"I AM trying to be good...good at killing."
User: Okikowai
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Ranger1-Monk2/3
Kael is your typical Elf in appearance with one major exception. He has scars over much of his body. On top of this, he rarely smiles adding to the darkness that seems to surround him. While he truly does try to help people, he still looks at them in a very cool and calculating way. It can be disconcerting to many as it appears he means to do them harm. The problem is that he typically is thinking about how much of a threat a person is and how hard it would be to kill them....old habits die hard.
Kael's childhood was a rough one. He was orphaned at such a young age that he doesn't even remember his family. Occasionally he remembered, or maybe they were just dreams of, his mother singing a song to him. But those were thoughts he had to leave behind. He did whatever he had to do to survive. This required many acts which he does not talk about now. He was in the process of joining a Ninja clan when he befriended a Monk. This Monk taught him there was another way to live. A way that would make him happier. And it did.

However, what he didn't know is that his family was very powerful until it fell out of grace. The clan was hoping to aid Kael with his family's climb back to power, with them pulling the strings and gaining most of the benefits, of course. The Monk didn't fit into these plans, so they had him killed. What they had miscalculated on was just how much Kael loved the old man. Kael isn't sure which clan killed the Monk, but he was able to determine it was one of them. He knows he can not face any of them at his current experience level. So he did what he had to do.

He went to the land he so loved to hear about from his friend. He had talked about taking Kael with him in the future. The two would experience the world together. That was taken from him. One day, he would take everything from them. He would try to make as many friends as he could as they might help him in his quest. Or they might slip up and reveal something he needs to know. One step at a time. Being an Elf, he has time on his side. Patience is a virtue after all....why can't vengeance be one too.