Lillith Al'Edar

"Those of you lucky enough to have your lives, take them with you."
User: Itty Bitty
Campaign: Drake's Point
Race: Elven
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Blackguard Paladin/1
Standing several feet across from you, an illy-lit figure occasionally glows with the sizzle of lightning, bringing her features to life in the gloom of the cabin. Fairly tall for what is presumably an elf (you note pointy ears sticking from the sides of her head), she stands slightly slouched, staring presumably in a dull fashion out the bubble-like window and leaning forward. Atop her head lies a peculiar headdress, something resembling what could be said simply as archaic with horns protruding the sides of it. Horns of what is unknown, but they glimmer softly of coppers with every strike of brewing storms. Dark, dark blue, almost black tresses barely lick below her shoulder blades and end in loose curls, complementing her fair olive skin tone. She seems to emanate an authority, some sort of self-importance despite her stance.

"I'm not here for friendships," her cool voice speaks, she turns her head faintly to look you in the eyes, her's a piercing white-blue. "I'm here for self-atonement."

For who or what, your curiosity beseeches you, but your better judgement decrees you stay silent.

At a tender age, little Lillith lived with her elven clan. She was plucking the blooming flowers of the fields outside her beloved forest, when suddenly she held a sight of agony. Her home, her forest, was ablaze with smoke towering to the heavens. Young and clueless, she ran into the burning growth, only to be pushed out by the screams of those she loved.


The world shook briefly with the roar of something unknown to Lillith, something foul, sharp, ear-splitting, and monstrous. Her mind was paralyzed with fear, but her body ran, ran, ran, ran for dear life, and for days this would last. Eventually, running was no longer an option and exhaustion took it's toll. The last Lillith remembered was the gloom and haze pouring through an acrid-smelling section of a different, ill-lit forest.

Eventually waking from deep slumber, Lillith opened her eyes to a familiar, yet different sight. A tall and looming figure towered above her. A deep grunt roused from the beast and it leant down, it's snout in front of the small girl's face. It's breath was hot and acidic, it smelled of death and little Lillith could only observe in silence and fear.

"Tell me what you have to offer..." it bellowed, blowing more of the noxious fumes. "Why shouldn't I just toy with you? Why shouldn't I play with such an unexpected appetizer?"

This was a creature that Lillith had only ever heard of, it was a dragon! A black dragon. It seemed to be an older one, it looked powerful, but it looked fairly aged. The beast's yellow eyes glowed in the darkness of the humid, soupy cave, looking on with hunger.

Lillith cautiously placed her hands around the back of her neck, looking the dragon in the eyes as she removed a necklace from around her. Shakily, she put the necklace around one of the beast's protuding teeth and gave a shy smile. "My Mother gave me that necklace." Her eyes began to water and eventually she began crying, the devastation sinking in. She was alone in this world now, and now she was most probably going to become lunch.

The dragon had shown the faintest of smiles, but was not visible in the darkness of his abode. "...Suitable."

The dragon nipped the small girl's shirt, lifting her up like a mothering cat. "You shall be my pet." the dragon spoke through pursed lips, holding Lillith snugly between them. "My name is Al'Edar, and you serve me now."

For little over a decade, Lillith stuck with Al'Edar. He taught her the ways of magic, and most importantly, the knowledge she would need to know in life. Now, this wasn't for her benefit, moreso for himself. Lillith was a tool for Al'Edar. He was aging, and quite notorious among the lands for his ability to corrupt and conquer. This is a legacy he wanted to pass. He didn't want to be a legend, he wanted to be an ongoing threat.
It was a beautiful morning when Lillith woke up. Well, beautiful for the standards of her Father's cave, anyhow. The marshes stunk to high hell, but the sunlight peeked through the thick canopies and glistened across the murky and green, stagnant waters. Her 19th birthday, the past 12 years were spent with Al'Edar. Today, Al'Edar had something planned for Lillith, something Lillith had been wondering of for the past week. What was to come would change her life completely.

By the time Lillith had actually rose, rather than lying comfortably and conscious in a stack of leaves and twigs, horror had ravaged her. The roaring of combat sounded somewhere near, and it only took moments for Lillith to realize who was losing: Al'Edar.

Rushing out of the cave beheld to Lillith the sight least expected on such a happy day. Al'Edar was grappling with another dragon, smaller but large. The foe glistened in the vague light of gorgeous copper and mingled with trickling crimson wounds. The copper dragon lunged forward against the struggling Al'Edar, trees collapsing around the weight of Al'Edar as his opponent bit into his neck. Al'Edar's heart-wrenching cry echoed through the forest and he immediately sunk his talons into the sides of the smaller copper, drawing blood, but not enough of an injury to bring it down.

Lillith ran forward, her treasured halberd in hand. Rage and fear consumed her with so many thoughts, so many words. All senses were blocked other than the instinct to kill the beast that was trying to take the only thing she had left. Suddenly frozen and almost blown back, Lillith stood with locked knees.

Lillith continued to stay still, her father figure's voice ringing through her head. Not a memory, not a creation of her own, but he himself rung through her mind.
Today was your day... but it seems that I've ruined it.

Unmoving, moreso unable to move against her will, Lillith could only stand in devastation as she watched Al'Edar succumb to his foe's spell. Surrounding small rocks melded with the already existing mud and ever so slowly did Al'Edar sink into it. The neck wound was something he could have come back from, but being incapacitated from shock and now drowning was something he wouldn't.
Now don't let me forget your gift, Lillith Al'Edar.

Lillith Al'Edar? Was this her gift? She had always been Lillith, unaware of her true family name. She embraced her new name as hot tears streamed down her cheeks, still frozen.
Continue to strike fear into the enemies of Tiamat.
Now go, run. This is a battle you are not yet ready for.

Lillith regained feeling in her legs and slowly began backing. She didn't want to listen to him, she wanted to help. She wanted to save him, but she knew as well that this was too mighty an opponent.

She ran, running with the memories of her past. She ran when she lost her first family, and she ran away now from the last of her hopes. She thought herself to be a coward, and for the rest of her life she would hate herself for it.
- A loner, she does not want accompaniment of people, but will stick with a party if it helps her in her conquest

- She desires loneliness due to fear of loss, she contradicts this with the want of a friend, but combats that through the worship of Tiamat

- She despises anything relative to Bahamut and displays extreme prejudice toward metallic dragons

- She bottles her feelings and hides them well, with no friends or family she vents to herself within her diary

- Another outlet for her is combat, she is extremely sadistic within combat and refuses to back down even if a situation is bleak. Hard-headed and serious.

- Should she ever manage to befriend someone, she would treat them with a sliver of humor, a sign she is warming up to them

- Refers to pursuers of justice as "plague-bringers"
- Keeps track of important kills in her diary
- Calls her brand of necrotic attacks "Withering Midas"
- Her skin is faintly cold
- Prefers larger weapons such as scythes and halberds