User: Robert
Gender: Male
Mikael Verwest is well-known as both the famous DJ Armour and the hero Armory. He's gone through several hero aliases including: Coldsnap and Three of Swords. He's the founder of his own label, Black Hole Records, where he released numerous albums, the best selling of which were Magika and Parade of Heroes. He was a DJ prior to the incident that allowed him to discover his powers. Armory took the advantages offered by the media to have all of his fights filmed, slowly building up a frenzy over who this new, mysterious hero was. He revealed himself shortly before the Hero Civil War. Since revealing his identity, he's made a killing on CD sales.
Armory was born of a Russian father immigrating to the U.S. And an American-born mother. His mother was an affluent lawyer while his mother built a name for herself within the music industry by becoming one of the top-selling female singers of her time. He followed in his mother's footsteps, majoring in musical production and turning to the club scene.

The 'Incident'
Mikael was playing at a small club in New York City when his powers first manifested. Near midnight, a fight between two powered individuals broke through the wall of the club and into the dancefloor. The crowd scattered and the chaos prevented anyone from noticing the slight glow of Dj Amour's eyes. Rather than exit the building in a safe and intelligent manner, Mikael continued to play his set as the two fought in the middle of the club. One was a minor street-hero who frequented this section of New York, calling himself Night-devil. The other was some two-bit villain calling herself Frigid. Or maybe it was Freeze-ray, or something like that. The fight lasted only around ten minutes before Night-Devil took the villain down with a baton to the back of the head. He never noticed the small blade in her hand skitter across the floor to get tangled in the wires of Mikael's speakers.

The reporters that showed up after the fight were unable to speak to the hero, who was fond of his obscurity and had quickly disappeared. Instead, they found a ruined club with a DJ slowly finishing his set. This was the first event that skyrocketed Mikael's sales. He became known as the fearless musician who had provided musical direction to Night-devil's fight.

It wasn't until after cleaning up that Mikael found the dagger and decided to keep it. He figured it as a trophy of his triumphant climb into the music scene spotlight. The weapon had a long, chipped stone blade and a handle wrapped in old, cracked leather. While holding it, he could feel a chill in the air as if it still held some type of magical power. A few days after the event, he accidentally “triggered” the knife. His entire arm became covered in icy crystals and his eyes chilled to a light, pale blue. Rejoiced with the discovery, Mikael quickly decided to try some good with this power and headed into the streets as Coldsnap, the Ice Hero.

About six months living a joint life as Coldsnap and Dj Armour, Mikael fought a female villain who seemed eerily familiar. She had long, black hair and was escaping from a museum auction where she had just stolen the long-lost Hanjo Masamune. He tracked her down to a warehouse near Staten Island and began a battle. She was quick, much quicker than he was. She held the stolen katana in one hand and moved faster than electricity, the air crackling with static and the smell of ozone around her. Mikael thought he would lose the fight, but managed to hit her after a serious misstep. She paused when she saw the weapon in his hands and in that moment, he struck. She was arrested and identified as Alyona Zhadnov, a small-time thief who seemed to manifest different powers from time to time. She was the same criminal apprehended by Night-Devil in the club months ago.

Mikael kept the sword, planning to return it to the museum. However, before he could he found that he could call forth the lightning spirits in the blade enabling him to emulate the speed and powers Alyona had used. He assumed he had found another magical weapon and decided to hand it over to Doctor Weird for investigation. The sorcerer was unable to identify any unusual properites of the blade or use it himself, deducing that something unique to Mikael enabled him to use weapons that held historical significance. Shortly after this, Mikael received Caldaebolg as a gift for aiding Fey, a faerie hero in Britain. He changed his name to Three of Swords. This new name lasted for around a year until he stumbled across Mordred's legendary blade, Clarent, while fighting demons in an old castle that had been teleported to New England from Britain's past. He changed his name to Armory after obtaining his fourth blade.

Tizona, Armory's newest acquisition, was obtained only four months before he revealed his identity to the world. He won the weapon after dueling Alyona yet again. She swore undying vengeance on him and his family but is currently incarcerated. Black Hole Records became a multi-millionaire enterprise after Dj Armour was revealed to be Armory.

Mikael is currently married to the former villain, Monique Spronk, known as Nightmare. He had several battles with the troubled girl and ended up teaming up with her in a few situations where she switched sides in the middle of a fight. With her father a villain, she had a poor family life and resorted to crimes of vengeance against society. Mikael helped reform her and negotiated with the government to have her released in return for aid during the Hero Civil War. They married only a month ago. Nightmare's powers involve the horrific summoning of grotesque creatures from her troubled mind. She's recently retired and helps Mikael with his recording studio.

Unknown to Mikael, Alyona is his half-sister which is why she has the same power he does. Also unknown to him, she was granted freedom in exchange for helping out in the Hero Civil War.