"Come er' Beastie! Let me smash your face in."
User: Bedlam66
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Paladin (Stonelord)/6
"Shorty" Copperbeard Stands almost a foot taller then most of his kin. He's tall, Strong and Built like the Mountain he was born in. His head is covered in a thick mass of Bright red hair woven into Giant braids that he stuffs into his helm. In fact when he's wearing his Helm his Enemy's can only Describe a set of Piercing blue eyes and Gleaming teeth screaming Obscenity's at them from underneath the mass of braids, and that's just how he likes it.
While People tend to call him "Shorty" it only really applies when comparing him to other races. Among Dwarfs though it's an Oxymoronic statement. "Shorty" Towers above most Dwarfs standing at just over 5 feet tall. The Eldest of a set of Dwarven Triplets "Shorty" along with his Brothers Dolir and Darrak were all Born during one of the Fiercest Storms in recent history. He and his Brothers were considered a good omen for his clan because Dwarven Triplets are rare. All three of them went into the family stone carving business until the day that their true calling became clear.

On a supply Expedition to acquire some rare blue marble from the Lower caverns "Shorty" and his brother's crew were attacked by a band of Deep Orcs and Goblins. The Soldiers sent with them to protect the shipment were Quickly killed and the everyone else would have also been killed had it not been for "Shorty's" temper. In a fit of rage he and his brothers picked up their Hammers and Launched themselves at the Orcs. "For Torag!!" they screamed as one, and then something miraculous happened. As the battle cry left their mouths the Weapons in their hands began to glow and when they swung them it was almost like their Enemy's weren't even wearing armor at all. "Shorty's" Hammer Crushed the skull of the Orc leader in one fell blow, almost separating his head from his shoulders.
"Shorty" and his brothers fell upon the Orcs and Goblins like demons Possessed, killing any and all who stood in their way. Even those that tried to turn tail and run were cut down by their fury that day, and when the dust cleared "Shorty" and his two brothers stood Victorious, covered in blood and gore.

When they returned to the hold they were greeted by Priests of Torag who told them that they had been given a sign that new Stonelords had been Chosen and that they were the ones they had seen in their vision.
"Shorty" and his brothers were Honored and have served Torag with Honor to this day.
Favorite Curses:
gibbering lily-livered pixie
pompous tree-climbing rockrunt
slothful pointy-earned orc-fucker
tentacled toe-biting thumb-basher
dainty hanky-waving troll-spawn
dangling anvil-dropping goblin-fondler

Whenever he's asked his "real" name will only mumble unintelligibly before telling them "Just call me Shorty!"

Hates being called a paladin as he thinks most of them are too pompous for their own good.

Foul-mouthed and generally rude but always willing to help those in need. Even if he Bitches and complains about it the entire time.