The Journal of Creeper

The old Mud Blob Man Monster con, or how we got schooled in fool.
I finally had a chance to drive the bike (the old man is slow, big surprise). And we're on our way to the face off against the giant mud blob man monster when I start getting the heebie jeebies about crossing the bridge and lose control around a corner. Slamming the bike into a tree. Good thing for me I'm not old, so I don't fall on my face like the old man. Anyway the bike isn't too badly damaged, so we're off (but this time the old fella decides he's driving, my father always said to respect your elders so I don't give him any crap about his old man slow driving).
It's just after we cross the bridge (I couldn't look), that the tin man decides to join us and offer a push to get us there faster. Emoman is already there, probably trying to spread his kind of love, so after we arrive I decide to get high and surveil the area to better understand the scene.

It looks like Emoman is about to get walloped, that is not an option, so I drop a flash in front of giant mud blob man monster's face to distract. Which luckily works out for him (it wouldn't look good for our fearless leader to become a punching bag).

The Tin Man decides to join in the fun and proceeds to try and use the mud blob man monsters face as a punching bag. Big surprise, no effect. I disregard the effect of arrows on this bad guy (I really need some explosive arrows).

Emoman decides that leading from the front might not be the best coarse of action and pops somewhere else to come up with a plan. It's then that the Tin Man gets a muddy slap and is punched into last week scratching up his chrome job.

The old man is still making his way to the action from parking up the bike (Old people, sheesh), so I decide to join the fun and run on down the building to a nearby car.

Emoman pops back and starts trying to direct the old fella into trying to disolve the mud blob man monster with water from a fire hydrant using old man power.

They just need to get the beastie to the hydrant. Our fearless leader pops away somewhere and the tin man is still making his way back into the fight (you'd think somebody that fast could at least pick up the pace).

I take a shot and pick up a car and throw it at the beastie (when all else fails, just throw a car). It sails through the air and I notice that it's a beautiful day, I should be playing soccer or baseball or skateboarding... Anyway, it hits it in the upper torso. It definetly felt that too as it starts to turn toward me (time to run up a building and get out of the way).

The old fella starts screaming at it after making his way to the hydrant and I give him some help by making the mud blob man monster very angry at him. He alters the hydrants shape and it starts spraying water at its torso. No immediate effect, this may take some time. I wonder why this thing is here.

I use my sight ability and try to discern the motive driving or directing the mud blob man monster and see something in the powerstation trying to steal some of the power making materials "I see you..."

The mud blob man monster is a distraction, the real action is at the powerstation. We've been duped.

Old Man, Old Fella: Phoenix
Tin Man: It has some dumb foreign sounding name for robot.
Emoman: Woe
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