Cohen the Barbarian

"A good death is its own reward"
User: Gary
Gender: Male
Born in the savage wilds of Numeria to a human mother, in the way typical of Orcs and half-Orcs, she was captured and taken against her will. Cohen's mother perished shortly after the birth after displeasing the warlord of the Orcish band.
Cohen was raised in the manner of the tribe, taught the brutish fighting style of the Orcs, but he never agreed with their evil outlook nor their approach of wearing only light armor. He bested the warlord's son in combat upon his naming day and left the tribe, winning both the sword he still carries to this day and the warlord's son Orug's bitter, lifelong hatred.
Cohen wandered for many years following his leaving the tribe until Orug got some revenge. Travelling near (but yet well far outside the borders of) Chelax, Orug betrayed the young barbarian's location to a powerful band of slavers, who subdued him with mind controlling spells and was bringing him back to Chelax to be sold when they in turn were waylaid by Andoran forces and an Elven Ranger, who helped in destroying the band. Freed, Cohen chose to travel with the Ranger for a while, despite his obvious distrust and hatred of both humans and Orcs, figuring the Ranger handled himself well in the fight and should keep the Chelaxians (and Orug) off his back in the future. The duo picked up another human that was freed when the slaver band was destroyed, an apparent Kelish Dragoon named Phaedrus Saxton
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