User: Jason
Campaign: KERYL
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Grumpy/1/Mahotsukai (wiz/cler)
Chang is a middle aged short man. He wears a frown on his face. Not very approachable, his dishevelled appearance doesn't do him any favours in the looks department. In fact, his receding hairline just makes him unattractive.

Chang likes to sleep in a bush on the side of a road believing that a bed is where you put your head. He is indifferent to the way the world perceives him. In fact he seems to be lost in consideration for hours at a time. He is a Mahotsukai, and coming to terms with the world has dominated his life since he found he had the talent.

Chang was born to a wealthy merchant family. When he was young, it was found that Chang had a nose for striking a deal. It was also found that this talent was tied to an uncanny ability to see the crux of a situation. Chang was never bothered by the bravado or showmanship in the making of a deal. He just seemed to have a knack for finding the middle ground needed to bargain from.

Chang was sent to study with the local monks in service to the merchant god. It was here that the Monks revealed Changs' true talent for magic. When they told Chang of his ability, it was as if his eyes had been opened. No longer was his mind hindered by the narrow scope of a deal. He now started considering the world at large.

When Chang told his family of his choice to follow the path of a Mahotsukai. He was greeted with silence. The news that the great hope to propel the family into greatness was going to become a holy man... Did not go down well.

Chang was given an ultimatum. Either return to study as a merchant or strike your own path and be banished from the family. The family elders could not understand how the value of a life without money being important to anyone being a viable option. They were very surprised when Chang simply left the house never to return.

Chang then started wandering the land helping those less fortunate where he could. Trying to understand the nature of all things has given him a permanent scowl. And whilst appearing indifferent, he is actually concerned for the balance in all things.

Chang considers the family upon occasion. And has stuck the odd deal when the random factors align that benefits his family. But he will never willingly return to embrace the life of a merchant. He has found his calling. The universe needs him more. Even if striking a good deal is still fun.
STR 10
DEX 13 +1
CON 10

Hit Points 4

Gold 17.4
Silver 20
Copper 30

Spells 2/2 at will daily

0 create water c
0 detect poison c
0 first aid c
0 mage hand w
0 light w
0 endure elements w
0 prestigdination w
1 protection from evil w
1 sleep w

Staff d6
Knife d3
Sling d4


Flask of Oil x 3
Fishing Gear
Beer Mug
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