Zachary Jackson

User: aleks
Campaign: The Cthulhu Mythos
Gender: Male
29 years old. Tall but lankey. Wears simple adventuring gear or a simple suit depending on the occasion. Will also usually wear a 10 gallon hat and belt buckle shaped like Texas.

Always has ol' stabby 1 inside the left chest of his jacket and ol' stabby 2 in a sheath on his belt.
From Texas. Joined the army (underage) and arrived in Europe long enough to walk to arrive at the front line when the armistice came into effect. Decided never to return to Texas as he disliked the religious lunacy and gun culture...found Europe much more enlightened.

Went to Egypt with some other veterans and got involved in finding tombs. Questionable ways of opening tombs and being caught selling artifacts got him shunned and exiled. He disappeared for a few years before reappearing in Britain very wealthy.

Adventures for fun but must steal/find artifacts to fund said adventures.