"The bigger they are, the harder they fall."
User: Jewell
Race: Latin
Gender: Female
Knockout firey Latino, infamous for her vanity which covers more than just her looks. At the same time, she is sometimes capable of an amazing prudence in her affairs.

Often seen at upscale gatherings where she plies her trade of conning a living out of the susceptible. She's an expensive date, but the men don't seem to mind.
School of hard knocks upbringing left her with little sympathy for the rich, famous, and stupid. Gang life during her teens honed her skills at lock-picking, pickpocketing and pistol use. Her looks and social skills always managed to keep her out of trouble during that time.

She still keeps in touch with the streets and is adept at using the black market.

She aspires to politics, the ultimate con game. She's currently working that angle by posing as arm candy for an up and coming politico who has invited her to this party as his guest.
Loves to play those social games that let her get close enough to touch people. Very touchy-feely because this gets her close enough to swipe a thing or two. Will feign pain to distract and then pickpocket.