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Among the short lived
After years of silence my patron speaks "Quit the halls. Roam the lands above. Befriend the short-lived who are worthy." Informative as ever!

I rise to the sunlight and find myself in the land the Bakluni call Ket - it has had other names before and no doubt will have other names again. Human lands are always so transient: the Clan was here before the Invoked Devastation, we were here when the Suel Empire Collapsed, we were here when the Oeredrain Kingdom washed over these lands and we are here still when they have washed away again. Whatt worth my patron sees in the short-lived I cannot guess.

I have fallen in with three humans and a halfling - no indication if these these are the"short-lived" I am meant to befriend. I guess I'll see if they're worthy.
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First Light's Masons
Reginald Chiselworth III stood there, buffeted by the wind from the North Sea, silently watching the “Unchained” gather around the obelisk he had spent so much time constructing and engraving. Poised on the side of a cliff, the pillar was a monument dedicated to their fallen comrades. Reg stole a glance at his partner, Rok. The hulking seven foot tall half-orc remained silent as well, but that was expected since he was born mute. Reg followed Rok’s gaze to Lady Warbane. She was part of the reason they had stayed here after construction of the keep was finished.

Reg and Rok had a lot in common, both ostracized as children, Reg for being pale, small and spindly, Rok for being, well, half-orc and half-human. They both grew up in the same hamlet, Reg, the son of a mason and Rok, one of many children abandoned and raised at the orphanage. Reg, a loner came upon Rok in the woods beyond the village and discovered, to his ten year old eyes, a wondrous fort constructed of stone and branches. “Rok’s Refuge,” he later named it, their childhood getaway.

Reg received some education and attempted to take up his father’s profession. Although he didn’t have the strength and stamina for it, he excelled at the math and design. Over the years, he shared this knowledge with Rok, who received no formal education at all. Eventually, they became a natural fit, brains and brawn, working as a team at the art of masonry. They developed a shorthand for communication and it wasn’t long before Reg discovered that Rok would correct his math or find some flaw in his construction plans. Rok would sometimes be embarrassed of his intelligence, and try to cover it up, but Reg knew of the brilliance that lay buried somewhere in that greenish skull.

The two longboats with ten oarsmen each had arrived nearly a year ago. Word had been sent to Arnfinn and Tor’s clan that they had perished in the barrow maze. The elder Voldbakken had made good on his promise of supplying the granite slabs blotted with sunstone that made up the obelisk. When the sunlight hit, it sparkled with a radiance that hopefully his sons could see from Valhalla. He had recently returned with several more of his clan, a mass of red headed men and women paying their respects and grieving with stoic faces.

After the ceremony, there were toasts and feasting and tears. Rok stayed at the celebration, keeping an eye on his fair Lady Warbane, as always, from afar. Reg walked home shaking his head as he recounted the endless times he told Rok that he would approach the object of his affection and tell her how Rok felt about her. But no, he wanted to do it his way. Not an expert on affairs of the heart, maybe it was time to enlist some advice on how to help his friend.
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It was a tuff week after the battle with Klang. I have been weary all week and watchful of Friend Molo's actions around camp. I don't distrust him as he has saved our lives more than once, but I feel uneasy about him. After all, I overlooked before how terrifying his reptilian eyes are, not to mention the scales. I must continue to be alert around him and keep him close to learn more and see if I can sway his heretical ways.

We waited a full week to heal our battle wounds and gather any supplies we could garner from our nearby fight. But once again, the itch of adventure yerned to be scrached. Molo, Verduun, Nomad and me decided to go out exploring with one of the lizard pets Molo had comandered from the goblins. We just wanted to scout the area out a little bit. Bot did we get more than we bargained for. After sending Nomad and Molo ahead to scout what seemed to be a camp, Verduun and I waited for a sign. Much time passed before we spotted a flare go up far too close to the encampment. Sprinting like the wind in our ringmail, we finally came to a clearing where Nomad and Molo had cut down four gnolls and pursuid a fifth. A cacofony of horn and howls came from the camp and we decided it best to turn and run, though Molo was badly injured and Kess and I had just ran at least a half mile.

Molo quickly told Nomad to lead us in the direction of a cavern he had seen on the way over. I tripped on a root running away from the gnoll army hot on our heels. Their ranks closed in around me as I finally came near the cave. By the Lord's will I had accepted my fate and mustered a newfound power within me and cast a powerful blow from the Almighty himself. But it was not enuff to scare the abominations. at least twenty of the beasties closed in around me and tried to drag me away. Molo came to my aid and dragged me into the cave away from death's grasp only to be snagged himself by the hideus hyena humanoyds. Kess quickly reacted and it became a tug o' war for Molo's life as I grabbed his back. I can only assume at least three more of the gnolls grabbed on at the other end as it was a hard fight to drag Molo in, but the clever lizard teleported away and we tumbled backwards. All the while, Nomad, the strong fella, knocked over the cave columns to block the entrance. We were trapped inside, but it was necesary to preserve our lives.

Two full days we were trapped inside that wretched hole. Nothing but death and evil dwelt within. I channeled divine energies to seek magic in the cave and found a pit with a stone hand holding a magic stone with the maimed remains of dozens of creatures around. The evil magic resonating there was... unspeakable. It sent chills down my spine and legs. The curious lot had to be convinced not to touch anything and just wait until the gnolls had left the cave entrance. I found a strange ancient glyph and an undeciferrable abyssal speech that was obviously from the depths of hell itself. I would not tarry any longer at the place and convinced my companions that we would be better off returning to camp and cleansing this unholy place at a later time.

Nomad easily punched through the rubble pile to get us out and Molo swiftly ended the guard gnoll's life. Good at killing that scaly devil is. We returned to camp empty-handed and fatigued. I fear that we have stumbled across something in our new homeland that is far more evil than any gnoll or goblin. Though I wish to study it more, I am aprehensive and fearful of what may dwell in the depths. It will be up to me to sooth the souls of my companions and keep us in the light as we march on to fight the darkness that lurks in the shadows of this misterius land.

Dr. Archibald Thornton, M.D.
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Finally, the one called Klang is dead. It was a mighty struggle, but we pulled off a fight for our lives due to the bravry and comradery of my company.

I was fast asleep near the river when the cheeky lil heathens set our boats ablaze. I knew right away they had alchemist fire when my rain spell did not extingwish the flames. Suddenly, an armered man pursuid by a company of the gobs appeared out of the darkness and beckened us to assist him. I, being a good judge of character, knew this was a man of God that we could trust. We had no time to wake the others as Friend Molo, Thain, Big Nomad and me followed the stranger in hot pursuit of the ruffians. Klang's army awaited us.

Probaly aganst our better judgement, we did not pay tribute to Klang. I'm finding it harder and harder to come to terms with Friend Molo's brash nature. Though he is an impeckable fighter, I'm begining to think that we may be able to avoid certin conflicts without him leading the charge. When Klang asked for tribute, Molo took it as a sign to execute one of the lil minions and smear his blood across his face. Now I know he is of a reptilian nature and perhaps can't resist the allure of violence in the way us civilised folk do, but nonetheless I was slightly horrified. I had a good deal of fear during the whole conflict since we were vastly outnumbered, but we stuck together and battled for the high ground. Nomad cut them down left and right, but if not for Thain's immense courage and strategery to come behind Klang and strike him, I don't know that we would have had a chance. And Molo once again came through in dire straits and delivered a crippling blow to the leader through his strange lil spirit creature he calls Usk or someother. Can't really tell what it is since it ain't solid, but seems to look like a porky floatin' beaver. Anyhow, the clear beaver leapt up and channeled dark energy into Klang, but it wasn't over after that.

The goblins sent the cart off the cliff and Thain to his near death. Luckily, our new paladin friend Verduun came to his aid as I was out of reach. I knew he'd come in handy. the rest of us cornered the goblin called Bitterbite and tried to negotiate with him. I sensed darkness within Molo as he spoke to the helpless goblin. The rest of us tried to convince Bitterbite to come live with us, but before I could stop him, Molo threw sand and his eyes and cast him off the cliff to his death. I was livid, but I could not let my rage get the best of me as I am chosen to carry the Almighty's divine benevelance. A few straggler's got away, but we had finally dealt with the goblin problem. And we had found me a nice crossbow to boot. I had hoped the lil marksman would live long enough to teach me to fire it, but Molo dashed any such hope. I am begining to doubt whether I can stand by and allow a creature with such dark tendensies and inhuman nature to remain among us. It is becoming a liability and a threat to our civility. But I will look to the Almighty for a sign at a later time for he will be the one to give judgement, not I.

Dr. Archibald Thornton, M.D.
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[Ried] Dead Suns
Affengeiler Auftakt zu Astro Abenteuer
Moinmoin und Hallo!
Jetzt wo diese Webseite eingerichtet ist wird das ganze dann doch etwas ernster. Erinnert ihr euch noch an die Zeit wo dieses Spiel weit, weit in der Ferne lag?

Naja, Wurst. Hoffe mal das wir alle unseren Nutzen aus dem Journal und dem Wiki ziehen können und würde mich freuen wenn da jede Session sich einer quasi-freiwillig meldet um mal den Spieleabend zu erfassen.

May the credits flow and your foes fumble every roll!
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