Reginald Hauser

"Uphold the laws. Worry about the rest after"
User: jesse
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class: Mage
5'11", and built like a gymnast, Reggie is a bland, if healthy, Yorkshire Boy.

He has brown eyes, brown hair, and freckles if he spends to much time in the sun. His teeth are perfectly straight.
Reginald is British by birth. He is a member of a wealthy, long established wizard family. He grew up spending summers at his "uncle's" country estate, surrounded by cousins, aunts, and any number of distant relations.

The estate was run and monitored by his great grandmother, who is a warden of the white council. She recruited him immediately upon his power's emergence. From then on, he spent all his time at the estate, with occasional visits to his parents. He was trained in magic, combat, and field craft, though he found many of the lessons boring. He loved his close combat lessons, however, and longed for the day when he would become a warden in his own right, and earn his silver sword. He practiced his swordsmanship constantly.

He was taught the Laws of Magic, and their vital importance in protecting mankind from the power of wizards. He truly believes that the bulk of mankind needs to be protected, and that the best way to do that is to become a warden, and work with the wardens to defend man kind.

After his 18th birthday, his Grandmother returned to the estate and informed him he was to accompany her on a mission, to visit a more distant branch of the family. this one had moved to Canada several generations before, and was out of contact with the trunk of the family tree.

She was concerned that some among them had developed magic talent, but not reported in to eh estate near York. Fearing the worst, she brought Reggie along as back up. With the war on, no one else could be spared.

It came to pass that the Cousins in Montreal were using their power to force others to do their bidding. He helped his Grandmother fight their patriarch, and one of Reggie's cousins, and man his own age.

He slew the man, and the moment is forever etched on his heart.

The rest of Hauser Clan fled, and is still at large. Reggie was given an allowance, and has remained in Montreal for the last few years, Searching out the warlocks, with orders to contact his grandmother if he finds them.

Reggie however, plans on solving the problem him self. he feels a strong responsibility as a representative of his family.