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Iron Claw
No one was more excited to get the hell out of Hell than Blaze. But they had a stop to make first. Their newly acquired airship made its way to the Iron Wastes.

The cold was almost welcome after the excessive heat and humidity in the screaming jungle of the Gaping Maw. The Jarl’s Keep still stood, surrounded by the skeletons of wooly mammoths, their flesh long since picked clean by scavengers of the frozen waste. Broken siege towers lay scattered about like a child’s discarded toys. The banners of Pelor no were longer snapping in the wind, just the remnants torn and tattered. The once impressive garrison of three thousand Pelor soldiers had been reduced to a handful of fifty. It was easy to convince them to give up this horrid existence and join us. But is their future brighter with us? The Witch King’s vast army of undead awaits in Rathgar. They may have given up one war for another. Nevertheless, they will have the chance to do what the Brotherhood of Pelor love, kill the undead. The Shining Light considers all living beings to be sacred, and its members welcome all equally. Undead, however, are abominations in the sight of the Shining One--the antithesis of light, life and warmth, and incapable of redemption. Therefore, members of Pelor's church seek out and destroy these creatures of negative energy without hesitation.

Back in First Light Blaze had a battalion waiting for him to resume command, two detachments, “Sunburst”, led by Brother Adler and “The Talons”, commanded by Brother Sonne. And now he had a third, “Iron Claw.” The High Clerics of the Sun Father would be pleased.

Blaze watched Sergeant Gaylan reunite with Mirilda and smiled. But then an odd memory jumped to his forethought, what of Rashida the princess we rescued from the River Styx? He had left her at the Keep under the knight’s protection. Blaze scanned the crowd on the ship’s deck; where was she and does the evil sorcerer Baha-Al Din still pursue his lost bride?
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Ryndi's Response
The 13th of Hearthfire, 4E 206

My Dearest Riala,

Through the means by which your letter was sent I submit this reply. Know that I am relieved that you are well and that you have my support and supplications for the important work you do and your continued health. Do not hold regret about your sudden departure from Wayrest. It gave me the courage I needed to do the same. Though I have longed to find my way to you I will heed your warnings and requests. Indeed, your suggestions for my avoidance in regard to the Thieves Guild and engagement with the Dawn Guard have already been fulfilled!

Once in Riften I found my way to the Guild through the invitation of an acquaintance. Although I limited my activity to the gathering of information in the pursuit of justice, I soon became eager to be rid of the association with this group. The skills I learned were valuable and no doubt will be useful in the future, but thievery never appealed as a career for life. Having been paid enough to consider traveling on, I began to ponder my options. I was soon approached by Durak, as fortune would have it. It seems he had been watching me for some time and took an opportunity to recruit me, promising to train me to fight and to make my home and career with the Dawn Guard at Dayspring Canyon. I readily accepted! Coincidentally, I have been training for some time now in both the bow and short sword. Durak hasn’t said, but I do wonder if he somehow came to know your wishes for me some time ago.

My training progress has been steady and promising, in Durak’s eyes and my own. I am now poised to fulfill my first assignment. I am traveling to Falkreath to address the situation there concerning the undead. A missive has gone out looking to gather those who would hunt these creatures. Identifying vampires on sight has been my special skill, so Durak is sending me to answer the call. I will arrive tomorrow and hope to find Horgrom Nightprowler at Dead Man’s Drink. My goal is to find others that are dedicated and skilled, to join with an effective team, and rid the place of this scourge.

Encouraged am I by your words and confidence in me. I will remember to guard both dusk and dawn, and pray the nine will watch over us both.

Much love to you and the grace of Julianos keep you safe!

Lorynda Rindalore
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Champions of the Coast
Episode 003: The Gulthias Tree
Campaign Date: Flamerule 29, 30 & Midsummer Holiday 1489 DR
Adventure Date: Saturday, July 7, 2018

Episode Recap:
As the adventurers attempted to recuperate, angry goblins and their hobgoblin superiors harassed them repeatedly. The heroes prepared themselves for a full force attack, but one never came. While exploring goblin territory, the companions battered through a door that led into the kobold chieftain’s throne room. The kobolds defended their chieftain Yusdrayl and secured her escape despite taking heavy casualties. With the kobolds defeated, the adventurers eagerly removed the large metallic key from the jaws of the rearing dragon carving!

The heroes considered their options and decided to press on through the goblin infested portion of the citadel in search of the enchanted fruit the goblins were rumored to possess. The adventurers confronted the goblin leader, a nasty hobgoblin named Durnn, and defeated him along with his entourage. Durnn’s chamber held a circular shaft that pierced the floor and from it shined dim violet light. The walls of the nearly 100’ deep shaft were coated with strange white and gray vines which provided the companions with an easy means of descent.

The adventurers discovered a huge cavern in which a grove of sickly trees grew among a ruined structure. In the distance, a blackened, twisted tree bearing a large, ruby-red apple reached upward like a skeletal hand. Standing before the tree were three figures; a young male and female whose eyes were black, and their skin was gray with the texture of bark, and a middle-aged bearded druid. The druid spoke reverently about the Gulthias Tree and he informed the heroes they would make excellent supplicants. The companions overcame the druid and his allies by destroying the Gulthias Tree with showers of radiant fire from Delg’s Sacred Flame. The enchanted fruit was harvested, and after securing the area, the adventurers settled in for a rest.

  • Durnn (male hobgoblin): Chief of the Durbuluk tribe

Episode Highlights:
  • Balamin, Baltrex, Delg and Nym advanced to 3rd level

PC Notes:
  • None
Session: Episode 003 - Saturday, Jul 07 2018 from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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The Tomb of Dreams
Episode 2.25
The Circle prepared for the arrival of the Bull of the North:

Bright Shadow learned that the Bull was making a three-pronged attack to assault different areas of Hiemal simultaneously. In response, Syn and Reiza hurried south to Braebrecken Port.

Meanwhile, Northern Light returned to Maidenstar at the head of an army three thousand strong. She, along with her hird and Syn's tiger warriors, made final fortifications and preparations.

The night before the Bull of the North was to arrive, Taiphen investigated the Bull's spies. He discovered that one of them was Wicasa. After a short chase, Taiphen captured him and then interrogated him. Wicasa explained that he felt that Linowa had been forced into changing, and that he had never been given a say in that matter. Taiphen did not take kindly to this accusation, and made to strike Wicasa. A bolt of lightning destroyed the roof, creating a distraction, and Wicasa fled into the wind. Taiphen's mind reached a breaking point, and he walked away from Hiemal's troubles to go solve his own.
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Já fazia uma hora que estavam lá, tomando sorvete, com as caras pensativas, não sabiam o que iam fazer quando a hora chegasse, quando entrassem no restaurante fechado.
Phiero estava impaciente, eles podiam fazer com que todos saíssem do restaurante, fechasse mais cedo, explodisse o chão se necessário, eles eram magos! Mas não, preferiam ficar ali sentados, esperando a noite chegar, e junto com a noite os vampiros.
Phiero já estava se acostumando com a sensação de não ser visto por ninguém, era engraçado, algo como se fosse um arbitro invisível que esta lá, poderia fazer qualquer coisa com a pessoa sem ao menos ser notado. Ele não aguentava mais tudo aquilo, ele se levanta e sai da sorveteria, nada surpreendentemente, ninguém nota sua ausência da mesa.
Phiero estava indo de volta ao restaurante, se ninguém mais iria fazer algo ele iria. Era fácil para ele fazer uma pequena comoção, ou talvez um grande caos, bastava um sussurro e estava feito.
No caminho, em meio a um beco Phiero escuta vozes, era um homem, ameaçando uma garota que nem devia ter chegado aos seus 20 anos “vai logo! Passa a grana!” o homem dizia com uma arma apontada para a garota, ela chorava e tremia “po-por favor, eu não tenho direito”. Um flash repentino vem a cabeça de Phiero, o fatídico dia que ele havia recebido a coronhada que fez esquecer seu passado, sua família, seus amigos... Fleur? Phiero decide agir, ele desfaz a camuflagem, em meio ao beco o bandido percebe alguém, uma mulher, com seus 1,70, cabelo black power bem armado e um terno um pouco largo para ela, ele aponta a arma para ela “QUEM É VOCÊ?” parecia estar impaciente, impaciente pois não havia visto ela se aproximando, “Primeiramente largue a arma e fique ai parado”, o homem larga sua arma, imóvel, sua aura de raiva se tornava medo a cada passo que a mulher dava em direção ao homem, “quem sou eu? Pode me chamar de escultor de mentes, agora... que tal você sair desse beco e tentar roubar alguma loja? Isso é o suficiente para ser preso eu imagino”. Quando a mulher terminou de falar o homem começou a se mover, andando saiu do beco sem falar mais nada. Enquanto isso, a garota ainda tremendo olha para a mulher, “quem é você? O que esta fazendo aqui?”, a mulher tinha uma aura de superioridade, “já disse, sou o escultor de mentes... digo, a escultora, só passei por aqui e queria me divertir”, com essa resposta a garota começou a sentir mais calma, mais confortável, ela já não tremia, não estava com medo, pelo contrario, se sentia protegida, “preciso ir, tenho algo importante para fazer, cuidado na próxima vez” então, em um piscar de olhos, a mulher havia sumido novamente.
Na esquina do restaurante o telefone de Phiero toca, numero privado, devia ser a Lys de novo, aquela vampira descontrolada, o sangue de Phiero começa a ferver, já não bastava trair a confiança deles inúmeras vezes ela ainda queria compreensão, queria que entendessem, tudo que Phiero queria com ela era apenas falar três palavras, ele estava pronto para fazer isso, ele atende o telefone, com todo ódio ele diz, “Alo” a voz do Phiero havia saído com outra voz, ele havia esquecido, do outro lado uma mulher parecendo assustada “Ai meu deus, desculpa, liguei pro numero errado .” Aquela voz... Era a voz nos sonhos de Phiero, era ela, “Espera, não é meu telefone, você deve querer falar com o Phiero, ele esqueceu o telefone na empresa, quer deixar o numero pra ele retornar amanhã?”, era um plano muito bom, ele poderia fazer o que devia no restaurante, e amanhã poderia tentar usar Fleur para recobrar a memoria, “Tudo bem, obrigado, pode deixar que amanhã mesmo ligo de novo para ele, alias, diga para ele que a Fleur ligou, me falaram da situação dele, estou preocupada”, então ela desliga.
Phiero estava parado ali há alguns minutos, parado, não podia acreditar que ela estava preocupada com ele, então realmente o que a velha havia falado para ele era verdade, Phiero estava disposto a tentar recuperar o que havia perdido suas memorias e todos que se foram com elas.
Cerca de uma hora depois, percebendo que já era noite, Phiero decide voltar para a sorveteria, ele tinha uma missão, recuperar a memoria, ele não podia arriscar estragar tudo por um motivo tão pífio como algumas horas, e caso algum vampiro aparecesse, seria fácil de lidar com ele.
Na sorveteria, lá estavam Jeb, Jane, Will e Nellie assim como ele havia deixado eles, estavam sentados na mesma mesa, Nellie provavelmente com seu terceiro sorvete de chocolate e Will estava rindo de algo que a pouco havia falado. Quando Phiero foi se sentar novamente em seu lugar Jane esboça algo semelhante a um sorriso e diz “Finalmente voltou Phiero, pensei que não fosse voltar mais”.
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