"Sharp tongues get shorter, if you're not careful."
User: Alyssa
Campaign: Unspoken Heroes
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Bard/5
Savriel is a half-elf, and has inherited much of the elven grace and poise, in addition to a fairly slight frame. Bright red hair and blue eyes give her a rather striking appearance, fitting of one who considers herself a bardess for the ages, a smile often resting on her face when she remains in good company.

A few scars mark her skin, several visible on her forearms and one resting on the side of her throat; hints at a less pleasant life than one might wish for. Agile and quick, she's a talented thief and has a well-practiced knack for getting into places she shouldn't, whether by stealth, guile or spell. When the sun's out and burning, she prefers to wear a broad-brimmed 'fancy' hat to keep the light from her eyes. She prefers somewhat loose but nice-looking clothing, as long as it doesn't interfere with her movements, and always carries her sabre 'Silvertongue' at her side. When in combat, she prefers to engage her targets immediately with her sabre, using a flashy fencing style and vicious mockery alike to harry her opponents both physically and mentally.

Outwardly, she prefers to remain rather flippant and unpredictable, striking others as lacking in seriousness and maturity. Quick to make jokes, or simply off-handed comments, she's not much one for buying into drama and heavy emotion. As such, she can be seen as something of a ditz, not quite in touch or in line with what others expect of her. For a bounty hunter, she seems rather nonchalant most of the time, and her serious side only emerges when truly troubling circumstances make it a necessity.

All-in-all, Savriel would rather lie and taunt her way out of a confrontation than be forced to fight (especially when not dealing with a bounty), but has no qualms about striking down those who invite her anger - she is also quick to leap to battle against those who commit grave injustices upon others. She tends to allow her enemies a chance to reconsider their ways before delivering a final judgment, but isn't much of a bleeding heart for vile and evil souls, gladly committing them to a swift death with a flash of her sabre.
Savriel has long considered herself something of a wanderer and a storyteller, and a lust for adventure drove her from her home in an effort to make something of herself, eager to use her latent magic and her talent for both verse and sabre to make her mark upon the world. The half-elf has tried her hand at a number of professions, from chronicler and poet to troubadour and fencing instructor, but eventually found her calling in bringing criminals to justice.

While not much of a lawkeeper herself, having found at least something of a penchant for skirting rules and regulations, she knows that there are dark souls who cannot be allowed to slip through the cracks of society. Taking up the art of bounty-hunting, the bardess has captured a number of small-time criminals, bringing them before the local authorities in order to collect her pay and submit them to the system. She hardly considers herself an assassin, and thus avoids anything that remotely resembles contract killing, though she has taken up a 'wanted dead' bounty on a local crimelord on at least two separate occasions - when their deeds outweigh all else, she is quick to turn her mercy to judgment.

Savriel prefers working alone, and despite her flair for the dramatic, is very focused about completing her task. While known to form a posse of like-minded fellows when dealing with a bounty, she remains distrustful and wary of most folk, preferring to keep them at arm's distance. She fantasizes about one day finding a group of adventurers or simply mercenaries, a team to follow and write a great verse or story about, but thusfar Savriel remains alone in her wanderings.