"Blimey! Avast ye sons o' biscuit eaters"
User: Del
Campaign: Skull and Shackles
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Magus!!!/Swab of the First degree.
"Slag" Is 6 feet tall, has long white-gray hair and dark-gray eyes. He wears a worn, weathered red traveling cloak, streaked with sea-salt. His Black Bladed Rapier is always at his side, or in his hand. People say he even talks to it on occasion.
His family is originally from the Mierani Forest in Varisia.

His father, Merivain, chose to move his family from their wild, green homeland to the bustling city of Magnimar to reinforce business/trade/political ties for his family and the elven community.

After a few years the family then moved to a relatively protected but stifling area within Riddleport.

This move was heart-breaking for Marraei, Slag's mother.

She dearly loved the life within the deep forest and never imagined that she move from there. Sure, an occasional trip to other lands proved exciting, but Home, like her spirit, was wild and Green! She felt connected and invigorated by the wilderness. It nourished her and her natural talent for magic.

Her husband became consumed by business and politics, he kept climbing the social and political ladder. He was so possessed by the idea of his rising status he didn't see his wife's unhappiness. She began to fall into a spiraling depression. A series of signs and dreams helped lift her out. She made her mind up to re-invent herself and her life. She started by studying in the city libraries and wandering the waterfront and coastal regions. She began to explore a new wilderness. She began to feel a calling to the deep and mysterious Sea.
She communed with it finding peace in it's tranquility and marveled at it's raw power and catalytic chaos! She wanted to plunge into the depths of the mysterious Ocean.

Wanting to share the experience, she took her son on her excursions and shared with him her revelations.

She took early morning, chartered voyages out onto the Sea. Sometimes, she would rent a rowboat and go out as far as she dared. She used a spell to breathe underwater to explored more deeply.

She made friends with a few local sailors and loved to listen in on stories of shipwrecks and sunken ships... She studied maps and became a novice treasure hunter. Some days, she would come home with a present for her son; a gold coin, a barnacle-encrusted glass, a rusty sword.... Slag kept these treasures hidden and secret from everyone, especially his Father.

Sometimes, she would come home looking drained and it would take a week for her to recover or she would come home with new scars, from wounds freshly healed with potions.

She planned her longer excursions when her husband would be off on another one of his long business trips.

She befriended a local seafarer named Lren Chesly.

He taught her to sail and navagate. She taught him a bit of magic. He showed her some moves with a rapier, which she showed Slag. It was a symbiotic relationship...besides, they really enjoyed each others company.

She trusted him.

Lren had contacts. Eventually He and Marraei began treasure hunting together. They became partners. They took long trips, Slag in tow, seeking treasures along the shallows of the coast. Slag loved it and he'd never seen his mother happier. Slag began to learn to defend himself and to use magic and some of the finer points of sailing. There was such a sense of freedom!

On one memorable hunt, Slag found a chest and a body, still clutching a rapier. Swimming up for the boat, he had to fight off a shark, using the newly acquired rapier. They spent a couple days hauling up all the coins they could find. They also performed last rites to release the spirit from the corpse.

Something changed within Slag on that trip. Maybe it was defending himself from the shark and earning the rapier. He felt a strength building as well as a passion for being on the sea.

Though he didn't know it yet, he had found a black blade!

They had found enough coins to keep their lucrative hobby going for a very long time.

Lren purchased a small run-down sailboat and told Slag to keep it a secret. He taught Slag boat repair and maintenance and gave him lessons on sailing. They painted it black with red trim.

Together they presented it as a gift to Marraei.

She was deeply touched.

The three of them would go out sailing whenever they could. They were like a family. Lren would teach them the ways of the Sea. Marraei would show them Magic.

Marraei would take the boat out alone and one fateful day, she went missing.

Lren searched for her day after day... Merivain went out to sea a few times but decided it would be best to employ the local sailors to search for her. He had a business to run and protect. He had duties he was beholden to. Promises to keep.

Lren, knowing her usual haunts, found her boat. Sails were ripped but the boat remained afloat. There were scratches on the inside walls of the boat and there were singe marks left by extreme heat. Probably a fire spell.

Chelaxian pirates? Slave traders? Monsters of the deep?

For 3 months Lren and Slag went on searching. They spread word of Marraei disappearance everywhere they went.

Sometimes they seemed to be following a real lead. The leads never panned out.

Magic didn't help. Most if the sailors were apprehensive or apathetic. Death was always a part of life on the sea.

Slag still holds to the belief that she remains alive.

Slave trading Pirates are open game to Slag.