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18 Feb recap
18 Feb recap

Raben Halboeze took one last look at the companions, hiding behind rock, bush, tree, and standing stone. The ambush was as prepared as possible as the small group could make it. He turned to his horse, loosened the lead strap from the bit and adjusted his bow and made sure an arrow was easily at hand. Then waited

Soon enough a wagon was seen in the distance, slowly it neared as the draft horse plodded along.

Eventually bodies could be made out … a large horse …. 1 ... 2 ... no 3 guards walking, a driver and someone setting next to the ridder, … something walking in front of the horse … a dog.


The guards look like ruffians, as expected, the one setting next to the driver had a sur-coat on … dark red with a black circle, fringed in god – this is new . The dog …. 2 headed, glowing red angry eyes … this is nothing good.

As the group approached the ambush, and were within ear shot of Raben, the devil blooded paladin began to talk, spinning a story of being a lost noble, horse mishap, etc.

However, as he talked the 2 headed dog stopped … growled … looking back and forth … at the companions hidden off the road.

The paladin thief continued to talk, but was cut short as the red-coated rider stopped the wagon and yelled a warning
“You and your friend better clear out, or you will regret …”

The devil blooded paladin grinned, turned back to his horse and smoothly turned back to the approaching brigands, arrow notched and ready to lose, but the dragon blooded sorcerer was even faster.

Sleep descended on the red-coated rider, Raben's arrow flew toward the demon dog – but barely grazed it – and the melee was joined. Axe, spell, magical fire, and cross bow bolt rained down on the brigands. The dog turned and charged toward the orc-blooded barbarian, twin jaws snapping – but missing.

As the paladin/thief charged forward and loosed another arrow – missing the mark – the fight continued. This time at least one of the dog’s jaws clamping down on the barbarian’s exposed green tinted flesh.

Before the dog could try and bite for a 5th & 6th time Tsetseg delivered a blow with her bloodied axe and Raben stabbed down with his saber and extinguished the demon dog’s angry glowing red eyes.

As the fight drew to a close, Raben jumped onto the wagon, tied the hands and feet of the driver and the red-coated rider – both of who fell to magical sleep in the fight – as the party began to search the bodies of the fallen brigands.

The deil blooded paladin/thief searched the red-coated brigand and found a key on a cord around his neck, along with chain mail – the best armor seen thus far being worn by any member of the Iron Circle – Raben thinks to himself ‘officer or at least sergeant of the band, or at least someone special and of some importance’ as he strips off the armor and weapons and reties his hands and feet.

Soon a chest is found in the wagon, locked. Raben bends down and expect the chest and the lock to make sure they are not trapped. Then taking the key, unlocks the chest. A pile of gold and silver … ‘Iron Circle taxes and tributes I’m sure’ Raben mumbles to himself

Shaking the wagon driver awake … “You have 2 choices, repent, or pay for your misdeeds” the devil blooded paladin growls to the brigand.

The brigand gulps and choses repentance, and is told to begin to dig 4 graves … the brigand complaining of the difficulty of task given … ‘The road to redemption is not easy and requires toil and effort’ Raben coldly states in reply the brigand’s protests

The paladin/thief wakes the once red-coated brigand and stands him on the side of the road, looking at the bodies of the fallen brigands and the one sullenly digging the graves for his once-companions.

“Leadership comes with a price … you have 2 choices confess or pay for you misdeeds” the devil blooded begins

“Misdeeds … what misdeed I’ve done nothing wrong” The paladin hold up his and with a single finger up and shakes his head sadly

“No, no lies, leadership comes with a price … you have 2 choices confess or pay for you misdeeds”

The standing brigand smirks “I’ve done nothing wrong I’m part of the black circle trading company”

The paladin’s voice, magically enhanced, booms over head of the brigand “Lie” as the paladin shakes his head no and raises a 2nd finger.

“Again, you have 2 choices, chose carefully” the devil blooded paladin continues.

The brigand again speaks of ‘Black Circle traders’ but the paladin’s saber stabs out, snake quick, cutting into the source of the lies.

The travelers around the paladin, as they are finishing looting the bodies of the fallen brigands and inventorying the contents of wagon, look around in surprise shock, and some possible revulsion, and the body slumps to the ground dead and slides off the saber’s sharp blade.

Raben turns toward the wide eyed brigand scraping in the dirt and gives a sad half smile.

Weevilthorn, the demon blooded occultist, steps next to the shocked brigand and begins to whisper soothing friendly words into his ear, words of comfort, words of magic … the brigand relaxes smiles and begins to talk with his new friend and confident

As the brigand talked and talked, divulging his and his companions’ guilt, how those that wear red in the Iron Circle as acolytes with magical powers and are given responsibilities, on and on and on .

Raben Halboeze, ignoring the whispered complaints by the others, of the execution of the red coated brigand, smiles at the pale blooded warlock, as he walks by to … “You have to remind me you have that ability next time. I forget you have it, and it is very useful”

The group decides it is best to burn the brigands bodies instead of taking the time to bury them – magical fire will make quick work of it – and packs all the weapons armor and trinkets into the wagon.

As the party rides off with the smoke rising in the distance, the magical beguilement wears off the brigand who suddenly curses at his weak will …

Raben rides ahead of the group 200 to 300 yards keeping a look out for Iron Circle patrols or other brigands.

Halting a few miles out of ‘Albrige’ and hiding the wagon and prisoner in a cluster of woods, Raben and Saphrax the half elf cleric continue on into town.

Stopping and talking with Dar Gremath the message is passed that the ambush was successful, that the brigands were killed, except for the one prisoner, and where the wagon was hidden, loot, weapons, and supplies there.

Dar Gremath , defacto leader of the rag tag rebels of Harkenwold Barony, lets them know that they can keep the gold for their troubles, his men would go retrieve the wagon, the surviving brigand, the weapons and supplies – those not needed by any of the party – and the wagon would have to find its way into the river after sunset. Also, the inn was a reliable place to stay, but not to talk around the inn keep or any of his staff. He was not a friend of the ‘Iron Circle’ but he was a horrid gossip and would not be able to keep any whispered secrets he heard.

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<thump> ... <thump>
Session: At the Forge of Earth - Saturday, Feb 16 2019 from 12:00 AM to 4:30 AM
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Ruminations #8: Pact of the Signit
A contract with members of the Pact... Definite opportunity for wealth and reknown but if they determine that the terms of the contract are not met, it is never pretty. Bernard seems to be an honest broker but the Satleen family also has a reputation on the docks. How close do I dare get...
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Aedda: A Calamidade
Entreato I - O Passado, Presente e Futuro de Dremian
Dremian nunca conheceu seus pais. Na verdade, nunca conheceu sua origem em nenhuma profundidade. Sua primeira memória é a de estar buscando água e comida nas ruas de Ark'hala. Nunca passou necessidade, mas também nunca teve um a família. Isso é, até Zoë aparecer. Alguma coisa em seu cerne dizia para proteger a bela e jovem aasimar desde que a conheceu, e essa vontade foi atendida. Acabaram crescendo juntos, e quando Zoë, aos 12 anos, foi chamada para se tornar representante do país, Dremian se prontificou para ser seu guarda-costas. Apesar de os anciões aasimares não se sentirem seguros com a ideia, devido ao garoto ser humano, Zoë fez questão de garantir seu treinamento. E assim foi. Por anos, ambos praticaram para sua nova função. Dremian se mostrou extremamente habilidoso, avançando rapidamente nas posições da pequena guarda de Ark'hala, provando a todos o seu mérito e postando-se com orgulho ao lado de Zoë como seu guarda-costas pessoal.

Mas isso é passado. E Dremian sabe o porquê. Dremian sempre soube. É tão claro como o dia agora. E ele informa isso a todos, enquanto retira seu tapa-olhos, revelando um brilho divino onde deveria haver seu olho.
"Zoë, agora eu sei tudo. Eu fui mandado aqui por Pelor. Ele queria que eu ficasse de olho em você, que cuidasse de você. Veja, Ele tem planos magníficos para você, e precisava que alguém garantisse que você estivesse sempre segura. Porém, os tempos mudaram, essa forma não é mais necessária."
"Forma?", pergunta a aasimar, confusa. "Que forma? Drem, você não está fazendo sentido!"
"Veja, Zoë, minha origem em Ark'hala é tão misteriosa e confusa porque eu não nasci ou fui deixado lá. Pelor me mandou descer do plano e me deu como missão, lhe proteger. Mas agora, com você aprimorando seus conhecimentos e poderes, bem como uma causa maior do que vocês mortais estão prontos, eu estou sendo chamado de volta."

O corpo de Dremian começa a rachar, com energia divina irradiando extremamente forte das rachaduras. Um brilho tão forte que todos precisam cobrir os olhos, e onde uma vez esteve o monge agora está uma linda criatura humanoide, de pele prateada e traços andróginos, seu cabelos e olhos de um leve brilho dourado e asas gigantescas. Palavras são impossíveis de pronunciar diante da exuberância e surpresa de tal criatura, que volta a falar.
"Meu nome real é Mihr. Estarei sempre observando vocês, mas não posso mais ficar neste plano. Coisas além de vossa compreensão estão acontecendo. Presságios lhes avisarão dos perigos que vos esperam, porém cabe a vós saber interpretá-los. Adeus a todos. E a você Zoë, te vejo outro dia."

E com suas últimas palavras, um raio de luz divina mais uma vez cega o grupo ao redor, e quando este cessa, não há mais nada no lugar.


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Work Work Work
Thirst is as upset as his comrades. He did not antissipate working for old bags and hippiess all day. But Thirst is poor. We needs to acquire bargainss wherever possible. And being in good standings with citizenss in the market will be helpful later on in invesstigations. I doesn't understand why the goblin and snot man are so upset. We are being paid by individual contract, not by the speed with which we finish. Regardlesss, Thirst is nervouss to enter Red Wastes. Only experience we hass dealing with Gruul has gone well, but they are still unpredictable. Thirst can't stand little goblin gangs in Tin Street. They always try to steal Thirsts thingss. We hopes to acquire some higher quality rope soon and posssibly some gold for buying shiny new knife the goblin told uss about. Though acquiring gold in Gruul territory might be as difficult as finding a Krassis with only 4 appendages...
Session: A Fiery Betrayal - Sunday, Feb 17 2019 from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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