The Journal of "Shorty" Copperbeard

If It's Not One Thing It's Another
Day 71

It's been awhile since I wrote in this blasted thing. What can I say, Killing Goblins, undead and bandits took up a lot of my time.

We cleared out the big Goblin tribe in the area and didn't leave a single one of them alive. I suspect that they knew we were coming since we didn't find and women or children but that's just fine with me. I don't think I could have brought myself to put them to the sword, even if they are Goblins.

We aren't back in town more then a day though and people start going on about hearing strange noises in the night and sounds from under the streets. Turns out that one of the temple's clerics went rouge and Stole a Powerful Necromantic Skull that gives him the power to raise the dead. BAH! I hate Necromancy, Zombies make my skin crawl.

I, no we were wholly unprepared for what we found though. I thought it would a be a couple dozen zombies at most. Simple job, Kill the Zombies Bash the Mental cleric over the head and drag him back. In and out in under a day. We lost Ghost and almost lost Tohrag and Raven to those hordes and we had to retreat and regroup.

Tohrag was half mad over the loss of Ghost so I guess I wasn't to surprised when I learned that he left town. I was more shocked to learn that Raven had gone with him. We had job to do and I don't leave anything unfinished, but we were down two men already and those catacombs were crawling with those undead abominations.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Zombies? They don't die like men or beasts. I don't mind being covered in blood and guts. I've split my fair share of people and creatures open so I'm used to it by now, but zombies don't bleed, the flesh is slimy and nasty and when you Split them open it's like your swimming in rot. It's just fucking Nasty, and not the good kind of fucking.

I'll write more later and get up to current Events, but I'm tired and Bleeding, and I'm sure we still have more Orcs to kill tomorrow.

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Elf With A Side Of Goblin
Day 57

Ghost Managed to track the Goblins the their lair, well almost anyway. We came upon a small encampment packed to the brim with the little bastards. It was late in the day by the time we got there and we tried to backtrack, but one of the little puss-faced buggers saw us and Dragged us into a fight we weren't prepared for. It was a Tough fight without Kevros and we almost lost Raven, but with a little luck we were able to pull though it all.When we got to their camp we saw a wild sight.
A elf trussed up like a wild hog ready to be cooked. All he was missing was the apple in his mouth. (Heh, I'll admit I laughed a bit at seeing him like that.) Me and Tohrag tended to Raven's Wounds while the other cut him down and talked to him a bit. Turns out his name was Tanari and he was one of the ones sent out in search of grizzle-paw the first time.
His companions fell to the goblins(must not have been very good warriors to fall to the likes of them.) and they were preparing to eat him when we came along. I guess it's a good thing we decided not to rest for the night. Thankfully the rest of the night passed without incident and we all got some much needed shuteye.

Day 58

We found some tracks leading away from the camp and up the mountain. The tracks led to a Large cavern in the side. there were a couple of guards but we took them out without them making too much of a racket. This Place was Crawling with the little craftless toe biting goblin spawn. We made sure to make quick work of them though. Their Leader wasn't much of a problem. (bit of a witless nib-chewing sissy if you ask me) We had more problems with the Giant Wolf. I swear I must have Swung my Earthbreaker at least ten times and I only hit the Bastard twice. There wasn't much inside apart from rations and a bit of gold. I did cut up the Wolfs and put the meat in my bag, no use letting it go to waste. I think I'll take it back to town and have it made into Jerky for the road.
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The Man with the Iron Fists
Day 56

Nothing much happened yesterday worth writing about, unless you count dust in me eye. Today we met a man who's fighting had to be seen to be believed. Around midday we came upon a caravan besieged by Goblins so of course we decided to lend a hand. The little bastards had already killed several of the Guards and mortally wounded a few others who would have died had it not been for Kevros.

We all got in some great hits except Tohrag who ended up playing with a bird in his beard the entire time. I launched meself off a Rock to bring my earthsmasher down on one and ended up crushing his head to paste in one fell swoop.

None of that Compared to this man though. All he had were his fists and some weird hook and chain contraption, but when he hit those Goblins he ended up crushing bones with his bare hands. It was a sight to behold as the little green bastards flew across the field. He was doing almost as much damage with his hands as I was doing with me Warhammer.

The Lad called himself "Lily" and when all the dust cleared and we had sent the Caravan on it's way he decided to join us. Kevros rode back to town with the caravan in order to tend to the wounded but hopefully he'll be able to get back in time before we find these bastards main hideout.
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New Adventure
Day 54
I'm going to kill that Blasted nature loving Dunderhead. Me and Kevros decided we were bored and joined up with some Pompous point ear to go hunt Goblins. The first people we meet on the road are Tohrag and Ghost. That was Fine I like them both, but Tohrag Thought it would be a great idea to raise the level of the river while I was crossing. Damn thing went up to me neck. I had water in places that Dwarves should not have water. Tohrag of course thought it was Hilarious. One of these days I swear to Torag I'm gonna bash him.
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