User: Sam
Campaign: Nivsak Star Wars
Race: Rodian
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Scoundral/4
He is a young Rodian with green skin and big purple eyes. He has a scar above his left eye from a blaster shot. He is 1.6m tall wearing a orange shirt, dark blue pants and brown vest with a blaster strapped to his right leg.
Contact: Dungit, A electronics store owner.
Str. 11 +0
Dex. 16 +3
Con. 13 +1
Int. 16 +3
Wis. 12 +1
Cha. 10 +0

Wounds. 13
Vitality. 27
Defense . 16

Appraise 5
Astrogate 5
Balance 4
Bluff 2
Climb 3
Computer use 7
Craft (Electronic Devices) 8
Demolitions 4
Diplomacy 0
Disable Device 4
Disguise 1
Entertain 0
Escape Artist 4
Forgery 4
Gambling 7
Gather Information 3
Handle Animal 0
Hide 8
Intimidate 0
Jump 0
Knowledge (Streetwise) 6
Listen 7
Move Silently 7
Pilot 13
Repair 6
Ride 3
Search 7
Sense Motive 1
Sleight of Hand 5
Spot 7
Survival 2
Swim 3
Treat Injury 1
Tumble 4
Speak/Read/Write Rodian
Speak/Read/Write Basic

Feats & Special Abilities:
Walk the line. -2 defence to all within sight or 6 squares. Ends at next turn.

Luck. Reroll and failed ability check, skill, attack roll or saving roll using a D20. Second result must be used. Can be used a number of times a day depending on lvl. But only once per encounter.
Luck roll= 1 per day.

Illicit Barter. +5 competence bonus on any diplomacy checks made to buy or sell illicit or illegal goods.

Racial Feat. Tracking.

Starts with W.G.P. Blaster pistols, and simple weapons.

Precise attack +1 bonus. Not added in yet.

Skill Emphasis. +3 bonus to pilot. Already added in.

Wears padded armor +2 equipment bonus on fortitude saves in cold temp.

Electronic Tool. +1 device to open doors.

+3 Initiative.