Garus d'Deneith

"Attention pays..."
User: Escheton
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Factotum/Inquisitor/1
Garus d'Deneith was born into the lower upper class by virtue of his father Colonal Karnath d'Deneith and his mother Katherine d'Desperough.

Not a fan of the many (social) rules and (unspoken) implications he did love leveraging them for personal gain. As well as the feast for the eyes his somewhat sheltered world provided.
His keen attention for detail as well as the teachings of his parents and elven tutor helped him greatly in his career as private detective, information broker, and sometimes bounty hunter.

Dressed in a impeccably tailored and groomed suit he easily keeps the visage of a gentleman of means. Despite effectively working out of an office in the slums.

His motivations are the thrill of the hunt and the drive too solve whatever puzzle finds him. In this case the strange death of the king.