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Tip toe through the Tulips with Meeee
Out of body experiences aren't all they are cracked up to be, especially if you are on a deadline that could result in your death. A true deadline. When I woke in the hospital in an incorporeal form, I was beyond scared. I thought I had died and there was no way for me to return, no chance of ever finding my family, and no way to protect my new family from what lurked out there. I had little to no control of my body; I had no link to my powers initially and my last known feeling I had before waking was pain.

Thank goodness Bastet was there. She acknowledged me and tried to calm me, that was the first hint of hope. If I couldn't return, at least I could warn her of what happened. But what did happen? My memory is all disjointed from the attack, I could barely remember. Also how could I warn her? I could barely communicate at all. It took all of my focus to form a single sentence. I was able to get the hang of that in time and spoke with her and a few clerics in the Seraphim and they pointed us in a direction that may help, but of course it was in the forest.

We gathered the troups looking for the only one around that could help. My memory of my time as a specter is foggy though. I remember having to face a tree and finding his place on a cliff. He advised us that the only way to join my spirit with my body again was for me to digest a rare herb that was only found in the most dangerous part of the forest... of course it was. We dressed up to please the fairies for passage and to sneak into that portion. My bee costume was probably one of the best disguises I've gotten to wear thus far and they loved it!

When in the gardens of the beast, we had one of the strangest battles. The beast preyed on our greatest fears and unfortunately every time that is the case, I see my sister in trouble. Whenever I see her face all rationality and thought leaves me and I abandon everything for her. This led to the Devourer, as I came to call it, to gain the upper hand on all of us. Oddly enough, Ash was able to push it back with the power of song. I am not even sure Ash has bardic training, but she was channeling something that let the others join in and defeat the beast. I was able to get the herb eventually, and was instantaneously transported back to my body. And here I have been waiting on them to return before the fogs set in, hoping that by writing this down I may be able to jog other memories that I may be suppressing. I hope that these memories will help bring my attacker to justice. Fingers crossed.
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Giants Bane
Is it bad that Solera reveled in killing giants? Solera was not blood thirsty, although her aptitude with her swords would suggest otherwise. She did not enjoy killing other creatures but did so only when there is was a threat to her or others. However, Solera came to the realization that she enjoyed killing giants. It is fitting that her sword is called Giants Bane.

She knew it stemmed from what they did to her people. But, she seemed to actually take delight in it. For every she giant brought down, she pictured in her head a child that was crushed when they overtook her home. She pictured her parents crumbled bodies when she swung her sword or let her magic missiles fly.

She vowed to herself that over her lifetime, she was going to kill 5 giants for everyone of her people killed in the caves.
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A restlessness grows within, owing partly to myself, and partly to Zilni. Three moons have waxed and waned since I took him on, and I begin to struggle to know where I end and he begins. The boundary has been trampled, and it is hard to find the remnants of the fence posts now.

A vague, but persistent sense of guilt and shame envelopes me, and like a gradually dropping temperature seeps into the bones, first of the feet and hands, then the knees and elbows, the shoulders and hips, and finally taking hold of the spine, this unrelenting shroud thwarts any sense of wellbeing. I can no longer sleep, regardless of who is on watch; I start at the slightest, most innocent sound; and eating turns my stomach, such that I begin to feel weak and sick. I fear revealing my state to the others, but I know Solera and Valindra watch me, and I wonder if they have noticed that I sometimes grow confused or agitated. Valindra, Zilni, and I are soon to be nearer to home, and rather than grow eager at the prospect, I am filled with a dread I don’t fully understand. I have longed for home, but fear winter and its effects have ravaged every aspect of everything my awareness touches: the land, communities—large and small, places of worship, industry, bodies…oh, the bodies, and worst of all… minds. I left the forest thinking a hidden gnomish community might weather any storm, and that our kind might survive and even flourish, small and concealed as we live. But the long months, punctuated mostly with one brutal killing after another, has assured me that there will be no one untouched. Should I return home and by Baervan’s grace find my village intact and my people alive, would they welcome, or even recognize the savage I have become? I no longer welcome myself, so I certainly would not expect them to.
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From the Journal of Blair Weala, Priestess of Gwydion

[To my surprise and delight, I uncovered these spells most serendipitously. Having been entrusted with the rare volume attributed to the War Priestess Blair, I had devoted several arduous weeks of study to the delicate pages. These recordings outlined the many famous journeys and battles of Winter’s Bane, revealing several previously forgotten details of the exploits of that commendable band of warriors. I confess one night my studies ran late and my candle became extinguished before I had made preparations for sleep. Therefore I set the journal aside and took to bed in my dayclothes. A touch of damp on my windowsill caused the leatherbound edges of this ancient tome to fray, revealing a tiny compartment wherein these notes were scribed. Reader you may know that the olde war priestesses of Gwydion, enacting much trickery in the recording of their spells, often interchanged or excluded one or two words in written form, telling only their trusted apprentices which words had been omitted or transposed. Therefore, have you any magic in your veins, use caution when speaking these spells aloud, and I hope you may avoid any untoward products of your utterances. Although I am sure some will deride me for my flagrant lack of caution in the protection of the integrity of this tender book, I hope your delight at reading these previously unknown simple incantations may allow your forgiveness of myself, a humble scholar.]

Thicket of Steel
Beware the arm of priestess strong, if
Too close mine enemy comes
This battle will not linger long, for
Your heart will no longer drum.

Seeds of Doubt
How sure doth feel your arm today?
Will blows hit air in this melee?
Miss me once and you should know
My power grows with every blow.

Nightmare Surge
Power pulsing in fourfold strength
My sword increases to twice its length
Dismembers, slashes, tears and rents
Like four fighters’ weapons upon you spent.

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Notes 11/15/2019

Zin’s citadel was made of crystal. We head towards something that is blacker than black. We know that Zin had armies of clockwork creatures at his call. The captain of the ship drops anchor a quarter mile from the new island that arose. The water is 60-70ft. We are given a rowboat to get to shore. We have to float and drag a few party members because the boat only hold 5 human size people ( of 6 nonhuman). Pythia and Elissa are given protection from Evil. I have the scarab of protection on.
I get sick from the smell of the island. There is a dim illumation, seems a light spell is still going. We land on the island and Noname and I put on our armor. Cinderland remarks that the black crystal is growing. We spot an entrance for the dark crystal! As we get closer, we find two aboleth’s by the entrance. Then two rune giants come out of the door! Someone discovered the giants are fake. We kill the aboleths and then Cinderland reviews the door. It is magically trapped. Luddite has his pony go towards the door and spikes come out and attack the pony. Poor pony.

Cinderland thinks the trap door is passive right now. Cinderland tries figure out how to open the door quickly. She succeeds on the second attempt and we go in the door before the trap resets.

Two sets of bracers – Bracers of Armor plus 4 (Noname and Elissa are carrying these)
Two wands of magic missile – 14 charges, 15 charges caster level 9 (Luddite and Cinderland are carrying these)
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