Kyomi Wildheart

User: Linguz
Race: Feonix
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Summoner//Druid (Wolf Shaman)/1
Kyomi was born in the forest of Villian. From birth, she had been skilled at taming wild animals. Before she was even taken in by a wandering druid as an apprentice, she had befriended Claw, the wolf by her side at all times. When she was seen in her home camp by the druid, she was immediately asked about the wolf. Upon learning that it wasn't trained from birth to be around the people, he immediately asked her to study the druidic ways under him. She accepted and over the course of the new fifteen or so years, she was taught his method. His teaching went well and she picked up on it easily. As her master was a shapeshift specialist, she was taught how to start shapeshifting. She hasn't gotten the hang of it and it hurts her to even try, but she can, after plenty of concentration, make her fangs like those of a wolf (though it only lasts as long as she concentrates and she can't do anything else while concentrating). So she's on her path to learning.

While she learnt how to be a druid, When he learnt, after a few years of her teaching herself, that she was doing that, she stopped teaching her. She had already received most of the important aspects of being a druid, though, so she didn't mind. She finished teaching herself the act of being a summoner and when her Eidolon appeared, it appeared like a male of her race. On her forehead appeared a marking, which was doubled on his chest in a much larger fashion. The marking was an X, but the top triangle filled in and three red dots on it.

At present, she's exploring the world to learn more about it and to experience it. By her side is her trusted companions Claw and Fang.
Kyomi Wildheart

Kyomi is, as her name suggests, wild at heart. While in civilization, she pulls a hood over her face and covers her body in a cloak, which results in her appearing as a human to most people. She isn't ashamed of her features, but she understands that its easier to travel through lands if she pretends to be the most common race. She values the advice of both of her companions, Claw and Fang, and nearly always asks Fang's thoughts on something.

Kyomi is motivated by her curiosity and desires. She wants to explore the world and make a name for herself, but that's only big goals. She wants to find a pendant to allow Claw to speak to her much like Fang does, telepathically.



Claw is a wolf. He's got instincts like a wolf and considers Kyomi and Fang to be his pack, with Kyomi as the alpha. He's quick to come to conclusions or defend his pack. He doesn't speak very much, because he can't.

Claw is motivated by his pack, Kyomi and Fang. He enjoys his daily talk with Kyomi where she explains what's going to happen. He just wants to see his master's wishes fulfilled.



Fang is a wolf. Or at least he appears to be one. He is nearly identical in physical appearance to Claw, but instead of blue eyes, his are green. He is vocal about his thoughts, speaking through the link between him and his master. He's also protective of her and Claw, knowing that if he dies, he can return to their world a lot easier than the other two.

Fang is motivated by his desire to serve Kyomi. He's loyal and selfless, but only towards his master. There is something that he wishes to do, though, and that is to be a part of Kyomi's world instead of just a visitor. He doesn't know if its even possible, but he wants to know what it feels like to need to eat and sleep.