User: Fantell
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Level: 3.66
Used to run with the Traders up north, driving one of the rigs in a caravan that moved round the towns there, bringing whatever we could get our hands on that the settlements we stopped in at could use, to trade for whatever they had that someone else could use.
Was a sweet gig too, till someone managed to ambush the whole train and kill most of us. Thing is, they missed me. I managed to crawl out of the twisted wreck that used to be my track and drop into a hole while they swarmed over the rest of the crew.

Not proud of that moment, but I had a busted arm and nothing to fight with. I'm just glad they didn't get to picking over the wreck till after they'd killed everyone else.

Worst part of it all is, when i dragged my sorry busted ass back to Hometown, it was like I was blamed for the whole thing myself, like if it wasn't my fault, I'd have died out their with the rest of em.

I couldn't stay there, not with them all lookin' at me as if it would happen to them next, just because I was there. Once my arm was healed up, I took what I had left in chits and made my way down this direction, looking for somewhere else where I could put my skills
to use. Not like I didn't learn a thing or two, driving in them caravans. I've had to fight off raiders afore, and I can put a crew on course for the right dock, if'n I'm needin to. Been Driving long enough to know my way round most rigs, behind the wheel or under hood, and I can jury rig any old tech lying round and get it running again, given enough time and the right tools.

Well? If I'm lying, it ain't likely to do me any good, not when I'm looking for a place of me own. I can show you, if you have any gear you need me to look at, or you can see for yourself when it comes to it. Your call.

str ( 09 )
int ( 14 )
wis ( 09 )
dex ( 09 )
con ( 10 )
cha ( 09 )

HP ( 14 )

4 points of trading material

Combat/Gunnery 0
Combat/Projectile 0
Vehicle/Ground 1
Navigation 1
Culture/Harr 1
Athletics 0
Perception 0
Persuade 0
Tech Postech 0

Transport Specialist
skills: Combat Gunnery, Culture/Harr, Navigation, Vehicle/Ground

Skills: Athletics, Combat/projectile, culture/Harr, Navigation, Perception, Persuade, Tech/postech, Vehicle/Ground.