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Journey of Amir Ren - The last room of the Choking Tower* JK not yet. :(
I'm looking forward to soon getting to construct my first functional Cybernetic upgrade, probably an entire new arm for our new Comrade in Arms Hadris. This will be a culmination of all my training so far and a good test of my skills. Plus I can't wait to see how much more deadly she'll become once she is fully armed.

So, we finally unlocked the Orachalceum lock in the final floor of this depraved menagerie expecting to come face to face with Xoud and sure enough we found him and he put up more of a fight than last time but he still ran away. I was... almost completely useless in the fight while I was trapped behind an impenetrable wall of magical energy. The part of this that makes me the most sad tho is that we discovered that there are more floors to this dreadfully tiring place than we'd expected. Subterranean floors? Really? Ugh I was so eager to put this bastard to rest and be on with our journey. I can only imagine what he might have saved in his underground chambers... Oozes and molds? Legions of undead? I guess we'll find out soon... I really hope we get to cleanse Xoud from this place soon. The thought of returning here time after time without having the leisure time to analyze all his notes and sketches is beginning to depress me.
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Turtleback ferry... more like false advertising.
We are temporarily leaving Magnimar. We are headed Northwest to follow a lead in the investigation into conspiracy to kill the Mayor of Magnimar and our general search into the Seven. We arrived in the small fishing town of Turtleback Ferry. To my disappointment, we were nor ferried on turtle back. We will get to the bottom of this, and hopefully see a turtle. I like turtles.
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Dear Diary
Just when it seemed like we were about to finish off the Contract Devil he disappeared leaving us all disappointed and Maqnus especially so. Once safely out of that weird realm we pressed onward to our goal of Turtleback Ferry and the fort that lays just beyond. The town was a buzz with news for a sunken ship in the large near by lake. And strangely no one has heard from the fort in weeks. We set out for the fort just hours after arriving in town.
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Pointer-left Keep_thumb
Posted by the GM
Fallen Lands II
Into the Dark Heart
An Update of Session 29

Almost immediately upon entering the lair of the dracolich, Ossithrax Perjorative, the action became fast and furious and desperate. The fell thing’s fiery breath almost proved to be the undoing of the Unchained until Blaze Silverwing dropped it with a sing Finger of Death spell.

Ossithrax Perjorative

Having vanquished the dragon, you learned from Old Morag that Lythos the Far Sighted had traveled to the Castle of Count Orrazzio on the layer of the abyss known only as the Dark Heart. Hot on his trail, you once more bought passage on the River Styx and journeyed on.

The Dark Heart proved to be a plane of almost indescribably physical beauty; a pristine, idealized winter landscape of virgin snow, beautiful pine forests and awe-inspiring alpine vistas. The place is also known for the rivers of blood that run through it and the vampiric Blood Fiends who rule here.

You journeyed for several days through this hauntingly beautiful yet sinister realm. Along the way you traversed rivers of blood, played a riddle game with a Night Hag, and defeated a roving pack of fiendish Winter Wolves. Eventually, you arrived at Count Orrazzio’s mountain top castle, and curiously discovered that he offered you a warm welcome.

While there, the Count hosted a magnificent feast for you in his great hall and gave you the full run of his demesne. From him, you learned that Orrazzio actually has an ancient feud with Tharizdun, and that he would love to see his old enemy defeated and returned to hell. The Count would thus gladly aid you in your quest to find the one missing piece of the Staff of Skelos. You also learned from him and his fortune telling companion Cybiline that at least two enemies are pursuing you through the abyss.

The first of these is Xaa’vaan the Hunter, an inter-planar Mercenary and bounty hunter tasked with finding you. Apparently, Tharizdun has learned of your mission from spies and has tasked Xaa’vaan with tracking you in the hopes that they would lead him to the Staff of Skelos. Xaa’vaan travels in a flying ship that can travel through air and water with equal ease and can even travel between the known planes of existence.

Secondly, you learned that Rashida, the mysterious woman you rescued from the Styx is in fact a princess from another material plane world who was abducted on her wedding day by the evil sorcerer, Baha-Al Din, who fell in love with her and sought to make her his bride. Fleeing by sea, he was pursued by her brothers. Seeking to escape, Baha attempted to plane shift his entire ship, but something went wrong and they found themselves on the Styx. Not long after, they were set upon by demons and their craft sunk. She lept overboard in terror and Baha polymorphed himself into a dragon and flew away. Baha-Al Din now pursues you hoping to retrieve his lost “bride.”

Finally, you learned that Lythos the Far Sighted had traveled to the keep of Jarl Ryvenstyrah in the abyssal layer known as The Iron Wastes, domain of Kostchtchi, Demon Lord of Frost Giants. A gate to the Grand Rift exists beneath his castle. From here it is only four days journey to the Gate into the Iron Wastes. It might be best to take this route to avoid being seen by Xaa’vaan the Hunter in his airship. Orrazzio was happy to provide maps. Seeing no argument against this course of action, you took the Blood Fiend’s advice.

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Glad I am not squished...
Dear Uncle and Great Grandmother,

I for one an glad not to be squished under a dragon. Yes, I know, Peck, how did you almost get squished by a dragon? Well the bright light who does not blind surely was watching out for me.

So my story this dream begins where we met Aramil’s mate. Corin was trying to find a person with a ship and crew. He found one. Very, very neat and well kept ship. Captain is wizard and most of his crew are people trying to impress him so he will teach them magic. So out onto the salty water we go after paying the Wizard a lot of gold. I sorry I wasn’t willing to part with the pretty coins I save for you and the few coins I keep for spendy things to help. The others seemed okay with that. Still don’t understand the spendy thing.

Speaking of spendy things Oscar back from what the others call a “bender.” Not sure how that much different than how Oscar is normally. He must drink so much of what makes me spray from my tummy all of the time just to keep him stable. Otherwise he do so many things that maybe not the best idea.

But he bought a very, very interesting sword. It magical, not very, but enough to have name, “Oathbreaker.” That odd because the motif of the bright light that does not blind clearly on it. When I gave him a skin of wine I had from Miri’s uncle he let me look at it. Very, very old, not sure about some of the symbols but the sword didn’t do anything funny and tasted fine when Oscar let me examine it. Not sure if he saw me lick it. I kiss the bright light that does not blind before I give it back.

Person who sold him the sword said it tends to go away with people and then show back up after they are done needing it or something like that. The others thought the sword would be perfect because Oscar never really go away for good. Some think what will Oscar be next. How does name of “Oathbreaker” go with sword with the bright light that does not blind, does not make sense to me?! I will keep an eye out for answer to that. Oscar even asks if I want to trade but Needle is not magical and my shield I would never part with willingly. Maybe sometime.

So next day we get on ship. The fog and mist helps me almost see okay in daytime. Not hurt so much with clouds they tell Captain about me so I go around with my hood down. Most of the tall folk look at me a little strange but the ones I talk to answer my questions and I introduce myself as “Peck Silverscale, Paladin of Bahamut!” Some seemed impressed others look at each other and make chuckles but say it nice to meet me. I go see everything I can see on the ship before we leave but the deck move even before we leave.

Oscar makes a big deal about not having “booze” my new round ear word I learn and the others need to find some stuff that I guess they pretend is what in barrel Oscar drinking from. That stuff not smell good and the ship is moving so funny, soon I am not feeling so good. Not wanting to offend the very neat Captain I make it to rail before my breakfast come back up, and keep trying to come back up. Manage to make the hole to make plop in before I plop. Try to sleep but after a day and a few pointers I get what others call “sea legs.” I can smell something good to eat down in bottom of hold but at the time I wasn’t hungry.

Captain asks us to take watches at night. I am good with watching at night! But after a couple of hours I need to sleep and Varis tell me to go sleep. I did. I wake to ruckas. Oscar on watch and I think now what did he do? But the word “dragon” is going round ship. I get on deck and see big silhouette fly over. Winter dragon with white scales but at first hard to tell how big as there is so much fog and clouds. Then something big hit the ship and we knew it was a very big dragon.

Big dragon dropped a big and sharp chunk of ice onto the ship’s deck. That made me plop. I cleaned it up though. It look like it, the ice, not my plop, might even be big enough to go all the way through the ship. I am thinking that we have a smart dragon, very rare for a winter dragon. Winter dragons not known for their thinking skills. But if this one smart we in big trouble. A smart dragon keeps dropping big chunks of ice until the boat sinks. Oscar does his usual stuff and that enough to make the dragon mad. No more ice! At least not dropped by the dragon.

So I find a good place where I am not easily seen as Oscar continues to taunt the dragon in round ear. I think about teaching him a few words of dragon but think maybe it best not at that moment. I made another plop, I better see if that one still there after I write this. I might offer Oscar to teach a few choice words in dragon that will probably make a stupider dragon mad and a smarter one to make sure that Oscar is first one to get breath weapon. But Oscar did a good job. Pretty soon out of the clouds comes fangs and teeth framed with a dragon that just seemed to get bigger and bigger and bigger.

The dragon was looking to eat Oscar with his mouth. I thought for sure he be smart enough to use his breath before he got close to Oscar but no it was not. I let fly a couple of arrows and one caught him right between the scales behind his left ear. I understood what he said but is was enough of a distraction to allow Oscar to really smack him a few times really hard. That really made him mad! Then he use cold breath on both of us and Varis too. I got really cold but then asked the bright light that does not blind to warm me up as I drew Needle and my shield. It might have been a good time to test whether the shield of your scales would have helped but I was using uncle’s bow when the dragon blew at me. I know my ancestors felt very little when you were forced to kill them but the bright light that does not blind has made me strong!

As much as I am used to snow and ice back home the charge towards the dragon with Needle was very slippery. You know great grandmother I don’t think I ever saw you use your cold! It might be good for the young ones to see and know. Slippery yes but I knew where I was headed! The dragon was preoccupied with Corin and the blind rage of the white scales left me a fairly clean path to where I knew I could really do some hurt! His plopper hole was right there! I thought about trying to climb up in and do some real hurt but things never got that desperate.

I got a few good pokes in while Corin and the others kept the dragon busy. Many on the ship’s crew died when he blew again. Miri too, everyone felt the cold! Our Captain nearly died. Between Antons arrows and lightnings, Corin’s slashing with his really bright sword (I am glad I wasn’t right by him, it was a bright light that might have blinded), Miri’s big magical flying fist and fireballs from Varis the dragon got smart too late. Between a few parting arrows from Anton and I along with a couple more fireballs I found myself right under a very dead dragon falling out of the sky!

Looked for a place to get out of the way but the bright light that does not blind inspired Corin and Miri to push the dragon’s bulk off of the ship. I was sad to see him sink below the waves. Bringing him back to the people of the town would have raised their morale and their willingness to prepare for the giants. I collected some of the blood of the dragon, maybe some of Oscar’s too. He almost became another person.

I want to make my shield of your scales better with magic. Maybe I can trade some of the blood for magic? I found a couple of broken scales too. Don’t want to put them in my shield. It reminds me of home and you.

It makes me a mad to think that the dragon was in league with those giants! Traitor to all of dragon kind! Maybe a little sad too. I thought maybe if I could meet him secretly I could get him to help us against the giants if I could have freed him. How does one get so old and be so in league with giants! No, not sad, mad!

After we killed the dragon I was very happy to be alive. I tried to suggest a song to Miri, not sure if she liked it. It went like this.

We killed a dragon
We killed a dragon
Yes we did.

He was stupid!
And aggressive!
That helped us win!

Maybe I stick to sneaking and letting the bright light that does not blind guide me. The Captain is willing to help us chase the giants. May the bright light that does not blind continue to bring me courage! May the bright light that does not blind help us as we try to keep this war from destroying the world. Maybe I live to see home again. Maybe I won’t. But I hope these tall ones are learning there is more to our people that what they might think.
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