This campaign is set in the Dark Times period, after the events of "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" and before "Episode IV: A New Hope".

The Rebel Alliance is not yet born in any formal way, this is the start of the rebellion, the dawn of defiance against the evil galactic Empire!

This time period is the same as depicted in The Force Unleashed 1 and 2. It's great because anything you saw in both trilogy movies exists and is available. Eg: Aging clone troopers are still in service, and the newer starships such as x-wings exist although Incom Corporation's executives haven't yet defected to the Rebellion (which doesn't yet exist).
The potential is here for anything seen in the Star Wars movies to be available, as well as other content seen in modern settings such as Fallout and Gamma World.

I've created a set of characters from which you can choose and customize. I wanted to make it easy for you guys to jump right in, but if you want to create your own character from scratch go right ahead :)

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Episode I: Traitor's Gambit, Part 1
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A Jedi Knight and master to Cadence Thossa- his miraluka padawan apprentice.
Master Foxx specialised in subterfuge and lightsaber combat. During the Clone Wars he served as a lone scout in service to the Jedi Council and the Republic, and was often sent into deep space territories in search of Seperatist forces. His use of mind tricks, persuasion and stealth often put him in an advantageous position to locate the enemy, and his skill with the saberstaff would end disputes and save lives.
War touches the hearts of many, and even the Jedi were not immune to the aggressive emotions it encouraged. Ardis meditates often, atoning for the deaths his saber has wrought. He cautions Cadence against the pull of the dark side often, and he is a living example of how thin the line between aggression and defense is.

These are Dark Times indeed.
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"You may feel the Force, bathe in it's heat and light, but you do not truly see it."
Cadence is a miraluka; similar to a human but lacking their visual senses, they possess a unique sense to see the world through the Force.

Her face is shrouded in a grey-blue hood, which gives her a mysterious appearance while not hindering her vision in the slightest. Her clothing is simple and gives a free range of movement in battle. With her twin blue lightsabers she fights fiercely; her agility, stance and technique creates a beautiful and deadly dance as she cuts down enemies with ease.

Cadence possesses Force senses stronger than many Jedi do, and she used her talents to escape capture during Order 66. Instead of hiding from the Emperor's assassins in one location, she wanders where the Force leads her, feeling heartbeat of the galaxy.
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"I'm with Ghost Squadron. Impossible is our stock in trade, and success is what we deliver."
Lieutenant Bard Greyhorn is a skilled gunner, a born pilot, and a great leader. Reckless at heart, Bard is gifted at improvising, a talent that comes in handy when the blasters come out. Trained in the use of demolitions and sabotage, Bard's starfighter typically carries a large cache of explosives in the cargo hold just in case.

Lieutenant Bard Greyhorn of Alderaan earned the nickname "Auto" from his exploits in the Republic starfighter group Ghost Squadron. Ghost leader once joked that Bard must have taken the fire control switch out of his prototype X-Wing and replaced it with a Hutt-sized hare trigger.

It seemed that Bard had scarcely taken his finger off the trigger at all since the day the Republic died. As part of a kill order involving the clones, Ghost Squadron had been ordered to destroy Jedi training grounds across the galaxy. Bard didn't take kindly to this idea at all, and neither did his fellow Ghosts.
Mutiny, treason, these were the words that dogged the Ghosts departure from service to the Empire, a new government that demanded loyalty and service or death.
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