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Deadly Quests
40th Session Summary
25th of Alturiak

After a late night of enjoying the victory celebration the group chooses their rooms in the lodge. Wyatt is the first to bed and secures the Eagle room just as Church walks towards it. Nix takes the Pine room. Roslyn takes the Ash room.

The group awakens the next morning to the smells and sounds of breakfast being served, omelets with spicy sausage and heavily smoky sjorl cheese. While eating breakfast the group discusses their next course of action. Weather they should go and search for Sevrin or continue on towards the Endless Wastes. It is decided to continue on based upon Mellomir's vision that Sevrin will be rejoining the group soon. Several announcements are made in Rashemi which Jarna translates.

One of the announcements is in regards to some mischievous fey and the group is cautioned to stay indoors until a suitable offering can be made. The other announcement directs the reward recipients towards the rooms where they are to meet with the officiants in charge.

Jarna is directed towards a room with Fyldrin before her reward ceremony can commence.

Roslyn is approached by an elderly wychlaran, Othlor Zafia, who tells Roslyn to accompany her to the Ashenwood.

Xzar and Church both decide to accept the reward from the Vremyonni which results in a test of sorcery. Both prove to be equally matched so it is up to the Vreymonni, master Keffrass, who choses Xzar. Church requests a reward and master Keffrass responds by telling Chruch he will look at what is available.

Wyatt decides to go back to his room but is interrupted by an elderly woman who asks for his help with some goats in the barn.

Xaehyd, Nix, and Church relax in the great hall. Another announcement is made (regarding the arrival of berserker children to their first day of lodge camp) but without Jarna to translate none of them understand what is being announced.

Roslyn leaves with the witches on their way to the Ashenwood in order to make an offering to the fay.

Xzar speaks with master Keffrass for a while about current arcane events and when Keffrass learns that the group is searching for ancient elven menhir circles he considers the ancient Ilythiiri arch in the ruins of Shandaluar that is his area of expertise. He casts a teleportation spell and both of them are instantly transported on the outskirts of the ruins.

Jarna speaks with Fyldrin who tells her that he is going on a Dajemma to find the true hero of the battle, Sevrin. He asks her to join him but Jarna refuses. He then asks for the helmet which he promises to return after his Dajemma is complete. Jarna refuses this as well but when Fyldrin argues that she will not be granted the sword of Rashemen, she reluctantly agrees.

Xaehyd, Nix, and Church hear a commotion outside of the lodge and Xaehyd looks out one of the windows to see several long sleds filled with children arriving. The children are eventually contained and begin making their way in to the hall. Nix wisely moves towards his room but just as he reaches the door, a blur of movement rushes in to the great hall. It pushes against both Nix and Xaehyd before vanishing. As soon as that happens Xaehyd checks his coin purse and realizes that all of his money has been stolen. He tells Nix who also finds his money stolen. Initially suspecting the children they talk with the councilors until it is determined that several of the children also have missing items.

Jarna, scowling, comes out of the room with Fyldrin and she is told about the recent thefts but isn't in any mood to converse as she retrieves the horned helmet from her room and drags it across the floor to Fyldrin.

Roslyn and the wychlaran arrive at the entrance to the Ashenwood. Roslyn watches as an offering is made but fails to notice the quicklings returning back to the woods. She is told to mark the location of the offering which she takes literally and casts hunter's mark upon the spot. She is then lead deeper in to the woods. Othlor Zafia tells her that she must learn to follow her own path now. The wychlaran turn around and disappear in a cloud of snow.

Session: Chapter 6: Farewell to Rashemen - Sunday, Oct 14 2018 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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Was that the boy from the church talking to Tyla?
I've seen Tyla around with that boy. What was his name, Tak? Tor? He looks so much like the one I spared. He alone if the church was pure, unformed, just a child. Gods, did I make him into one of Tyla's orphans all those years ago? All I remember from my haze of rage and blood was tossled hair and the look of fear. A shake of my head and he bolted for the door, out into the night. I hope I didn't make a mistake in letting him live, the only soul who saw what I did and who I really am. So long ago now, I'm sure that boy didn't survive on the streets but I'll have to keep an eye out to see if Tyla suspects anything.
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When Jerry is with us, who can stand against us?
Flossin stood precariously on the crossbeams of the Temple, a broad smile on his face. Last night he had felt fear are foreboding about travelling to the countryside to get involved in the economics and disputes of grain merchants. A fight over a woman had sealed the night as a bad deal all around.
But this morning, Flossin consulted his precious carved conduit into the mind of Jerry. Lo and behold, it looked like Jerry had Flossin's back today. Flossin knew that whatever happened today would be a sign and guidepost to guide him in the right direction. You could never trust what the Great Gygax had in store, so knowing that Jerry was with him reassured Flossin.
When Flossin came across the body of Leela, he knew that this was the direction they had to follow. And if part of the mystery meant stealing a sacred relic so be it. Life was about adventure, experience, and staying one step ahead of the Great Gygax's machinations.
Bringing his focus back to the present, Flossin quickly stepped across the beam to the net that held the crystal. With a quick motion, he grabbed the crystal. Immediately, crystal spiders came to life. Grabbing the rope, Flossin climbed, feeling alive and triumphant. He never doubted for a moment that he and his new friends would get away. When Jerry was on his side what could go wrong?
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Hurricane Hannah

We attempt to flee out of the room once we see how many foes are inside. As we head out of the building, two devils come out and shoot arrows at Hannah!

Hannah and I dive under the water and regroup. I have a telepathic link with Sharky and they advise that they planned to go back and engage the group of foes. Foolish plan! Hannah and I heal up before heading back. Our allies are fighting! We find Lady Nightshade and her allies. We find out some of the green guys are illusions.

We defeat Lady Nightshade and have a green creature left to face. He has spikes that hurt when you hit him. Hurricane Hannah dies in the fight, Hector cures her!

After an exhausting fight, we defeat him!

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The long walk across town
Tyla's stomach felt as though it were filled with snakes. That simple night of meeting with Ricky had quickly spun out of control and now he'd somehow found his way not only back to the Thieves Guild, but in their covert employ.

Cheeks reddening at that simple thought, his pace slowed. Surely his new compatriots across town were still preparing the specifics of their heist, but the less Tyla knew, the better. "Plausible deniability" was his watchword, and a bombastic and generous his appearance at the Hairy Cod would hopefully put some distance between him and the goings-on at the Church of the Eye. If these brothers-in-arms were somewhat still in the dark on their contractor, that was all for the good.

Pausing at the next corner, he surreptitiously checked his coin purse, hoping he had enough goodwill to stretch these rilks into several rounds. Perhaps a gratis performance could balance the scales with Sir Harry...

A quick, silent prayer to the Bakkus, god of mirth and wine, and one to the Lord of Chance for good measure, and he set off again.

Nearing the door to the Cod, Tyla noticed some familiar faces in the square. A smattering of dock workers and some merchant-shippers from the eight cities. Certainly, these talkative sailors could be counted on for boisterous song and matching his generosity. With any luck, the Beggars Guild would have some members nearby, further solidifying Tyla's alibi.

Affixing his most genial smile, Tyla burst through the door. "An ale to the sailor with the most preposterous tale of sea monsters!"
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