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It’s a sign for sure.
Macross perused the map left by the man in the crumpled hat. He always loved when he felt the start of an adventure. Deep in his liver he could feel the promise of better. Not guaranteed to make things better but it had certainly changed his mood.
Session: Episode 11 - Wednesday, Sep 19 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Life can be undignified
Well I shouldn’t be shocked, should I? My partner in rebellion is a sanctimonious religious type who thinks I have chosen to not make a difference. I’m feeling the pain of heartburn. Didn’t I drag that ungrateful man out of the burning house and sure death at the hands of an orc guard? ( That’s enough, out of you. The fact that I set fire to it is not relevant.) No one needs to make a difference. It’s perfectly fine that many do not. I think I have made a choice to make a difference. What have I done to deserve such dreadful treatment? Life is unfair, really. Why me?

I fail to see how an over enthusiastic rookie can be considered a meek victim. He is a loose ballista looking to ruin my day. How am I getting saddled with such an outrageous trainee? Why me? Life is so unfair.
Session: Episode 11 - Wednesday, Sep 19 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Second Session: The Letter
We were riding on our horses down the path to Griffyn Rock, Rory was holding a torch at the back of our chain, and Thomdril heard barking and muted voices shouting.
"Voices, and they're not mine!" he whispered, almost as loud as the noise we noticed once he pointed it out.
"We should be careful. I doubt the Scarlet Riders have dogs," Rory replied.
I rolled my eyes, and said "Okay. Rory, you and I go ahead and scout, Anssi, Thomdril, Sirin, you should stay with the horses. We'll shout if we hear noise."
Rory and I continued on. The lout refused letting us split up, instead starting an argument with me, and causing us to be loud. Just as we rounded a bend in the path, we saw them.
Three normal-sized orcs and a fourth, big as a troll were shouting and dancing around two tied and struggling forms. One of them was straining to hold back two enormous wolves.
They turned and saw us just as we got a glimpse of them and all but the orc with the wolves, who had started cutting at the rope tied to their collars, charged.
I leapt to the side, rolling behind a large bush, whispering "I'll free the captives!" just before Rory sprinted the other way around a tree. The orc chief charged at our Red Knight as the rest of the orcs and the wolves ran towards Thomdril and Sirin, who had heard the noise and left our horses with Anssi.
Thomdril charged at the chief and got right next to Rory, who swung his short-sword at the orc, but missed as Sirin walked calmly towards the orcs and wolves, who were bottled up by two trees and some boulders.
I leaped to my feet, surprising the orcs as I shouted "Uilach onorim huakak cha!" and at once, many streams of fire spun from my fingers, annihilating two orcs and a wolf, injuring the other wolf, and almost killing the orc chieftain.
The chieftain bellowed, scaring Rory, then swung his axe at both the Red Knight and at Thom. He hit Rory, but didn't hurt him much, and missed Thom. The remaining wolf howled at the moon, while its handler, who had been lucky enough to be out of the fire charged up to Sirin as Sirin missed the baying wolf by a centimeter.
Rory stared at the shallow gash in his side as Thom struck, but didn't injure the orc chieftain. I moved behind a large rock just behind the flaming bush, then jumped out when the orc and wolf weren't paying attention. Once more, flames blasted my enemies, and once more, they were reduced to cinders.
Rory, the orc, and Thomdril traded blows. I charged in, but couldn't penetrate the chief's plate armor.
"Get out!" Thom squeaked, getting a lucky strike in with his axe.
Sirin walked quickly to the gagged bodies, while Thom, Rory, and I looted the bodies. It turned out the people were the prospectors who had disappeared the other day. We gave them some of the orc's weapons, and as they left, started investigating the tent Thom had just glimpsed a fair distance off in the trees.
I left to change, and on the way, spotted a yellow-ish something on the ground. I had no doubt it was the letter.
I changed, then lit a torch to make sure the seal was alright, for I was out of the fire's light at that point, and could barely see my own fingers.
Just as I was about to stop the torch and return to give Rory back the letter, I heard a very loud burp from behind me.
I turned around and held out the letter to Rory, saying "You dropped this while you were fighting."
"Right," he scoffed. "I should take off your hands for stealing this, I should."
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As the way of the flesh goes...
I lashed out in anger again. Seeing the life and vitality of Leela in harms way, what else could i do? She had enjoyed and given such enjoyment to so many others (even if the pleasure was paid for it matters not to the flesh), I had to follow holy writ 'Those who go down the dark road before they are called are an abomination in having rejected the flesh and senses; those who are forced to go down the dark road before they are called shall be avenged without pause or question. Violence of the flesh on behalf those wronged is pleasure of the flesh in the righteous'. It felt good, to give into the those urges, all in his holy name of course...
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Epic × 3!
RealReal World September 22, Death, New Members and Marshes (month of Desnus)
I noticed this interesting bunch of people in a bar. They seemed to be drinking away their sorrows. There was a large, half-orc barbarian who seemed to be angry at the world. There was also a female warrior type with the symbols of Heronious on her equipment. Since she too exuded a goodness to her, I guess I will not hold her choice of god against her. There was also this loud, gypsy like guy. He dropped a drink on me in his durnken stupor. I later found their names were Copper, Nora and Ren. Apparently, they had recently lost some people in their party by the names of Nymeria and Avery. They actually had the whole bar chanting their names as the night progressed. While they drank and danced their woes away, I retired for the evening to my room. As I sat in the room, I began to think maybe it was time for me to venture out into the lands again. Restov had become boring of late. Too many people talking about the unrest and nothing other than that. So, the next morning, I approached the paladin named Nora. I asked if she would consider letting me join. After hearing my extensive qualifactions, she readily agreed. That night, I met them at the inn. It appeared they had another person join that day as well- a male elf with magic named Quynn. The morning of the 26th of Desnus, we started to make our way to the marshy lands of Dunsmar to look for centaurs. I was not certain what their business is with them and curiousity got the better of me, so I asked. Copper replied letting us know that they had went to Varnhold and the people were evacuated. They said they came across Spriggins there. They are going to the Centaurs because they are the closest settlement and they are hoping that they may know something.
The travels through the marsh was long and gruelling. The bloodsucking pests were thick in certain parts within the marsh and caused welts underneath my armor. Once in awhile, we would get a reprieve from them. As the night began to approach, we decided to look for a place to camp for the night. There seemed to be a good spot so Copper and Nora decided to go check it out. As they approached the site, they were attacked by a gruesome serpent like beast that shot flames of fire and had a tail covered in quills. Nora and Copper got blasted by the fire breath and Nora quickly went up to fight it. It tail slapped her and quills got stuck within her body. She looked badly wounded but I was unable to reach her from where I was. She realized that she could not go toe to toe with the beast, so she tried to withdraw from it. It managed to attack her as she left, but she managed to stay standing, though she definitely was looking worse for the wear. The beast came out of its little cove and shook its quills around, hitting Copper and Nora. Amazingly, the two warriors stayed standing after that attack. This creature, we found out is called a Peluda, was fierce. They seek to dominate swampy territories. They are not good creatures. This one while very vicious is young. I would have hate to see what an adult version of this would have been like. According to Quynn, the route to go is to sever the tail from the body to kill it. I am not sure whether we should try or just make a run for it. Nora managed to run away and make it close to me and I healed her with the mighty power of Pelor. She probably has never felt such warmth and vigor before. Meanwhile, Copper remained to stay head to head with it, but I am not sure how long he would be able to withstand his attempts against this beast. The battle with this dragon was long and grueling. Many people fell and and only with the might of Pelor have these warriors remained standing this long. Even I have felt the pain from this creature's sting. When these warriors began working together, then they were able to make quicker work of the dragon beast. The final blow coming from Quynn from a bolt of lightening. Many of us are still drained mentally and looked like we would need some more of Pelor's blessings the following day. After we recovered what we could and rid ourselves of the poison from this beast, we decided to look over it's lair. We found many bones of animals and people. Among the bones was a coffer with Brevoy's mark. Inside were many gold coins neatly stacked within. We also found an assortment of gems. There was also an assortment of scroll tubes, a pair of boots, a great axe, a large horn with billowing clouds on it, and a couple of potion vials. Since it seemed like the beast removed most things that would be threats to us, we decided to camp here for the night.
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