Hokur McMerceson

"Oh aye, I was havin none o' that now."
User: Vriden
Campaign: MonkeyStomping
Race: Human (Aral)
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Fighter/Rogue/10/3
Hokur stand 6'3" and weighs in at nearly 17 Aral stone in his skin. He wears his blonde hair long and pulled back in a loose ponytail. He shaves his beard to a trim only on his chin, but wears his mustaches long. His Nord heritage shows plainly in his features and bright blue eyes. Not as hulking as some, he is strength balanced by agility, excelling at feats of athleticism and moves with a grace of confidence.
Laying claim to no clan, he wears the colors of the mercenary: red, brown, and grey - blood, leather and steel.
Hokur is the son of the young country lass Obellia and a wandering stone of the name Ivar Merceson. Ivar claims direct lineage from Ulfred the Mercenary, or simply known as "the Merc", a Nord warrior renowned for his fighting prowess and womanizing ways. Ivar never married Obellia but has provided for her and the boy from his takings as a mercenary in the Salpian kingdom over the years, occasionally visiting. Even after Obellia married Rud the cobbler, Ivar was known to stop by to see his son.

Rud never accepted Hokur as one of his kin, and often mistreated him. On one such occasion, near Hokur's twelfth year, Ivar arrived for a visit right after Rud had beaten Hokur severely. He administered his own justice on the man and took his son away. Hokur served as a page and messenger until near to his sixteenth year, when he entered into fighting service alongside his father.

Hokur has spent the last decade actively campaigning in Salpia, working alongside his father initially but striking out on his own after a few years. Early lessons in the ways of war earned him a sergeant's rank in the mercenary band of Erlich Rachmann, the Red Wolf. A visit to Aral brought him into contact with Hammish Lachland with an intriguing proposal to work as a tactical coordinator for Master Roodle's retrieval team.
Hokur had been a mercenary for over a decade, spilling blood where he was told, and doing many things he'd rather not talk about in polite company, or anywhere near a priest of Halcyon. Naturally mobile, he was often utilized as an infiltrator and quick response. On horseback, he is amazingly capable. He has a reputation amongst the mercenary troops as a good man to have, and a fearsome one to be against.

Hokur has two great possessions: his boots and his dagger, the Bleary-Eyed Dodger. At a gambling table, he won the Dodger against a marriage to the cook's sister. The boots came from an unknown foe he dispatched in the field. Both symbolize his Aral luck and his uncanny knack for surviving.
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