User: Dmitriy
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Mage/4
Marisa was born and raised outside the protection of the city walls. Marisa's mother, when she finally saw the fruit of her labors, exclaimed "Good riddance!" and never really paid her daughter much attention after that. Marisa's father disappeared shortly after her birth; few people even remembered he existed at all. The only tidbits her mother offered were a few vague remarks about white hair.

Left to fend for herself at an early age, Marisa grew up either fighting for food or running REALLY fast from scary things. Sometimes both, as the local environment was quite conducive for crime and the baker did not look kindly at thieves.

One night, while running a message between two merchants for ten copper pieces, she ended up in a dead end despite knowing the winding streets like the back of her hand. Surprised, Marisa turned around to a sound of a quiet chuckle only to find herself in a gigantic candle-lit library, with books of all shapes and sizes, colors ranging from abyssal black to the deepest blue. After overcoming the initial shock and punching a few books to make sure she's not dreaming, Marisa noticed two large tomes on the low table nearby. Unable to look away, she walked up in a daze and ran her fingers across the covers, looking on in wonder as the symbols glowed softly and reformed into letters she has seen before, written on the signs in the inner city.

Oblivious to the world around her, Marisa did not notice anything until she felt a tingling sensation, saw a flourish of something purple out of the corner of her eye, turned and found herself back at Baldur's Gate, with two tomes at her feet, the same chuckle fading away in the night.

Thus began Marisa's career as a self-taught Mage.

Her first chance to show herself came during the assassination of a prominent Duke of the city. Standing up against the Lord of Murder' plans, she played an important role in the background of the unfolding events.

Her deeds recognized by the city, Marisa was able to afford a permanent residence with a certain reputation in a good part of the city, and would spend at least the next ten years perfecting her magic and slowly spreading the information network across the land.
-Compulsively "collects" magical things.
-Bad liar, which doesn't stop her.