Bronson Bullrider

"Fire away!"
User: HuskyBoi
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Cavalier (Beastrider)/ Gunslinger (Gun Tank)/1
There are two things that Bronson always needs to hand- a powder horn, and his pipe. To this end, the powder horn hangs round his neck, and the pipe is stored in a special beard clasp. He has tiny twinkling black eyes, and his beard bristles like briars.
Bronson was born to the Bullrider family, the great dwarf clan who's name comes from his great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother, the legendary Brunhilda Bullrider, who charged headlong at the fire giant armies of Frigvald the Mighty on the back of a farm bull wielding a giant ancestral hammer. Although Brunhilda's charge ended unsuccessfully (and messy), and perceived as a rather foolish act by the clan elders, the Bullrider family maintain that she was instrumental in the winning of the great war. They adopted the name in her honour, and formed a tight-knit unit of elite (in their opinion) bull-riding cavalry, sworn to protect the Bullrider clan and fight giants wherever they encounter them.

Bronson has only recently been inducted into the elite order of the family, and is travelling the land to earn experience. Only when he has performed sufficient noble deeds will he be granted a bull mount by his family; until then, he must serve on a mere, flighty namby-pamby horse. But Bronson is optimistic, wielding his Janpa's musket and with a sackful of his Nana's blood sausages, he is ready to face the world. And let us hope that his parents allegiance to Duke Quintillis does not cause young Bronson any inconvenience. Through the allegiance of his parents, he is honour-bound to serve the Duke, though he does not know it yet.