The Journal of "Slag"

Campaign: Skull and Shackles

Just an FYI
I just bought the pdf file to build a cool pirate ship to use for gaming.
It might take me a couple weeks to find the time to get it done, but I will eventually. Just thought I'd send you guys a preview.
Pirate Ship
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Captn Plugg fell t' pieces.

He went n messed wit' th' wrong crew he did. Strike when th' iron is 'ot they say.. n' that sir, we did. Me n th' crew took like fish to th' water in killin' 'im. Me, I lay down on d'floor... pretendin' I was dead. He laughed like a crazy eyed drunkerd. Jus' then, I skewwerd im good, an again and agin... Didn't take long fer sides t'be showin. We gatherd up n fought im quick... I froze his pieces n he shattered on th' floor like a broken glass. Such a shit 'e was. Glad ee is dead, I am. Me n me mates took up n found th' scourge stuck with th' muck wit' a tanglefoot bag, blessed to im by the good kindly gamblin' Gnome. We cut the pisser down. I don't think I ever seen such a laugh n a smile come frum a fellow before. Our good Gnome was havin' himself a grand ole time ee was! Savorin' th' sweet taste of vengence.....

Me party seen fit t' have me for their Capt't. Blessed be th' crew!

Blessed be Besmara. Smiles on me n us she does!

Word was set t' the crew that we be a band of Free Pirates! Not a one is t' be a slave! But hard werk there must be! N death to the one who lifts a hand on me or me officers! I made sure that they all seen what was done t' the shit face Plugg N his bastard Scourge... Won't be leeches on this crew!

I will hold th' post of Capt'n as long as th' crew'll 'ave me.

Day n night, I'll be blessed w' magic n Besmara's Black Blade.
Come if they might, day or night.... I'll be ready.

We sailed our ship into port to be given a fresh Life. Plunderin' the Isle o' chicken Bones served us all well. We'll be havin' many improvements on our Lady! new set o sails made o silk! A fresh coat o black n red paint shell ave. Hidden compartments fer plunder. A better rudder t steer er true! N A blessed Statue of Besmara, best we can git.... To ride th' bow! The beautiful lady will be leadin' us all th' way! Couple o new guns fer bow n stern!

In 8 Days.. She'' be ready! Ah, me sweet lady. We'll treat you well!

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