Damage Inc

"If you got the cash, their ass is ash"
User: Seth
Campaign: Brush Wars
Gender: Male
Damage Incorporated is rather esoteric collection of ne'er-do-wells, malcontents, adventures and guns for hire, founded as a Mercenary Company around the year 3000. Damage Inc was built from the survivors of several allied Merc outfits as well as individual contractors. In the years following formation, Damage Inc has turned into a tight-knit group of friends, colleagues and extended families. Three generations of fighters, augmented by the assimilation of local recruits and smaller Mercenary Units, have fought in and strengthened Damage Incorporated into a capable if rather obscure Merc unit.

It has long been rumored that an undisclosed amount of their combat assets are in the service of the Lyran Commonwealth for clandestine operations. In return it has been speculated that the Lyrans allow a small unimportant moon to be used by Damage Inc as their base of operations. It is assumed that Damage Incorporated is also responsible for the local defense and administration of this moon and its settlements.

The command structure of Damage Incorporated follows the traditional four Mech Lance structure. Damage Inc has also made use of conventional infantry, and armored support in conjunction with their BattleMechs.

During the Jihad era, Damage Inc found all of its assets committed alongside the Lyran Commonwealth's forces, often times painted in LCAF livery or without unit markings of any kind. Recently, Damage Inc has been openly brandishing their own unit markings while engaged against Blake forces.

Early in 3072 Damage Inc contracted with Blackwell Heavy Industries for the purchase of three Marauder IIs. Taking possession of the first Marauder II in '74, Damage Inc sent a group of field techs, support staff and a pair of veteran Mech Pilots to train on, and return with the final two Marauders. Sadly, none of them made it home.

When Word of Blake forces assaulted the Blackwell facilities on Outreach in 3075, Damage Inc's personal where caught in the aftermath. Thirty seven members of Damage Inc, including two of their veteran Mech Jockeys where killed, and their Mechs destroyed when Blake forces attempted to steal the Marauders.

Several months later, Lyran Military Intelligence officers visited Damage Incorporated. They brought with them two file folders. The first contained a detailed account of how Damage Inc's people were rounded up, bound and gagged, then brutally tortured and executed by Blake Operatives. The second file folder held the parameters and mission profile of a newly conceived Mobile Reserve Unit being formed to aggressively engage Blake Forces. Before the Lyrans had even left the system, Damage Incorporated had begun to mobilize.