User: Feraltetsuo
Race: Deva
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Invoker/1
Standing rather tall at 6'5", Daithuen retains an average build, not very muscular but not scrawny either. It is hard to put an age to him but you might guess somewhere between mid twenties and mid thirties. His skin is mostly a dark blue and there are whorling patterns in a pale white marking his face and arms. His face is longer than the average human's and he has a piercing set of bluish eyes that are bordering on purple. His shoulder length hair is brushed back and carries a similar set of patterns to his face. There is no sign of facial hair and the jaw revealed by this is set firm. If not for his somewhat barbaric clothing he would have a very elegant look to him. He wears a hide armor that looks hand crafted and carries a basic staff as well. There is an air of stillness that surrounds him and when he is at rest, the only perceptible movement is the occasional blink of his eyes.
Daithuen walks into Chernot with a determined look on his face. He has been wandering for some time in search of someone he calls Silustara. When asked he will say he has been searching for her for six years now without a trace. He seems to have a one track mind concerning this and, while he will answer any question that is asked, he does not volunteer information readily unless it will directly further his quest.
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