Rierden Aurelion

"Hold the line"
User: Alpha
Campaign: Call of Heroes
Race: Kellid
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Phalanx fighter/3
Rierden is a tall imposing figure with close cropped coal black hair and dark olive toned skin. His facial features are well defined and stark, while marred in many places by small insignificant scars. His eyes are a deep blue grey, and though normal "smiling" at anyone he meets, become very intense and intimidating when he wants them to be. Rierdens body is a perfectly maintained well oiled martial machine, fit and muscled , made for both power and speed. on his upper right back he bears a brand of his goddess' symbol.
After the cataclysm that struck his home when he was 10 Rierden followed trade routes , and hitched rides along with kind travelers, and sometimes barely scraped by in the wild until he came to the city of Magnimar. He spent those first years living in the ghettos and orphanages of the city until he reached the age of 15 and became eligible of military service. Upon such age he promptly joined, training to become first a foot soldier, and eventually working to be a Phalanx soldier. Rierden spent 10 years of his life fighting for Magnimar, honing his body and his skills to become a well oiled machine of war and death. through this the rough, aggressive boy of his youth became a fine soldier, filled with discipline and forgetting his old ways.