Brian Brown

User: Sam
Campaign: M&M: The Epic Plot
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Brian is a 6 ft medium build 22 year old white male. He keeps his hair cut very short. Almost shaved. What you do see is lite brown. He tends to wear slacks either blue or tan with a polo shirt. He basically looks like preppy.

His power armor is all dark metallic grey. I was about to paint it. But the house blew up.
Brian's parents were scientists. He grew up around it and loved taking things apart and putting them back together making them better then befor. After college he went to work for NASA. Soon after, decided to get into the hero gig.

Brian was taught to do the right thing. His parents would always tell him. "Just do the right thing." So now Brian feels he is responsible that he need to do the world some good in his parents eyes.

Brian's Motivations are: Responsibility and Doing good.
Based off of Battlesuit on page 35 of core book.

Strength 12
Agility 1
Fighting 8
Awareness 2
Stamina 1
Dexterity 2
Intellect 5
Presence 0

Battlesuit: Removable (-21 points)

Armor: Protection 11, Impervious. +22 points

Boot Jets: Flight 8 (500mph). +16 points

Comm System: Radio Communication 2. +8 points

Life Support System: Immunity 10. +10 points

Sensors: Senses 12 (Accurate Radio Extended 3 [radar], Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Infravision, Time Sense, Ultra-Hearing). +12 points

Servo Motors: Enhanced Strength 12. +24 points

Force Beams: Ranged Damage 12. +1 point

Tactical Computer: Enhanced Dodge 2, Enhanced Fighting 4, Enhanced ranged attacks 2. +12 points

Accurate Attack, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Ranged Attack 2, Ranged attack 4, Second Chance (Technology Checks).

Expertise: Engineering 5(+10)
Insight: 4 (+6)
Perception: 3 (+5)
Persuasion: 4 (+4)
Technology: 8 (+13)

Initiative +1
Force Beam +8 Ranged Damage 12
Unarmed +8 Close, Damage 12

Dodge 8
Parry 8
Will 8
Fortitude 6
Toughness 12

Power Points Totals: Abilities 30 + Powers 84 + Advantages 8 + Skills 12 + Defenses 16 = 150.