User: Babel
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class: Warlock/Hexar
Jennifer appears to be a stunning young lady, who, on closer inspection, is revealed to be a tiefling. Her porcelain skin and curved horns add to her exotic look. Most of the time her long, brown hair is done up in a fashion that attempts to minimize the shocking nature of her heritage. Deep green eyes constantly study those around her, seeming to always be judging and wary.

On any given day Jennifer struts around in her revealing leather corset dress, showing off her intricate tattooing and drawing more attention then is probably a good idea to herself. Always found at her hips are her twin magic rods, both appearing as thick-stemmed, brambly-thorned roses: Destiny, the Rod of Feythorns, a crimson red and Fate, the Rod of Reaving, a morose black. Hanging from her neck is a simple silver necklace depicting a simple bust of an unknown woman, which always seems to bring sad thoughts of lost ones to the onlookers mind.

Given the opportunity she is very fond of the finer things in life, but often makes due with her stylized attire and items of power. Coming from a background of poverty, she tends to spend money as fast as she gets it, and often on things that are often of short term use.

Those of great insight, would note that she always is faking her interactions with others, as if she is going through the motions of interacting with other people, rather then actually responding to them. If one were to observe her, unaware of their presence, they would discover that she is more of an emotional empty shell, having traded away many of her memories and feelings to her demon as a child. Only a few things can bring a true smile to her face, such as approval from Osric or acquiring something she desires. Often she simple doesn't understand a situation, especially true social interaction, like a normal person would. Since traveling away from her village of birth, she has found that often she can manipulate others to get her way, and will often attempt to do so if she thinks that she can get anything out of it.
Lord Faust had everything a man could want, land, power, and money. He had everything except the one thing that he truly desired: the beautiful and untouchable Lady Isla. In his pursuit of her he because a man obsessed. Finally, he acquired the knowledge that would enable him to get what he wanted. Using the forbidden magics he summoned up a devil and made a deal. At first he was ecstatic, thinking that not only had he got what he wanted, but that he had outsmarted the devil.

For a time, Lord and Lady Faust lived together happily. Lord Faust was even going to be a proud father. His happiness ended on the day his daughter was born. Her unholy form revealed who was the true sire. Upon finding out what had transpired and seeing the evil child born from her own womb, Lady Faust took her own life. Lord Faust curse the devil and locking his daughter away in his laboratory, went to work attempting to find a devil that had the power to return his true love to him. After years of searching, Lord Faust lost his life in the foolish ritual that summoned up a less then cooperative being.

Time passed, and soon the town was plagued by mysterious and unnatural death. The town suffered for a time, until Ser Osric braved the long abandoned mansion of the Faust lineage. Exploring the underground passages filled with all manor of indescribable experiments and evil, he was shocked to find the young Jennifer sealed away in the passages, long since abandoned and forgotten. At first he rebuked the young girl, thinking her another of the mansion's abominations. However, before Osric smote the girl he realized that she was as much of a victim as anyone to the evil of her father; forced to dabble in the forbidden arts as a means to simply survive her incarceration. Taking pity on the wretch of a child, he learned that she had been trading away her memories and emotions in her attempt to stay alive. Being as he was a man of holy responsibility and obligation, he decided that he could not possibly raise a child, and admonishing the child in the error of her ways, left her to be raised with the local orphanage.

Children being children, they all found the girl to be creepy and strange, resulting in their ignoring her or picking on her. Jennifer found her time at the orphanage in some ways worse then her time spent locked away; at least in the dusty passages of her home she was not constantly reminded that she was different and an outcast. Over time she grew more and more distant, preferring to be alone then with people, and creating a shielding mask; a false front to show to the world. A mask that she dons almost constantly when with other people - a face of smiles and frowns, of anger and sadness, all emotions she doesn't really understand.

After years of visiting, Osric returned for the final time to find the village in the process of burning Jennifer as a witch. Some of the children had heard her conversing with spirits and ran to the temple to tell. Seeing that he had done more harm then good for the girl leaving her in the village, Osric saved the now young woman from her untimely demise and took her with him on his quest for redemption. Jennifer all but worships the ground Osric walks on, viewing him as a father figure, a mentor, and her personal savior. She goes out of her way to try and be useful to him and in that, try and repay some of the debt she feels that she owes him. Often however, this goes awry, as her well meaning attempts to gain approval result in less then desirable actions. Jennifer's lack of emotions, moral compass, and social skills combine to lead her to do unconscionable things to
As a child, locked away in the vast underground passages of her father's mansion, Jennifer met the devil she would come to pact with. The creature is known as a Karv'eein Devil - a being born of sorrow and loneliness. It often takes the form of a black cat or motherly figure, and pacts with people who are lonely and desperate, especially orphans. This entity often ask something simple like a button or nick-knack from the child, only revealing its true nature after the pact is formed.

Those who are able to master their fears and embrace the creature are often granted copious amounts and liberal use of its power, as often this results in more sorrow and loneliness by those left in the warlock's wake. It is these dark feelings that the demon feeds on. The demon also lusts for other strong emotions, trading favors and power for memories, or even the actual emotion from its victim. All too common is the foolish child who is left as nothing more then an empty shell, having traded away everything that makes him or her who they are for whatever they fancied at the time.