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New words
few • Thard Harr • enough • however • sneak • underneath • disguise • attack • definitely • hairy • fought

There is a large floating shape that I can see from here out my round window. I think that I see Kytharrah walking on it somehow. How is he doing that? What is he doing?

The others have left me alone on the flying ship, which I call Frihet. They are trying to stop a very bad genie who wants to controle Hakam's home and land and let very bad hobgoblins live there. He is pretending to be a god. I wonder if the Maker is only pretending to be a god. He made me though. I am alive. Solisar said when I asked him that I am alive like a flower or an animal and not like that very grose person that attacked us on the ice many months ago or the dead things that attacked them in the cave a few days ago. They told me that those persons were dead and only moved because of magic. I move because I am alive and want to move.

If the gods or people like the Maker make all of us, are they so smart that they can figure out everything that we will ever do just like I figured out how much air Frihet carries around it? Does that mean that it is only pretend that we chuze things? Is being alive only like one of Szordrin's magic tricks? Are all of us really dead?

If this is all true, then are bad people bad? Or are they only broken and need to be fixed? Are hobgoblins broken people? When people break a lot, do they become hairy?

Hakam says that some gods are bad? Can gods be broken? Is it the god's fault if someone is broken since the gods made her? Are bad people mistakes made by broken gods? If this is also true, who made the mistake and made the broken god who made the broken person?

Kytharrah is not on the shape anymore. I see a giant man. Maybe he is one of Skata's family. He just vanished. Now they are all talking to Kytharrah. Now Belvordû cûig dêag mûchadh___________________________
Session: 100th Game Session! - Thursday, Jan 25 2018 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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New words
nearby • observation • heavy • sword • money • fighting • allowed

I was so disappointed that the gods were not fair and took away my magic that I have not written in a fyew days.

I see Hakam praying to his god, Anachtyr, every morning, and Belvin prays to Thard Har each morning also. I think that Leokas prays at different times each day that seem to shift by about 45 minutes later each day. I tried to pray to the Maker this morning, since 2 out of 3 of the others pray then, asking him to give me magic back, but I still cannot make anything jump. Is the Maker not powerful enuff? Is the goddess of magic more powerful than he is? I heard the others say that she took away his magic, so he must not be as powerful as she is. How ever, they say that he found a way to get his magic back, a bad way, so maybe he is stronger than she thinks that he is. Why is the way that he got his magic back a bad way? I think that it was bad for them to take away his magic. Why should he not be able to take his magic back from them if they were not fair?

Maybe he did not answer me because he is too far away. How far away is Anachtyr or Thard Har or Solonor? Did the goddess of magic have to be very close to me to take my magic away? Did she sneek in when I was sleeping? Father used to talk to the Maker in person, underneeth the meeting house. The Maker was a face of fire, but the others say that that was just a disgize. Why did the Maker disgize himself? Why does Hakam not need to go to pray underneeth a meeting house? If the Maker did give me magic, would it be bad magic? Would I become bad? I want to be good, like Solisar. I do not want to be bad like a goblin.

Why are goblins bad? The others left me on the flying ship again. When they came back the first time, some of them were hurt and bloody, but they have magic that can make them better. They were attaked by more dead things. Dead things that attak are definitly bad, because dead things should stay dead, because that is what the good gods want. This is what Hakam says.

When they came back the second time, they had big hayry goblins with them or hobgoblins. I lissened to these hobgoblins, and they did not sound bad. They answered all the questions and did not fight. Why does Leokas say that all goblins and hobgoblins are bad? If all hobgoblins are bad, why did they let them go and not make them dead?

When they came back the third time, Kytharrah's fur was falling out. I am worried about him, but Hakam says that he will be fixed soon.

I have many questions. This journal seems to be a book of questions, even though I wrote earlier that I wanted it to be a book of recordings of what has happened.

I just wrote 2 things that happened. One more thing is that they fawt a very very bad hobgoblin with wings and horns. They said that that made him very very bad and not just bad. Kytharrah has horns, and he is good. I do not think that he would be more good if his horns were cut off.

I have many things about good and bad to think about. I will stop writing now.
Session: 100th Game Session! - Thursday, Jan 25 2018 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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A Record of the Adventures of the Great Prospector and Illusionist Stumblesparkle, Back Cover
On the Manner of Arriving Safely and Accurately at the Spinning Keep

~ Head due west by south four and one half hours from the ruins of Dashadjen. Reach triad of sand columns with tallest ten yards high.

~ Head due south by east ten and one quarter hours. Reach wide crater some 200 yards wide.

~ From south southwest edge of crater, head due southwest one hour to reach dried creek.

~ Follow creek southerly two hours until it curves sharply north and then south again.

~ From southwest by west edge of curve, head due south by west one and three quarter hours to pile of large boulders three yards high and four yards wide at thickest.

~ Head toward the second to the easternmost hill of four hills visible in the southern horizon as a cluster.

~ Summit the hill.

~ The Spinning Keep is located due south southeast from the summit, barely visible as a pearly flicker of light.

[The directions include an accompanying map.]
Session: 100th Game Session! - Thursday, Jan 25 2018 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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A Record of the Adventures of the Great Prospector and Illusionist Stumblesparkle, Chapter 18
On the morning of the seventh of Mirtul, the Year of Nightsilver, Stumblesparkle, the great prospector, woke up, performed her morning exercises, and began her day's adventure. The following account is most true and accurate.

For breakfast, she ate raisins and pears and a bit of cheese.

The day had at last come. She stripped off her garments and firstly cast a spell to make herself invisible. Next, she opened her eyes to see the true form of things. Finally, she cast a spell to grant her the power of flight. Up to the top of the dodecahedron she flew.

After several hours of miscellaneous manipulations and careful specialized spellcasting, she succeeded in unlocking the "door". The door did not open so much as she found herself falling through one of the twelve sides of the keep. There she was, floating peacefully in nothing but the skin in which she was born. Thankfully, she was also invisible.

She shivered from the bitter cold, another downside of the lack of clothing. The air was moist and humid. The cold seemed to be coming from the... "crystal".

There it was, at the center of the dodecahedral chamber, a grotesque, writhing, wriggling mash of silently screaming genie faces, morphing in and out of each other.

The great prospector, despite her usual bravery, nearly lost her raisins, pears, and bit of cheese.

On the other hand, she felt a strange surge of power, as if her tiny, delicate muscles were rippling with strength.

The genies did not seem to be happy all squished together like this.

The walls of the chamber were covered in sharp blades and razors. Thankfully, the great prospector continued to float. There was no gravity there.

She had to avoid an arc of positive energy that shot from the writhing "crystal" to one of the walls and did so with great finesse. The narrator can confirm this with all honesty. It in no way struck her on the backside. Had it done so, she might have found that the scratch that she had on her knee from the previous day's adventure had been supernaturally repaired.

A few seconds later, and there was another spark. This one was the color of negative energy. She avoided it as well. Time passed and with it came another negative arc. This one struck the baelnorn.

The narrator forgot to mention that the elven lich sitteth, or rather floateth, placidly in the space above the wriggling mush of faces. In the present case, his eyes remained closed, meditating on his boredom, most likely, seemingly oblivious to being shocked with a red-colored bolt of undead-awakening power.

The lich kept boring company in his boring chamber, a pack of boring air elementals, who were quite dull in their behaviors or lack of them.

Then the melancholy lich opened his slanted eyes and wiggled his pointed ears and looked like he had just seen a stranger in a disrobed state.

It was then that the great prospector realized that her first spell had faded. She quickly covered her modesty and smiled sheepishly at the millennia-old tel-quessir, who, it is noted, did not appear amused.

Now the dull, boring air elementals suddenly seemed excited and very un-bored, and began spinning into little whirlwinds. The narrator suspecteth that they wanted to blow and bash and break the tiny, fragile protagonist against the razor walls. How hospitable!

Her second spell had also faded by now, of course, which meant that the great prospector now saw a large diamond where once the genie-faced horror floated. (The prospector counted some 30 facets on two sides, before contemplating that counting faces on an illusory diamond was not the wisest choice of action when a dozen whirlwinds and an angry baelnorn were about to annihilate her.) Though it was utter darkness in the chamber otherwise, the crystal shone with its own light, as if reflecting the sun.

As the narrator hath already described, the prospector had pondered the wisdom of counting instead of fleeing, and as it so happened, the power that she felt seemingly extended to more than just her little gnomish muscles. In the next moment, just before the first creature of air flew against her, she wished to be absent from her present company and found herself in Pandesmos without any equipment or clothing.

Apparently, she could now plane shift. Fascinating.

Perhaps, she pondered, she should have planned her exit strategy a bit better than she had.

For dinner, the great prospector used her new, fading genie powers to create raisins, pears, and a bit of cheese, items that she fancied, if it hath not already been noticed.

The narrator will describe the adventure of how Stumblesparkle simultaneously returns to the Material Plane and manages to conserve her modesty in the next exciting chapter.
Session: 100th Game Session! - Thursday, Jan 25 2018 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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Page 12
Something happened. I do not understand, but I can no longer make things jump. Solisar thinks that the goddess of magic has taken away my power. I do not think that that is fair. Hakam says that my people, the forokell, must not be aloud to use magic. Why are the gods not fair?
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Page 11
New words
wrong • our

My list of new words is getting shorter. That makes me feel proud.

I also feel proud because I can do magic now. Well, I can only do one trick, as Kytharrah calls it. I can make nereby objects jump. Kytharrah and I have been playing a new game where I make something in the room jump, and he tries to grab it before it stops moving.

I am going to start using this journal to record what new things I learn about magic.

Obzervation 1:
I can only make something jump if it is closer to me than about 25 feet. I made something jump at 26 feet 1 time in 10 that I tried. I made it jump 7 times out of 10 at 25 feet, and I made it jump at 24 feet 9 times out of ten. I can always do it when it is close to me now.

Obzervation 2:
I can only make something jump if it is about as hevie as Hakam's szord. I stacked some of the bars of monie on top of each other and tried to jump the one on the bottom. I can only jump the bottom one if the stack is no more than 5 bars high.

Obzervation 3:
I can only make something jump if no one is holding it.

Obzervation 4:
I can only make something jump if it is not a magical thing. Magical things feel like they are fiting against me.
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Page 10
New words
voice • right • trying • least • silence • feel • belief/believe • than • shoot • little

(Solisar taught me new punctuation. He also told me that Szordrin lied to me and told me to spell my last list of words the rong way.)

trick/tricked • very • be/been • Hartsvale • see/saw/seen • eye • surprise • perfume • tease • creature • floating • city/cities • prisoner • goddess • darkness • anyone • egg • chicken • human • elf/elves • goat

a • bee • cee • dee • e • ef • gee • aitch • i • jay • kay • el • em • en • o • pee • cue • ar • ess • tee • u • vee • double-u • ex • wy • zee

look • easy • sphinx • all • piece • answer • else • anymore • boat • give • supposed • mountain • hour • fall • asleep • wait • maybe

calculation • air

Solisar is not dead anymore, (as can be seen from the fact that he taught me the new words listed above.) I am very happy. More than that, we are on hour way home!

This is the calculation that Solisar and I did to find out how much air hour flying ship holds around it:

Measurements of spelljammer:
120 feet long (from bowsprit to stern)
100 feet high (to top of mainmast)
30 feet wide (beam length)

Measurements of air bubble:
3 × 120 feet = 360 feet long
3 × 100 feet = 300 feet high
3 × 30 feet = 90 feet wide

Ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter:
22 1/7s

Volume of bubble of air:
4 1/3s × 22 1/7s × half 360 feet × half 300 feet × half 90 feet = 5,091,428 cubes with one foot sides

Solisar says that most of us breathe 400 one foot cubes of air each day.

5,091,428 ÷ 400 = 12,728 days of air for a single person

If each camel and Kytharrah breathe as much as 4 other persons and Ferry does not breathe very much, then:

12,728 ÷ 26 = 489 days of air for all of us = 16 months
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Page 9
New words
voys • reit • tryying • leest • sighlence • pheel • beeleev • thaen • schute • litull

Solisar is dead. A bad monster who triked us and pretended to be a woman did it.

I was not vary sad when Cassiera died because I knew that Hakam could fix her and he did but now Hakam's god is mad at him. I am mad at Hakam for not being kind and making that litull girl dead. Even though she was a bad monster I think that he should have bene kind and I think that that is why his god is mad at him too. If he had bene kind his god would not be mad at him and he would have already fixed Solisar but now he never can so I am mad about that. I do not know much about gods but I think that it is probably better to be kind than to follow rules some times.

I am also sad because Solisar was always kind to me and did not make fun of how I do not know as many things yet. In Hartzvale Tavis' land I sa people drip water from their ies when they were sad. I do not think that my ies drip water. I do not think that the Maker made it so that my ies can drip water.

Szordrin taught me how to spell these words that I guessed incorrectly last time because Solisar is not here to help me. I wish that he were Solisar though. I am also surprized that Szordrin wants to help me at all.

Many other things have also happened since I last wrote here. Hakam came back. He was not hurt. He smelled like purfyume though. Solisar and Szordrin tezed him about this but I beeleev him that he did not get the perfyume on himself from being close to Chalan and tryying to make a baby with her in the way that Cassiera told me that most krechers make babies. I think that that was why Szordrin was tezing him. I do not understand why they think that making babies is funny. Chalan is a woman whom I have never met but they told me about her. She helped them when they visited a floting sity while I was kept a prizoner by Tosvin. She follows a different god thaen Hakam a godes of darknes. I do not think that Hakam wants to make a baby with her since he probably thinks that she is bad but I also do not think that Hakam wants to make a baby with any one at al. I do not think that I can make babies. I think that the Maker would have to make one for me. I think that I would rather lay egs like chikhens and Cassiera do thaen lay babies like hyumens and elvs and gotes do. I just noticed that the word elf turns in to elv before the s when there is more thaen one. I wonder if there is a way to spell the letter s. I have only sene a gote lay a baby and it does not louk ezy.

I miss Cassiera. Now both Cassiera and Solisar are gone.

Hakam coming back safe was one of the good things. We then rode for a long time over sand. I had never sene sand before. I do not like it. Then we sa a strange krecher that they told me was called a sfinx. Al that it wanted was to play games but games with words and language not with bodies like Kytharrah's games or with cards or litull pesays like Cassiera's games. Hakam knew the anser to one that no one els did.

Then we came to an old sity where no one lived any more but we met a woman named Nulara who seemed friendly and needed help but she was only pretending and was really vary vary bad. I was not there because I had to stay with Tavis once again. When they were with her they found a flying bote. Solisar figured out how to make it fly. Then she told them that she was bad and made Solisar dead. She wanted to fly the bote. I do not know why she did not ask for them to giv her a ride. They probably would have said yes.

I had never bene on a bote before. It is suposed to go in water but this one goes in the sky with magic. It reminded me of flying on those giant birds from the top of that mowntin. I would enjoy it more but Solisar is dead so I do not pheel happy. I also spent most of this day watching Kytharrah because Nulara also used bad magic so that he can only stay awake for 9 owers and then he fals aslepe. Belvin asked me to watch him so I did. Now I am in a room that Tavis told me is just for me so that I can write what has happened. So these are the things that happened even though I wish vary vary much that some of them did not. I am not the Maker so I can not fix the things that I do not like that happen to me.

We are now wating for Hakam and Leokas. They are going to a sity to see if they can make Hakam's god not be mad at him any more. May be things will get better again.
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Page 8
New words
always • work • double • second • probably • self/selves • never • remember • stuck • ice • sew • room • queen • watch/watching • follow • break • might • stop • friends • mean • really

Some bad people came and took Hakam away! They used magic that made it dark and I could not hear my own vois. Rite now they are gone triing to find him. I am left here with Tavis and Kaedlaw again. At lest it is no longer that cold. I do not know how they will find him because the bad people have that silens magic so Szordrin and Solisar will not be able to cast their spells and only Szordrin can see in the dark.

I am becoming so mad that they never let me help them. I always have to stay with Kamil Ilthian stay with Galadrel Ilthian stay with Tavis Ilthian.

Tavis says that he knows how I must fele. He says that he wishes that he could also help but that he must follow the rules also and his rule is that he must not put Kaedlaw in danger. He says that his people the firbolgs beleve strongly in rules much like Hakam does. I think that Tavis is probably stronger then even Kytharrah and can shute better then even Leokas yet he still stays behind so that makes me fele a littil better.

I was thinking the other day about more number things but rite now I worry too much about Hakam.
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Page 7
New words
change • you • add • figured • out • vowel • longer • escape/escapes • between • funny • smelly • go/gone • triangle • certain • count • together • wonder • impressed • notice/noticed • own • one • school • year • good • teacher • magic • white • space • they/their • there

THEIR is another word that has 2 spellings THERE and THEIR.

My rule about E does not alwaze wurk. It wurks with RULE but not with OWN which is not spelled ONE. ONE is how to spell 1.

I think that I found 2 new spelling rules. First if a word has dubbul letters that makes the vowel before pronounced for a shorter time. Secund the AU sound is spelled OU. I do not know why. Hakam would probable not like these rules because they are broken many times.

1 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29 31 37 41 43 47 53 59 61 67 71 73 79 83 89 97 101 103 107 109 113 127 131 137 139 149 151 157 163 167 173 179 181 191 193 197 199 211 223 227 229 233 239 241 251 257 263 269 271 277 281 283 293 307 311 313 317 331 337 347 349 353 359 367 373 379 383 389 397 401 409 419 421 431 433 439 443 449 457 461 463 467 479 487 491 499 503 509 521 523 541 547 557 563 569 571 577 587 593 599 601 607 613 617 619 631 641 643 647 653 659 661 673 677 683 691 701 709 719 727 733 739 743 751 757 761 769 773 787 797 809 811 821 823 827 829 839 853 857 859 863 877 881 883 887 907 911 919 929 937 941 947 953 967 971 977 983 991 997

These are all of the numbers that can only be divided by them selvs and 1. After 5 they nevur end in 2 4 5 6 or 8. I wonder if they are important to remembur. I will remembur them just in case.

We are stukk in a dome of ise because of the cold again. That is why I am playing with numbers again. I would like to so but there is no rume and I do not have any more cloth.

Thimbletoes is still with us. He can talk to Ferry just like Szordrin can. I asked him to tell Ferry not to take Kytharrah's marbles since Szordrin did not do it.

Today the others were talking about the Ise Quene or the Maker waching me with magic. I hope that the Maker is waching me. He made me after all. I do not want the Ise Quene to wach me. She froze me last time we met and I did not even do any thing bad to her! Why do some people do bad things? Hakam would say that it is because they do not follo rules but the others some times brake the rules but they are still good. Szordrin mite not be good. Belvin mite not be good either. The others are good though I think. I think that Hakam wants to stopp the Maker because he thinks that Anachtyr thinks that the Maker broke a big rule when he made me and my family and my old frends. I do not understand why it was bad to make me. Does that mene that I am rilly bad like a goblin.
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New words
which • above • waste • do/does • pronounce/pronounced • guess • correct • because • other • use/used • question • make/makes • sense • my • friend • sound/sounds • they • have • breathe/breathing • laugh/laughing • language • Common • giant • island • though • speak • actual/actually • instead • where • would • were • Thorass • alphabet • memory • possibly • sure • hear/heard • speak • confuse/confused • able • reach/reached • place • gnome • say/said • here • quiet • her • music • leave/leaving • worry/worried • die/died • already • miss • twice • either • once • whom • egg • lay/laying • afraid • talk • buy • stay • maybe • go/goes • Anachtyr • marble • nice

I do not like how some words chanj the spellings of the first part when yu ad an ending. Who made this language?

I think that I figyured aut that when the letter E is silent that it often makes the vauwel before it last longger.

I learned from Kytharrah that a promp is the sound made when gas eskapes from betwen the top of one's legs in the back. He then kept making fake promp sounds over and over. Promp promp promp. I asked him why it is fune and he said because it is smele. I do not understand. Solisar said that it was not fune. Szordrin said that it is fune. Hakam also said that it is not fune not fune at all. Tavis said that it was not fune but he still laughed. I wish that I could ask Cassiera about it but she is gon now.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
2 4 6 8 10
1 3 5 7 9
1 3 6 10 15
1 4 9 16 25

The numbers of items that can be set up in a triangul in a surten number of rows is the same as the total of that number of numbers in the kaunting order aded tugether. Also the numbers of items that can be set up in a square in a surten number of rows is the same as the total of that number of numbers in the kaunting order aded tugether if every other number is kaunted. I wunder if Solisar knows this.

Solisar did know that but he said that he was impresed that I notised it on my one. He learned it in elf skule many yeres ago. I did not know what a skule is but he just told me. I think that it is like I am in his skule. He is a gud techer.

It is hard to write in this journal in the majik wite spase that Solisar or Szordrin make. I wish that their were a desk up here.
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Page 5
New Words

Solisar taught me new words wichwhich I listed abuv. I also now know that words that are about the past end in ED not just D. Why wast time writing letters that one duz not pronauns? I am going to ges that which is the corekt spelling bekuz all of the uther words that are yuzed for qeschuns seem to be spelled with WH not W. That maks sens since some of mi frends like Belvin say it HWICH and everyone says WHO like HU. I also understand why the saunds TH and CH yuz H now. Tha all hav the same kind of brething.

Now it is Kytharrah's turn to write something.


Kytharrah is now lafing. I do not know what that word means but it is not in the langwej tha call kamun. I think that it is a jiant word that I do not know yet. The sekund part means fas.

Solisar is very interested that the writing langwej that I know from mi iland is not kamun even tho the Maker made it so that I spek kamun and that when I read it I do not akshualy read it insted I just know what it says. He says that the writing langwej is akshualy called Lantanna with a big L and that it is the langwej of the iland whar the Maker was born. For example when I see the Lantanna word which Solisar says wud be spelled cuimhne if it wur written in the thoras alfabet of kamun I know that it is the word memore in kamun but Solisar says that it could not posibli be pronaunsed like memore. He thinks that it wud be pronaunsed kwenye in Lantanna but he also says that he is not shor bekuz he has not akshualy hurd anyone spek Lantanna. I am confyuzed about why he is confyuzed since he seems to be abil to read it like me without knowing how it saunds.

Math symbols

Since Solisar says that people record things in journals today we reched a plays called the fork. I met mi first nom. I asked him how to spell his name and he sayed THIMBLETOES. His name duz not saund like a name to me. A woman is her too named SILIFREY. She is qiit but I like hur myuzik.

Cassiera and Mythlos and Galadrel are leving us! Leokas is wored that Galadrel will be hurt or di and Cassiera alredi died and duz not want to again. I will mis hur but I wud not want to di twis ither. I do not want to di ones! I do not know to whum I will ask qeschuns about eg laing or things like that any more since the men seem afrad to tak about things like that with me.

Sometimes I do not think that Hakam likes me. Solisar is kinder to me than Hakam is most of the time but Hakam did bi me this journal and I do not think that he knows that I hurd him but I did and he sayed that he wud insist that I sta with him so mabe that means that he likes me. Cassiera says that he likes me but I do not know how she wud know that. Belvin says that he will go whar ever Leokas gos and Hakam did not say it but I think that Anakter told him to go with them too.

I think that Ferry is hiding Kytharrah's marbuls. That is not nis of him. I will ask Szordrin to tak to Ferry but I do not think that Szordrin will do it. He will probible just laf.
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Page 4
Solisar taught me that every word has its own way of writing. That seems like a bad design. He showed me that his name is written Solisar not Solizar for example and PAJ is page. This means that I need to learn each word's spelling. He also taught me the combinations of letters TH SH NG and CH. I do not want to bother him too much to ask for all the spellings so I am going to ask everyone how to write their names first.

Sins it has been snoing so much Solisar helpd me rewrite the last page that I had written so nau I no how to spell mane mor words. He also taught me abaut punkchuashun and that words for mor than one thing ar kald plurals and end in S not Z.


That waz Kytharrah agan. Solisar taught us that the ! simbul is how to write som thing laud or with exitment. I do not think that that means that we shud write it that mane tims in a ro. I wil ask Solisar. Solisar also sez that most pepul write in a jernal abaut wat hapend in a da. I stil think that it is od to write to a page of paper but I kan sa that I learnd to pla ches toda. I like it. I find it very stranj how som words ar spelld. Wi is it design not dezin? Wi ar to and too spelld difurentle?
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Solisar Keryth

Kytharrah Solisar told me this wun

Hakam yn Hamdulah el Anachtyr

Cassiera Damarthe

Galadrel Dulafnae

Zsordrin Dundragun
Szordrin Dundragon Leokas told me that Szordrin gav me the rong speling az a jok

Leokas Dusktracker

Mythlos Moonspinner and Shrodinjer

Belvin Boarcharger and Kamïl Boarcharger

Ilthian Raydh
Solisar telz me that iz hau he wud spel mi nam but that he duz not akshualy no


I azkd Solisar wat thez other leterz wur and he told me that tha ar lower kas leterz and that pepul yuz them mor than uper kas leterz but that sentensez or thautz and pepulz namz start with uper kas wunz


That waz Kytharrah not me I am helping him to rit to but he duz not pa much atenshun
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