragon had long ago passed away and the riches were given to the dwarves.

Hope was in sight however there were still defenders of the treasure waiting and lurking to kill the curious intruders. The kobalts worshiping their dragon overlord still lived on within the small caverns of this humungous cave. Titanius, grabbing the nearest weapon in the pile of treasure charged the nasty creatures and began slaughtering. It glowed with fury as Titanius slew the kolbalds and after the battle was won the treasure was theirs.

Titanius and exhausted miners then lead the rest of their clans to safety and began building a home for themselves. Given that it was Titanius that liberated the area he should be given the right to name their new home. Thus the city was named Kil'drogon(It was about to be named "This is where a killed a dragon" but the elders assured him that the name was stupid and modified a few letters so that kill dragon wasn't exactly the obvious way to say the name.) and the dwarves prospered there after.

The weapon that Titanius claimed in the dragon treasure he named Atma. As luck would have it it was indeed dwarven make and magically enhanced to boost the powers of his fighting nature.

With Atma in hand, Titanius leads the dwarven warriors further into the depths and conquering more land for his people and driving out the evil that is the drow.

Str ( 18 ) Fort - 7
Dex ( 14 ) Refl - 3
Con ( 16 ) Will - 2
Int ( 10 )
Wis ( 12 ) AC ( 19 )
Cha ( 08 )

HP (??)

BAB- 5

- Power Attack
- Combat Reflexes
- Dodge
- Cleave
- Toughness

( 0 )Appraise
( 2 )Balance
(-1 )Bluff
( 8 )Climb
( 3 )Concentration
( 4 )Craft: Weaponsmith
(-1 )Diplomacy
(-1 )Disguise
( 2 )Escape Artist
( 0 )Forgery
(-1 )Gather Information
(-1 )Handle Animal
( 2 )Hide
( 2 )Intimidate
( 4 )Jump
( 2 )Listen
( 4 )Move Silently
( 4 )Ride
( 1 )Search
( 1 )Sense Motive
( 2 )Spot
( 1 )Suvival
( 4 )Swim