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Ghost of Sharky
Disembodied voice of Feredir
Hurricane Hannah
Flayer (?)
Hector (?)

The party works out what to do next. With Sharky dead and Feredir trapped in the jewel, the party tries to figure out how to get our party members back. We decide to stay underground as if we go up, we would have to hand over the jewel due to two of our party members giving a blood oath to Bikendi Otongu. We heal up and decide to loot the bodies! We explore the room to the right from the teleport we came from and open a closed door. Most of the floor in this room is covered in pallets. There are two cyclops sound asleep in here. The area is weakly illuminated by lamps above. There is some light leaking around doors in the room. There are more cyclops and a few are awake! We decide to teleport back to the ship. We rest here for the night and decide to have Flayer teleport some of the party (Sharky's body, Adele, Hector) in town so that we can purchase the diamond needed to raise Sharky. We are able to buy a diamond at cost and raise Sharky! Hector casts remove disease and it fails. Hector and I cure some of Sharky's stat damage and heal him up. Flayer goes to the library to research the heart stone and we figure out that the hag whose heart stone it belongs to is most likely dead. And it is one of her sister's that wants the stone. Flayer is almost certain that Bikendi Otongu needs the stone as a focus and not a spell component? Flayer casts teleport and we made it back to the ship! We need to get Rocque and figure out how to handle the ghost and spider. We decide to talk to the ghost and hope to barter with him. Then destroy the gem to get Feredir back. Afterwards we need to deal with the spider lady!

We plan to try to remove disease tomorrow.

Adele - Curse was removed by Hector.
Sharky is still has a disease :(

Masterwork hide armor
Masterwork heavy spiked wooden shield
+1 Battleaxe
Masterwork heavy crossbow
Huge Hide Armor +1
+1 Great Club
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May 26 2017
Flayer - Josh
Hector - George
Adele - Laura
Hannah - Elizabeth

We take inventory. We have about half of our spells (or more) left. Hector cures us up. We cast an invisibility sphere to go search.

A voice in Flayer's head reminds him that he can cast teleport and take us back to his cabin in the ship. If Hector bull strengths's me, I can carry Sharky as an object, leaving 3 to teleport home.

This seems a better option than using the teleporter disk to return to the ghost's chamber. If nothing else we can cast another divination to maybe determine if bartering or loaning the stone is a better way to get Feredir back than "giving" it to the ghost. The last divination state that betrayal and destruction must occur if we "give" the ghost the stone.

We recall that two of our party swore a blood oath to bring the ghost of Bikendi Otongu the immortal dreamstone. We also know that Paeta and her offspring, and her Animate Dream allies are all seeking Bikendi Otongu or the Immortal Dreamstone.

The female cyclops has a large +1 magic battle axe. It is really heavy and does not resize when I pick it up. She also has: All are LARGE: masterwork hide armor, masterwork heavy spiked wooden shield, masterwork heavy crossbow.

Next cyclops has magic armor, but it will take all of our invisibility to remove it, so we keep searching. We eventually find a room with 2 sleeping and 1 awake cyclops. There is a door in the room with light (I guess daylight.) coming through it. We strategically retreat and teleport back to the ship rather than engaging. Hector does a heal check to realize that Sharky has mummy rot.

Flayer teleports himself, Hector, Adele and Sharky's body to town.
Hector trades our stuff for a 5,000 gp gem. Sharky is raised and fitted with a new leg. Qwerty is possessed by biter, so Elizabeth gets into trouble. Flayer does research at the library. Hag who created and then corrupted gem is most likely dead. Her 2 sisters may be after it. The ghost can use it as a focus (as opposed to consumed spell component) and then after we can break it and release souls. Flayer goes shopping and gets a 6th level spell (of William's choice since it shows up on the character sheet even though the DM says he must be 11th level in order to cast a 6th level spell).

Lindsay pulls out the epic-ally stinky dog tongue brush, but Qwerty wants to chew rather than lick, so he puts it up high and she goes bonkers. The party returns to the ship and Gastrognome makes yummy food with the fresh produce Hector brought back.

As a next step, we need to go back to the ghost/wizard and retrieve Roque. So we have to be ready to either fight or work with the ghost tonight.

We know that destroying the gem gets Feredir back. Spiders want the gem and want to take it away. Ghost wants to use the gem and will give us treasure if we use it. If we destroy the ghost - no treasure.

1 Give gem to spider - no as no Feredir and Sharky/Roque are foresworn
2 Give gem to ghost - no as we won't get Feredir back
3 Shatter gem ourselves - no see above
4 Loan gem to ghost as a focus and then break it meaning we only have to deal with Paeta, her offspring and her dream team

Hector, Sharky, Adele and Hannah vote for the 4th option. This is Roque's 2nd night as hostage. If we wait until tomorrow, it will be his 3rd night. So before spending the night, we need to scry upon Roque.

During his first night, Roque is attacked by 1 haunt. He survives that night, but then 5 haunts attack the second night. Looks like we need another 5,000 gp for a raise dead.

More to come.
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S.H.E.E.L.A. Case-files - Member file : Lets meet the other support staff

The jet that landed at Westchester Airport:

Jeanett Main - Jet Pilot (Not introduced yet)

This season we'll also be introducing:



Gooey Stan...

The lurking thing...



and the twins...or triples... qunints?? Look we're not really sure how many of them there are.

Tune in this Autumn to S.H.E.E.L.A. Case-files to see what happens!
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S.H.E.E.L.A. Case-files - Member file : Lets meet “Jacob”

Jacob (no last name given) is the last member of “The Agency” and their command structure. When in operation Jacob was essentially the go-between the field staff, the leadership and the consultants and civilians they interacted with.

Jacob is fastidious, efficient, literal, and lacks many of the social graces that would have made the position easy for him. Probably on the autism spectrum, he has a hard time making decisions that there is no established protocols or directives, and will often stare into space while running discussion trees through his head. This has given to the impression that he is not completely human, maybe a robot or cyborg at the very least. Some people have even hugged him to check to see if he feels right.

Jacob is loyal to a fault, direct and kind. Many of the people that follow him do so because, while he has his issues, he is quick thinker, extremely intelligent, clever, appears to be courageous… (he doesn’t seem to grasp “fear” … it is a difficult concept).

He is thin, almost always dressed in a well-fitting brown suit, always well-groomed and a bit pale. For skills and proficiencies, mostly unknown… he has shown skills in investigation, electronics operations, and at least once showed his skills at sleight of hand… he likely has mad Chess skills.

If the end of the world didn’t break out, he would have continued as just Jacob… serving the Agency until he was killed or dismissed.

What will Season 3 of S.H.E.E.L.A. Case-files hold for Jacob?

Tune in to find out!

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S.H.E.E.L.A. Case-files - Member file : Lets meet “Kristy”

Kristiana Montegue a beautiful blonde late 20 something (she won’t say) is from an affluent family in the Berkshires. She was rescued from the Kripalu Center where she was retreating when the end came. As far as skills and proficiencies, she doesn’t seem to have any… other than sniffing out the person most likely to protect her and keep her safe. She doesn’t seem to be particularly bright, observant, nor does she show any backbone. What she does show is fidgetiness and clinginess.. and that she is an expert.

For an “occupation” she says that she had a Trust Fund…

If the end of the world didn’t break out, she would have still lived the life moderate luxury, doing as little as possible that doesn’t seem glamorous, privileged or indulgent.

What will Season 3 of S.H.E.E.L.A. Case-files hold for Kristy... how long will she last?

Tune in to find out!
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