Ossian the Blind

"Don't judge me by what you think I can not do, judge me by what I do."
User: Peter
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Fighter/Oracle/1
Ossian's appearance is dominated by his milky eyes. He is taller than average and with black hair, but mostly seems gentle. When needed he seems to transform into almost someone else who is much more imposing.
Ossian was born all but blind and orphaned from a young age. He was raised in an orphanage of Sarenrae. The boys of the orphanage were among other things raised to be men at arms in the service of Sarenrae. Ossian on the other hand was not. What use was a blind man at arms. Ossian was very much cared for, but he despised their compassion. When the other boys play fought Ossian joined it even though he was forbidden to. He was removed, teased, ridiculed, punished and soundly beaten but always he returned and he had a knack for it, but he was blind. One day the other students choose to teach him a lesson and all began to beat on him. Ossian did not back down, which only infuriated the boys more. The lord in iron say this display of strength in Iron was drawn to this and a connection was formed.
Ossian was kicked out of the orphanage and he wandered the land fighting those who would dare to fight him. Most refused not because he was too formidable, but because he was blind. He longed for real battle, but who would hire a blind swordsman? In time he made money and gathered weapons and arms from his conflicts.
Ossian is not a fool nor one driven by rage. In fact he is calm, but he does not back down from a fight.