Persephone Stella Whitcomb

User: Patricia
Race: Faye
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class: Fighter
A vengeful, secretive, half fairy assassin in turmoil over the choice of which side of her family, and her self, to join and accept
Persephone was raised in the Fairy Court by her mother, having been lead to believe that her father had abandoned them when learning of her mother's parentage. Suddenly kidnapped at age 11, Persephone finally met her father, a soldier in the know, who taught her there's much more to world than the court; training her as an assassin, although always prying about fairy life... Having recently come of age, Persephone is now faced with a terrible choice: Which side should she fight on in the impending war? Does she stand with the mother who lied to her, or the father who could be using her?
Persephone is often confused about her true path, wondering if her father could truly love her, or if he is simply using her and her fairy abilities to spy on the court; fearing her mother is doing the same, always asking about her "human relations." She has few friends due to the Shakespearean progression of her youth. She fears both her militaristic and inhuman powers, having been unable to fully master them as of yet; but still being drawn to the feeling of power flowing through her. With a supernatural war brewing, she must decide how much of her heritage to embrace, and how much to suppress, if she wishes to survive and remain herself.