User: Hamfist
Gender: Male
He's a long haired, silk suit & cravate wearing, cigarette smoking, whiskey drinking, goateed rich boy with a big brain and a big ego. That said he's also 46, and doens't pose much of a threat to anything except a crossword. He hasn't passed his driving test (becuase he has a driver), he can't cook (becuase he has a chef and a butler) but he has absorbed all the books in his $1,000 library, and done some sterling work delving into the possibilities of parrallel dimensions etc. If you can put up with him without wanting to give him a wedgie, he should prove very useful...
He's a boffin, who holds seats in the Physics and Astronomy departments at Oxford University. He's a pbic school boy born with a silver spoon in his mouth (which has since been smelted down and turned into a sword cane for beating peasants and beggars or impaling starspwan). He is the kind of rich, smug and arrogant bastard you all love to hate, and even adventures in a $100 silk suit with $1,000 of "walking around money" lining his pockets. That said he is a genuine genius and is a committed and loyal friend to all his colleagues.