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Outcasts and Family
The dreams won't stop. I have now had two dreams that seem so real. One with Ash playing with Calcifer and then burning, and now with Kit approaching an unseen danger and I can't do anything to save them...

The others are starting to suspect, as I do, that the weird happenings are centered around me. Some of the family know of my curse, and now I believe the others are going to figure it out soon enough. The ones who don't know are the ones who seem to want to leave me behind, and I can't blame them. If I suspected something was putting my loved ones at danger, I would want to get away too.

All my life I have been somewhat of an outcast because of my powers. I mean who wants to play with a kid who has premonitions of the future; it can be creepy and take the fun out of the games like Cthulhu's Revenge. But they never knew of the brand. It is the real curse and would inspire hate in anyone who knew. I resolved to only share it with those closest to me for that reason. It finds a way of making itself known apparently. Now it is creating a rift in those I consider family. I have thought about leaving, but that leaves the question, will it only effect me, or since I have shared my life with them, will it follow and torment them as long as they have a place in my heart? The curse didn't spare my mother, or my sister...

I met a small gobber girl, Jocaus, in Glanchester today that reminded me so much of my little sister when she was a child. It seems that her family left her behind while traveling, and she has been surviving alone in the wild outside of town. This is no easy feat; I was quiet impressed with this 7 year old. She apparently stole a doll belonging to another little girl, so I investigated and we (Ash, Bastet, Daksh, Kit and I) found her. She was so scared and clinging so tightly to the doll I couldn't help but remember Eliana. The way Jocaus clung to me afterwards only brought memories to the forefront of my mind.

There is one memory that sticks out; there was a bad storm and she came running into my room with her doll, he big blue eyes swimming in tears. Every time the thunder shook our windows, she whimpered and she curled into me, squeezing the doll tighter and tighter. I didn't get any sleep that night, but knowing that my sister felt safe made me overlook that. I was the one to keep her safe. We never made friends easily, with the reputation that my father had and the fact that I was a scarred freak. But to my sister's credit, she never held that against us. She always clung to me whenever anyone new was around and she hardly talked to anyone but me. So I was the one to protect her. I was the one to comfort her. The way Jocaus clung to me, I felt like I had to keep her safe.

I may have been projecting it onto Jocaus now that I think about it. I almost didn't want to leave her in Glanchester, I wanted to bring her with and protect her.

It opened up the old wounds that have never healed, and likely never will.

I want my sister back.
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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
After the conclusion of the battle, Teejak wasted no time beginning to climb the dwarven statue in order to remove the gemstones from the eye sockets.

“Teejak!” yelled Ash, “Do not fucking do it!”

“This is a holy place!” yelled Asbjorn, “Do not desecrate it!!”

Teejak ignored his companions and began prying a gemstone loose. Ash seriously considered firing an arrow at the rogue but before he could, the entire temple of Dumathoin began to shake violently as the ceiling above the adventurers collapsed.

After the dust had settled, Teejak and Tau lay unconscious amongst the stone rubble. Asbjorn immediately stabilized his allies before returning the gemstone to the eye socket of the statue. Rage burned in Ash’s eyes as he and Arcanine stared at Teejak. Asbjorn knelt before the statue of Dumathoin and prayed to the dwarven deity to forgive his party for their desecration of his temple. Kyron began searching the corpse of the black spider, claiming the drow’s spider staff.

“You’ve failed me for the last time, Nezznar,” a male voice could be heard coming from the shadows in the western side passage of the temple. The group turned to identify its source, a tall humanoid wearing a black cloak with the hood drawn low.

“He was quite a disappointment as a lieutenant,” continued the hooded figure.

“Identify yourself!” said Kyron.

“My name is Samber, others know me as the Lord of Entropy.”

“Why are you here?” asked Kyron.

“I wanted to assess the magical power of this cave for myself, Nezznar clearly failed at the task he was appointed to. However, it appears this cavern does not possess sufficient magical power for my needs.”

“And what are your needs?”

“To unseat the gods themselves, to destroy the cosmic path that they believe they have designed for all their creations.”

“You should know that’s impossible!” asserted Kyron.

“We will see who is correct about that,” said the hooded figure, “It’s a fundamental truth of our world that chaos consistently increases.”

“Show yourself!” said the paladin.

“Perhaps another time, I must go, this cave clearly does not possess what I need. I bid you farewell, until next time.”

“Okay, bye,” said Asbjorn flatly.

And with that, the hooded figure teleported out of the cavern with a flash of black smoke, leaving the adventurers alone yet again. To ensure a safe rest for the evening, the group immediately began the process of barricading the two stone doorways into the temple using the rubble from the ceiling collapse.

“These evil guys really don’t tell us much,” said Asbjorn as he worked.

“We’ve killed many wizards,” said Kyron, “we’ll kill more.”

“Yes, we will,” announced Asbjorn as he petted the bloody crater that was formerly the black spider’s skull.
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Immortal Companions
Mystery in King's Reach
As Alban, Goldeye of Waukeen and head priest of the Denomination Exchange, entered the center of King's Reach, he cautiously made an announcement that there was a mysterious text written in blood on the back of the temple. He asked for anyone that was capable to investigate to help the Temple of Waukeen, Goddess of Trade.

Curious, a crowd gathered and followed Alban to the Temple. The mysterious text was not legible in any known language available to anyone. Eventually, the local magician, Jhassail, cast the spell "Read Magic" which allowed her to understand.

It read...


A few of the bystanders decided to take action and help. They are:

Rithar - A Human Abjurer from Waterdeep
Vax - A Gnome Druid from High Hasper.
Ander - A Human Priest of Lathander
Wendalar - An Elvish Warrior from Cormanthyr
Halamar - A Wood Elf Scout from the Gray Forest
Zert - A Human Warrior from Chondath
Standish - Human Envoy of the Temple of Waukeen from King's Reach

Halamar, began scouting and immediately picked up a tracks which led east from the Temple. He quickly left, not realizing that others wanted to help. The trail ended about a mile from the town. Lying on the ground was the carcass of a sheep. The sheep's blood had obviously been used to scrawl the message on the wall. As the group caught up, Halamar had already found more tracks that led to the North. Following them, they came to a small stream that paralleled the North Road out of King's Reach. They lost the tracks in the stream and decided to go back to Town to search for clues.

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Our Future as a Company of Fine Men
Fellow adventures, I propose we form a company. A company of fine men. A company that splits the take in equal shares.
Assuming we find something of value that benefits a member of our company, he pays a share of his treasure to the rest until the debt is paid.
What say you all ?
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Up, down, side-to-side. I have never been on the sea, but I have heard seafarers talk of waves, and I imagine that it what this feels like. As Valindra lumbers through the snow, I am nestled between her prominent shoulder blades, as they undulate in a rather graceful rhythm for a bear. I sneak a quick peek back over my shoulder at Rara, who seems far more uneasy about this ride than I am. On the contrary, I could not be happier. My feet are dry, and lying on her thick, dense undercoat, covered by her shaggy overcoat, I am warmer than I can remember being in some time. I know she will not falter, and I drift in utter peace off to sleep, waking only when I feel her gait become more ungainly as she quickly excavates a den for the night. She crawls into the burrow, a hair’s breadth larger than herself, and I nuzzle into her ample tummy as closely as I can, holding onto her fur as I would my raccoon in our burrow back home. I cannot even be bothered to care how Rara is feeling right now, sleeping in a snow den with a beast who could very well eat two tiny gnomes for supper. I feel safer, warmer, and more at home than I have in ages; no cub was ever more content than I am now. In this moment, I have no fear of the impending confrontation with the bugbears, as surely, we have already faced our worst and largest number of foes. This ease is surely reward for work well-done, and a sign of improved conditions on the horizon.
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