Bayard of Blackburne

"Rarely are we able, but always we must be willing."
User: Christopher
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Cavalier (Luring Cavalier)/Cleric/1
A man of average height, straight back, wind-burned skin and well-developed upper body of a cavalier. His green eyes glow with an intense internal light and his face often splits into a sparkling broken-toothed grin.

Unlike most cavaliers, he usually dresses in the leather armor of an outrider. Though given his preferred method of operation, it makes sense for him to prefer dancing around an opponent, peppering him with arrows, before closing in with his warhammer.
Where ever Bayard came from or what he did prior to signing on with the local Order of the Blue Rose, he would give you a stern look that lasts for a heartbeat... Then laugh, clap you on the shoulder and say, "Don't ask silly questions."

Truly, whatever had happened to him, the rollicking devotee to the Drunken God prefers to leave it in the past, intent on focusing on the needs of the present, especially the needs of the people in these delicate times. But there are dead giveaways the cavalier might have been a man of means and station, as evidenced by the way he stands tall in the saddle of his war mount Soren to his casual knowledge on the nobility and their workings and tangled bloodlines.

Then there is also the faraway look in his eyes he gets every now and again, but it is all speculation. As far as any can tell, Bayard is a cheerful and deeply direct cavalier who will never shy away from a fight.

Even if it would be be his last...