User: Ben
Race: Drow
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class: Ninja
Kuto hails from the underground of the corrupt Drow. Though he was different... the twisted ways of his people didn't sit right with him at all.

At a very young age he decided he would leave - much to the dislike of the Drow community turning his leaving into a desperate escape. Upon reaching the surface, barely alive, his pursuers were fought off by strangers from the Technic league that took him in and nursed him back to health.

Kuto grew up learning the ways of a Demon Slayer assassin and ninja, spending most of his time in isolation and never learning the common tongue. Once his basic training was complete, the League sent him out into the world equipped with technologies to help him survive in the overworld sun - where he was to use his skills to the benefit of the innocent.
"There is no place for me in any god's sanctuary. I have no illusions, what I do is a necessary evil and I will pay the price when my time comes."