User: Bill
Race: Half-elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Druid/1
Tenoch is Shoanti on his mother's side; this is obvious from the short hair and traditional tattoos covering his arms.
Tenoch is a half-elf, with little knowledge of his elf heritage. He was raised as part of the Shriikirri-Quah by his mother's twin brother, Nalrik, and spent his first 20 years following the tribe from their winter home at the foot of the Red Mountains, to their summer encampment beside the Velashu River delta south of Riddleport.

Thirty years ago, Tenoch's mother met his elven father at the tribe's yearly swap with the Mierani elves. Beautiful but naive, she succombed easily to his charms, only to be discarded immediately following their tryst. Finding herself pregnant, abandoned and shamed, she quickly spiralled into depression and madness and died in childbirth.

Although losing his twin sister in this manner did not particularly enamor Nalrik of the elves, Tenoch was his only tie to her, so he took it upon himself to raise the half-elf bastard.
Tenoch is seldom without his companion, Coal, a young fire-pelt.