Halima-Ra "Dances Like Silver Butterflies"

User: Melinda
Campaign: Swamplight Burial
Gender: Female
Silent Strider

After a few posts in the forums, I realized I had been describing Halima-Ra as a half-Egyptian Lara Croft, so I'm rolling with that.

She is 19 years old, about 5'2". Her father was an Egyptian Strider, her mother was a British journalist and strider kinfolk. She will either be dressed in cut-off jeans, a tank top, and hiking boots, or she will wear clothes that are gypsy inspired.
Her father died while she was a young child, but her mother focused on international events, which meant she traveled. As a strider kinfolk, her mother was able to teach her the basics.

Her first changed happened while she was in Cairo, Egypt. She then sought out the local sept to learn more about being garou.