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Chapter 10: Return to Vallaki
The heroes awaited the return of the pack's leader, Kiril Stoyanovich, at the werewolf den in the low mountains east of Lake Baratok. Zuleika Toranescu, the female werewolf seeking revenge against the pack's leader, waited with them. Her husband had been drug off to Castle Ravenloft at the pack leader's command, and she feared he was dead. She told the group that Kiril and the rest of the pack were on the hunt, and would return near nightfall. So they set an ambush in the cave mouth and waited.

A short time later, they saw a pack of nearly twenty wolves approaching! A bit under half started walking upright as they approached, and one was fully as large as a dire wolf. On his hind legs, he was as big as an ogre! This was Kiril, the leader of the pack. As he approached, his ears went back and he sniffed the air, growled, and began to speak. "Blood! I smell blood. And man-flesh. Come out!" With a roar, Zuleika charged out, and the battle was on! It was a fierce and furious struggle, and Evan decided to open the hostilities with a fireball spell detonated amidst the charging pack. The normal wolves died, incinerated by the blast, and even the werewolves were burned badly.

The werewolf pack returned, and they had caught the scent of blood...

The leader of the pack fared much better, darting in and out with unbelievable speed, tearing and biting at Shokk and Lupin. Volta, Kyne, Cira and Caxius moved forward into the fray, slashing and striking at werewolves and felling them with blade and spell. The pack leader was hurt badly by Shokk's enchanted greatsword and darted past the half-orc paladin, running deeper into the cave. The heroes finished off the remaining werewolves and followed him, Zuleika leading the way. They found a winding staircase tunnel behind a hide curtain that led to a ledge high atop the bluff. A circle of standing stones was there, and as Shokk and Lupin moved out, they were attacked from above! Kiril had healed rapidly, his wounds nearly gone thanks to his supernatural vitality, and he tore at them with fang and claw. But Shokk was ready, and with two mighty blows, he cut the werewolf lord down. It was over.

Zuleika left them, saying her revenge was complete and that they would not see her again. The heroes rested overnight, wary of attack, but the dawn came and they were off. Kyne had not slept well, and did not feel rested. He'd had nightmares all night, dreams of being chased by wolves. Cira and Evan confirmed his fears - he had indeed been cursed by the treasure he'd taken.

But despite his lack of rest, the other heroes were good to go. They took the children in the cave with them and made their way along the curve of the hills to Krezk. Though a pack of starving wolves fell on them, the heroes managed to kill the beasts and get the children safely to the small, mountain town. The burgomaster was glad to take them in, and after the heroes ate a hearty lunch of stew and bread, they set out for the Wizard of Wines Winery.

They arrived and were greeted by the Martikovs with open arms, for the heroes had brought the last of the Seeds of Life back home. With further thanks, the heroes took a gift of wine and made their way back to Vallaki to start taking care of unfinished business. Along the way, they stopped by the shores of Lake Zarovich and saw a small boat and a man trying to catch fish. They saw the bearded man put down his pole and pull up a small bundle wrapped in ropes - a bundle the size of a child that moved and wriggled! Rowing quickly out while shouting warnings, the heroes saw the man dump the bundle into the lake. Shokk and Cira were closest, and the big half-orc jumped in despite his mail and caught the bundle. Cira hauled him up, and they found that the bundle was a girl of about seven, dark haired and dark eyed, and most likely one of the Vistani. Caxius and Kyne questioned the man, named Bluto, and he said he'd taken the girl because "the Vistani are good luck, and the fish weren't biting." But when he still wasn't able to catch any fish, he was going to sacrifice her to the lake! Caxius paralyzed him with a spell to keep him calm, but Shokk had heard enough. He pitched the man overboard despite Cira's attempt to stop him, and let him drown.

The girl, Araballe, was the one they heard had been taken from the Vistani camp outside Vallaki. They returned to the town, and were let in despite suspicious (and fearful) looks. Kyne stopped by the Church of St. Andral and spoke with Father Lucian Petrovich about getting the curse removed. The old priest was happy to help, grateful still for the return of the saint's bones, and told him to come back come the dawn. He had also noticed a man following the group, and trailed him unseen to a run-down manor house, a squat, brooding thing near the center of town.

The heroes made their way to the Blue Water Inn, and took rooms. They cleaned the girl up and met with Rictavio, the carnival master, asking him about the strange, old tower east of town. He eyed them suspiciously, but they assured him they shared the goal of ending Strahd's reign over this dark land. He then revealed himself as none other than Rudolph van Richten, a vampire hunter of some repute. He told the heroes that he had something for them, and to meet them back at the inn come nightfall.

Rudolph van Richten, vampire hunter, when not in his guise as the carnival master, Rictavio.

The heroes then made their way to the Vistani camp shortly before dark. Savid was with them, and pointed to a hilltop south of town. The hill was ringed by small huts built into the hillside, each with elaborately carved wooden lintels and rooftops. "My people, the dusk elves, live here. We are bound to serve the Vistani. It is a long tale, but if you wish, my people's leader can tell you more. His name is Kasimir Velikov. Come get me when you are ready to leave." With that, he left them for the time being.

The heroes made their way to the hilltop, which was circled by barrel-topped wagons, tents, and strands of horses staked out for the night. A huge pavilion stood at its center, and as the heroes approached they could hear the crack of a whip and a cry of pain! They entered, finding several Vistani men drinking while one was tied to the tent's center pole. A large man with a thick beard was whipping him with one hand while drinking with the other, and a slender man with a trim beard stood nearby, chuckling. Shokk and Volta interrupted them, presenting the girl. The larger man was the Vistani headman, Luvash by name, and the slender man was his brother, Arrigal. He was Arabelle's father, and he was overjoyed at her return. He quickly forgot his whip, and Arrigal saw the young man cut down. It turned out his name was Alexei, and he'd been on watch when the girl had disappeared.

The Vistani camp was lively, and no one challenged the heroes when they arrived.

Despite the circumstances, Luvash asked the heroes to join him for food and drinks, and they accepted, supping with the Vistani. Luvash was crude and, to all appearances, a violent man, but he did love his daughter. He thanked the heroes and let them pick out a treasure from a locked wagon in the Vistani camp - a jewelry box as it turned out, with a few, precious trinkets inside. Arrigal asked them many questions as they drank, and seemed fascinated the sword with no blade that Kyne carried.

Upon their return to the inn, van Richten a.k.a. Rictavio, met with the heroes. He presented Cira with a small, platinum disk shaped like a stylized sun set with a bright, red stone. This, he explained, was the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind, a powerful item crafted by priests of the Morninglord. He said he would help them as best he could in defeating Strahd von Zarovich once and for all.

The night went by first. Kyne, still restless, clambered up into the rafters of the inn after everyone else had gone to sleep. Late, come the hour of the wolf, a figure crept in through the second story door and made its way room to room, looking for something. Kyne barely heard something as the floor of the balcony below him creaked. He dropped down, but not quietly enough as the figure whirled to face him. It was Arrigal of the Vistani! He lunged at Kyne, stabbing with one hand as he grabbed for the hilt of the Sunsword! He tried to wrest it away from Kyne, but to no avail. Arrigal fled into the night as Kyne sounded the alarm, but though the pale-skinned hero chased him, he lost the wily Vistani in the dark. Kyne made his way back to the Vistani camp, confronting Luvash in his tent after waking the large man with a blade to his throat. He warned him that any attempts to come after him or his friends would be a death sentence for Luvash - and his daughter! Luvash growled that he was not his brother's keeper, and he knew nothing of what had transpired. He told Kyne that he would forgive this once, as he owed his daughter's life to him and his friends, but that should he see Kyne again, he would have his head.

Come the dawn, Kyne returned to the Church of St. Andral and had the curse upon him removed by Father Petrovich's prayers. He returned to the inn, and he and the rest of the heroes were greeted by some of the Baroness's soldiers. Apparently, they had been summoned to meet with her...
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Chapter 4: The Abbey of St. Markovia
The heroes set out from the Wizard of Wines just past dawn. Davian Martikov thanked them for their aid, and had another request. Three green stones, each the size and shape of a pine cone but lit with inner light, had been stolen. They were magic seeds, he said, and the pagan hillfolk's bloody-handed priests had taken them. He had overheard (though he did not say how) that one had been taken south to Yester Hill and one south and east to the ruins of Berez, a flooded village along the Luna River. The last he supposed had gone north somewhere.

The heroes promised to aid them, and set out. Along the road, they met another traveler, Lupin by name. He was a monk and a companion of Caxius and Shokk who had been separated from them in the Misty Forest. Wandering for a few days, he had finally located his companions in this strange land. He was a rough-looking man with long sideburns, and wore simple traveler's clothes with a short, slender blade at his side. He was one of the shifting kind, with the blood of werewolves in his veins. He greeted his companions, and they filled him in on the situation, what with Ireena, Strahd von Zarovich, and their promise to aid her and defeat the land's vampire lord. He seemed to accept this with relative calm.

The heroes reached the walls of Krezk by noon, and were let inside and escorted to the burgomaster's cottage. The village was not much more than cottages surrounded by misty woods inside a heavy stone curtain wall. The burgomaster, Dmitri Krezkov, thanked them for bringing the wine and asked for their aid with his son. The young man had died only a few days ago, and he was the elderly burgomaster's last child and only heir. He wished to visit the Abbey and talk with Abbot, who was rumored to have supernatural powers, including the ability to restore the dead to life. The heroes agreed to talk with the holy man, and made their way up the switchback trail to the Abbey of St. Markovia. Along the way, Ireena seemed to hear someone calling her in the distance, but chalked it up to her fatigue and trepidation.

A low wall circled the abbey, and the iron gate was unlocked. The heroes were greeted by two short figures in rough, homespun robes. One was a hunched man with a wolfish snout and ear, a beast-like leg that ended in a lion's paw, and a donkey's tail. The other was a woman with tufts of wolfish fur, scales, and cat-like eyes. Evan recognized them as mongrelfolk. The male chuckled and simpered, introducing himself as Otto Belview, one of the Belview family as was his cousin Zygfrek (the female). They had all come to the abbey to be healed. He kindly offered to escort the heroes to the abbey proper and the Abbot. They made their way past a graveyard on one side and a garden on the other, both overlooking a four-hundred foot drop to the village below.

Otto and Zygfrek Belview. Twisted members of a twisted family. Perhaps it was best the abbey was walled...

The abbey itself had two wings, joined by a high-walled courtyard. The gates opened easily, and the guards they saw atop the wall were no more than straw mannequins wearing rusty mail and blunted spears. A stunted woman with bat- and spider-like features was chained to a post in the courtyard, and stone coops (no doubt once holding fowl) were along the walls. The heroes could hear shouting, hooting, and screaming from all of them. "Family members," Otto chuckled apologetically. "They are...unwell. Locked up for their own safety." He led the heroes into a great hall, where sweet viola music wafted down from a belfry overhead. A woman, auburn-haired, pale-skinned and beautiful, wearing a tattered red dress, sat at a long table. A beautiful blonde man in simple monk's robes was walking down a stair on one side of the great hall and towards the table when the heroes entered. "We have guests, your holiness," Otto told him.

They realized the Abbot was not a mortal man. Nor was he sane.

This was the Abbot, and he introduced himself and Vasilika, the strangely silent woman. He was instructing her, he said, and invited the heroes to join him for an early supper. They agreed and sat with the Abbot, explaining the situation with Ireena. The Abbot gladly offered to provide her with shelter. Both Shokk and Cira noticed the woman had scars along her joints, wrists, neck, and so on, all covered by make-up. She jerky movements and gestures and grunted sounds that might have been the start of words. They quickly realized this woman had not been born...she had been made from the parts of dead women.

When confronted - politely of course - the Abbot responded that yes, he had used surgical and alchemical techniques to make Vasilika. He had done much the same to the Belview family. They had suffered the double stigma of inbreeding and a family-wide exposure to leprosy, and he had removed mortified and corrupted flesh, replacing it at their insistence with the pure flesh of beasts. Shokk, fearing the worst, used his ability to sense supernatural forces upon the Abbot. He learned that he was no demon or fiend, but rather a celestial - an angel that had taken a mortal guise! He shared that carefully with his companions, and they gently asked where the Abbot had gained such knowledge.

He replied it had come from a traveling scholar and alchemist named Vasili von Holtz, who had actually been Strahd himself in disguise. The Abbot, who had come here to end Strahd's evil, realized the vampire lord was bound to this land. He could not truly die here, nor could his curse end by death. Learning of Strahd's misery, he realized only happiness would end his suffering and the suffering of the land's people. To that end, he crafted a bride for Strahd in the image of his lost love, intending her immortal frame to keep the undying vampire company and happy for all time. He only needed one thing - a bridal gown. The heroes agreed to help him find one, with the condition he would restore the burgomaster's son to life. He agreed, promising them two more lives as well. He also said quarters would be prepared for Ireena, but she hesitated, saying she would think the matter over.

Verity had asked about the music, and she and Caxius were escorted up to the belfry by the Abbot. A man with two heads was there, playing a viola. One head was small, like a toddler, and had hide almost like a crocodile along one side. One hand was replaced by a crustacean's claw, and both feet and legs were like those of a bear. He was introduced as Clovis Belview, and stated he drank heavily (as evidenced by many empty wine bottles) and played sweet music to keep his other head asleep. He'd heard them below, and wished he could help them fight the vile Strahd! Caxius did mention something about Madame Eva's card reading saying a musician with two faces would help them against the dark lord...

Clovis Belview's music was as beautiful as he was twisted and grotesque. A good soul inside a monstrous shell...

The heroes descended the mountainside, and Ireena again heard someone calling her voice. Concerned, the heroes encouraged her to follow the sound. She wound her way through the trees in the village, to a small pond on its far end. A small gazebo and shrine stood next to the crystal-clear waters. As she approached, she heard a voice calling her. The heroes heard it too! "Tatyana! Come to me my love!" They saw the reflection of a handsome young man in royal finery in the water, looking up at her, his hand extended. It extended out of the water!

"Sergei!" Ireena said, "Sergei, my love! I remember. We were to be wed! Yes, I am Tatyana! I will come to you!" A couple of the heroes tried to hold her back, but Cira sensed something wonderful was happening. She stopped them with her magic, and Ireena reached out - and was pulled into the water! They saw her now, in a beautiful wedding dress, embracing and kissing the man with such passion and love that it made their hearts soar. Light emanated from the water and she smiled at the heroes in thanks and joy. In a flash, they were gone. They knew that Ireena, who had been Tatyana reborn, had found safety and happiness. But the sky grew dark, the thunder rolled, and a voice seemed to cry, "You have taken her from me!" Lightning struck the water, setting the gazebo afire, and nearly killing a couple of the heroes. Strahd had seen...had known...and doubtless wanted revenge on them!

Dazed, the heroes helped put out the fire and let the burgomaster know what happened. He knew that none in Krezk had skill enough with needle and thread to craft such a gown, and time grew short. His wife, Anna Krezkova, agreed to take a few men and trade goods to Vallaki, to see if they could find such a gown. The heroes agreed to escort her the next morning. They made the trip in a few hours, and were greeted suspiciously by the guards. As one tried to slip off, Kyne followed her and knocked her out. The heroes returned to the Blue Water Inn, and finally met the carnival master Rictavio, a gentleman in finery with a leather overcoat, gray hair, and spectacles. They also drank with the Wachter brothers, Karl and Nikolai. As they did, Volta and Kyne escorted the lady of Krezk to a dressmaker's shop. She did not have the coin required, and the seamstress could not deliver the dress in such short order. She suggested they speak with Lydia Petrovnka, the Baroness Vallakovich, as her wedding dress was said to be spectacular, and as a good-hearted woman she might not refuse an entreaty for aid.

Volta and Kyne escorted Anna Krezkova to the Baron's estate, and were let in by a suspicious maid. The entry hall was crammed with bundles of twigs, and they were led shortly to a dining hall. A tall, older but still beautiful woman was speaking with several other women over tea and cakes, and introductions were made. The Baroness Vallakovich was happy to speak with Anna about the dress, after being convinced a "fortuitous marriage, one that would bring great joy to Krezk," was in the offing. As Volta and Kyne waited in a small parlor near the main entrance, Izek Strazni - the Baron's henchman - spotted them! Kyne's quick talking and Volta's steely gaze prevented an immediate bloodbath, and Baron Vargas Vallakovich was summoned. He was a stocky man, with a gray pompadour and deep-set, suspicious eyes. He had not been informed about Izek's actions, and was convinced by Kyne's silver tongue that the heroes were only helping a stray girl. Oh, and they had promised to bring back wine for the festival of the Blazing Sun on the morrow. Mollified, the suspicious Baron let them go.

With all due haste, the heroes left as soon as Anna had secured the Baroness Lydia's dress, much to the Baron's chagrin. Returning to the inn, they gathered up their gear and headed back to Krezk as fast as they could. They were ambushed on the road by a group of hillfolk, berserkers clad in fur, clay, and hides, and a great champion wearing a bearskin. It was a tough battle, and the hillfolk were slain to a man. Apparently, they had taken great offense at the heroes' slaying of their pagan priests, and had begun to track them.

But the heroes reached Krezk shortly before nightfall, and escorted the burgomaster, the dress, and his dead son up to the Abbey of St. Markovia. The Abbot was greatly pleased (and more so, as Volta had some other items of clothing for Vaslilika) and set about his work. He glowed with unearthly power as he touched the young man's dead body and bid him to rise. With a start, life returned to the young man! Herr Krezkov was grateful, but he, his son, and his men departed swiftly. The heroes thanked the Abbot, and left shortly thereafter, once they explained that their friend was now safe. They had some choices to make about where they would go next. More importantly, they had definitely drawn Strahd's attention....
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Chapter 1: Barovia
The heroes were not the only outlanders at the Blood on the Vine tavern. Two other travelers, adventurers from Faerun hired by the Lords' Alliance to deal with a band of marauding werewolves in the Misty Forest, had arrived in Barovia after being lost in the mists. The first was a burly half-orc man wearing chainmail and carrying a silvered greataxe. His name was Shokk, a paladin in service to Tyr. He was accompanied by Caxius, a ruddy-skinned tiefling warlock. There were others of their group that had become separated, and the duo didn't know if they had made it to the village safely. But having overheard the heroes' conversation with Ismark, they volunteered to aid the worried man's sister.

Night had fallen, and they hurried south through the village streets toward the Burgomaster's home. The cries of a woman issuing from a boarded up house attracted their attention though, and fearing the worst, the heroes stopped at a boarded-up home just south of the main square. Cira, Caxius, and Kyne made their way inside, and the rest cautiously followed. They found a grieving woman upstairs, clutching a little girl's doll with a tag that read "Is no Blinksy, is no fun!" They were able to calm the woman, Mad Mary, and discovered her teenage daughter Gertruda had gone missing. Promising to do what they could, the heroes left her to her grief and pressed on.

The burgomaster's mansion was old, the rusty iron gates were bent off their hinges, and the windows had been smashed out and boarded up. Ismark knocked on the door and was admitted by his sister, Ireena. She had curly auburn hair and was quite beautiful, but she was armed and suspicious. Ismark allayed her fears and brought the heroes inside. For weeks they had dealt with attacks in the night. Ireena said she had been seen by Strahd one evening as she returned from picking wild blackberries on the edge of the forest. Their father, Kolyan Indiriovich had died only a few nights ago, the strain of protecting his daughter too much for his heart to take. Teh former burgomaster lay in a coffin in the drawing room, wilting wildflowers surrounding his body.

Ireena Kolyana was no shrinking flower...

"We have been unable to bury him in the churchyard," Ismark confessed, "as the villagers will not help and Donavich, the priest of the Morninglord has turned us away. I do not know why, but he seemed upset and distracted. If you can help us survive the night, and bury our father, I would ask you to take Ireena from here. The town of Vallaki is found to the north, on the shores of Lake Zarovich. It is fortified, and its burgomaster Baron Vallkovich is a stern but just man."

The heroes rested for a few hours, and come midnight, the attack began. Caxius saw the mists rise around the Burgomaster's house, and dark figures move through the gates. Zombies. Rotted, fetid corpses shambling forward, led by a withered form in dark robes. "At them," it rasped, "take the girl and kill the rest!" They heard a crash upstairs, and Shokk ran upstairs to confront them. Cira moved to join him, but only after the cleric had raised her holy symbol and turned nearly half the zombies. Caxius and Evan blasted at them with magic, as the wight leading the zombies shattered the window with a spell, then blasted back with a lightning bolt! The zombies began to force their way in, and both Ireena and Ismark took up swords and began to slash and stab at the undead fiends. Kyne lurked by the door, taking shots with his bow and stabbing any that managed to push their way inside. Upstairs, a pair of zombies with wings made of flayed skin and broken bone had crashed in through the windows. Shokk and Cira hacked away at them, and Caxius joined them with magic moments later. The half-orc paladin grappled with one and they fell out the window, a blow from his axe ending it as both tumbled to the flagstones below. The wight attempted to flee, but was brought low by magic and blades. The attack was over.

The dawn came, and the heroes made their way to the church at the far end of town. It was in the shadow of a tall spire of stone, a spur of the great mountains, atop which stood a dark and massive castle - Castle Ravenloft, as they would learn. They made their way quietly into the church, and heard a man softly praying in the chapel. As they made their way forward, the voice of a young man cried out from below. "Father, help me! I am so hungry!" The chapel had been damaged, with many pews broken, and the church's exterior also showed signs of damage. The priest, Father Donavich, urged the heroes to leave, but Caxius, Kyne, and Shokk had gone looking for the source of the plaintive voice. They found a trapdoor that was chained shut, likely leading to the church's cellar and managed to open the padlock.

Doru's thirst could not be by blood.

Cira, Verity Starkiller, and Evan escorted Father Donavich to the cellar, as Caxius went to start preparing a snack for whoever was below. Descending into the cellar, the heroes saw a slender, bedraggled young man...with fangs and lean, feral features. This was Doru, the priest explained, his only son. A foreign wizard had come to the village weeks ago and led several of them on a crusade to destroy Strahd. They failed, and the wizard was apparently destroyed. Donavich only wished to save his son, now cursed with vampirism, but could only contain him. Cira tried to remove the curse upon him, but to no avail. The young vampire spawn bolted towards the stairs, clawing at Shokk and sinking his fangs into the half-orc's neck. Father Donavich tried to stop him and Verity with an incantation, but failed, and Kyne stuck the priest with a dagger. The half-orc paladin's blade, Evan's spells, and Cira's prayers managed to reduce the young man to ash. His father was grief-stricken, but Shokk's words comforted him, and he was able to mourn for his son and gather his ashes for burial. They broached the subject of Kolyan Indirovich's funeral, and Donavich agreed to bury him. "Come shortly before dawn, and we will hold the service then."

With aught else to do, the heroes went to the tavern for a drink and stopped by the mercantile house. The proprietor's prices were outrageous, and Cira thought twice about purchasing supplies. After talking with one of the Vistani women at the tavern, Shokk, Verity, and Evan decided to head to the Vistani encampment outside of town to have their fortunes told. The rest agreed to accompany them. As they crossed the river and reached the crossroads, they saw a gallows, and Kyne saw a vision of himself dangling form the noose. None of the rest had seen it, and the vision passed. Unnerved, he and the rest followed the trail to the pool at the foot of Tser Falls.

The Vistani encampment was lively, with men and women working, cooking, laughing, and drinking among a circle of wagons and tents. They joined the festivities and shared a few drinks, and one Vistana told of the wizard who had come, and how she saw he and Strahd battle atop the castle's ramparts, only for the wizard to plunge off into the falls. His body was never recovered. Thus warned about the dangers of Castle Ravenloft, the heroes made their way to Madam Eva's tent.

Madam Eva showed them their fate in the cards of the Tarokka.

She was an elderly woman, but wise and sly, and offered to tell their fortunes. Verity paid a silver coin, and the cards were drawn.

She saw that the knowledge to defeat Strahd could be found in a room with walls of bones and bone furnishings.
She saw that a man in a carnival wagon carried a talisman capable of warding off great evil.
She saw that a blade of light could be found in a fallen house that belonged to a dragon.
She saw that they would find an ally in a man with two faces and a song in his heart.
She saw that Strahd would only face them truly at the seat of his power.
She saw that one among them could not be trusted, and would prove false in the end.

Informed, if not enlightened, the heroes returned to the burgomaster's mansion to await the dawn. Cira had healed the wounds in Ireena's neck, removing the taint of vampirism from her. The night passed quietly, save for the howling of wolves from all around shortly after midnight. Shortly before the sun rose, the heroes helped bear Kolyan Indirovich's casket to the graveyard behind Barovia's church to the Morninglord.

The funeral of Kolyan Indirovich.

As dawn approached, the clouds rolled overhead and the thunder rolled. They could almost hear a voice on the wind saying, "she is mine!" Suddenly, the door of a nearby crypt burst asunder and a dozen graves erupted with earth as rotting bodies clawed their way to the surface. A trio of undead came forth from the crypt, two in rusted mail and carrying notched longswords, one with grayish skin covered in grave dirt. Cira raised her holy symbol, driving many of the zombies back, as Shokk ran up to engage the trio of dead warriors. One grabbed him, seeking to slam him to the earth, but the paladin resisted. Caxius joined him shortly, and the rest dispatched what zombies remained. The battle was over swiftly, and the heroes made sure Ireena and Ismark's father was laid to rest.

Father Donavich urged them to take her to the Abbey of Saint Markovia, in the village of Krezk, to the northwest. They would leave shortly, heading out before noon. It would take most of a day to reach Vallaki in the north. Despite the dawn, the sky was dark and a cold wind blew down from the mountains....
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