Rous Nagoh

"The Destruction of War Brings Order."
User: Chris
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Cleric/2
A 6'2", 240lb Battle Cleric of Gorum (N/N; 18 AC; 19 HP) with a trigger finger.

  • 16 Str
  • 16 DEX (14 +2)
  • 15 CON
  • 12 INT
  • 17 WIS
  • 11 CHA

Wields a 2H Great Sword (1 vs. AC; 13 Crit. x2) in Scale. Trained (skills) in Weapons (Craft +5); Heal (+7); A Professional Soldier (+7); with a penchant to sense another's motive (+7).

A battle seasoned Cleric, Rous is known for his feats in Toughness (+3) and a Die-hard attitude (stable and conscious with HP < 0).
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Rous loved a good fight. Still does. Especially if it means breaking up the monotony. Raised a mercenary, Rous built his skills as a hired sword on the trade routes between Magnimar and the North.

Others have said it was his upbringing that drove him to the road. But it was really the money. Strong and quick, he always found it easier to use his blade to make quick coin. While others were smart and diplomatic, Rous preferred the clean finality of a sharp blade.

He more stumbled into Sandpointe than anything else. Then again, it might be more accurate to say Sandpointe, or Koya to be exact, stumbled into him. The only survivor of a caravan attack, poisoned and bleeding out, he was found by Koya on the outskirts of Sandpointe. She bound his wounds and used her skills to nurse him back to health.

So taken by Koya's abilities and compassion he took up a vigorous study of the healing arts, still a follower of Gorum, Rous saw this as more a realignment with his god than turning away from the sword.

He owes his life to Koya. He'll not dishonor her by placing a perfectly understandable blood lust ahead of the healing arts. There is a time and place for both and Rous has perfected this understanding, somewhat. Carrying on Koya's trade and watching over her is what matters now.

But all that was the past. It's been many years and the local travel is getting to be a bore. Trading as a healer who can take care of himself still pays but Rous remembers the bigger purses. It's time to see more. But where Koya travels, so does he.
[more to come]