Corvo 'Deadlight-Eye'

User: Joseph
Campaign: Swamplight Burial
Race: Metis Shadow Lord
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Ragabash/Cliath
Corvo can usually either be found in either Homid or Crinos form while at the caern, having Shadow Lord Pure Breed Level 3. In Homid, he looks like a thin, lanky teenager, curled brown hair that's grown down to his shoulders, his good eye dark brown, sharp features that would be quite handsome if he cleaned up a bit. He often wears just a handmade wool shirt and a set of jeans, held up by a thick leather belt lined with plenty of pouches and straps. As Crinos, his fur is an inky black, and his lankiness and broader shoulders transforms into a long reach with his claws. In all forms, his left eye is a sickly green color all over, and almost seems to glow in the right light, but he has no other visible scars or deformities.
Other Shadow Lords might know that the sept Corvo came from had their caern taken away and the leadership deposed, while Corvo was sent away unpunished.

His grandfather is known to be Erasmus Arkova, a high-ranking Shadow Lord Philodox who operates near Kazakhstan, but the identities of his parents are unknown.