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Dazed and Kitfused
Once I met up with the rest of the party in the tavern; they told me that they were looking for a woman that was connected to a string of kidnappings. Hoping to help, I set off with them towards a shadier part of town.

We ran into a drug dealer who wasn’t very subtle. After that short stop, we ended up in a nice tavern. The owner offered us free drinks. It was so good. I should’ve stopped after that, but alas, my more impulsive nature was in control.

A few hours later, we ended up at a club. I walked through some cloud of smoke that made me feel even better than I had before. Colors began to twist and dance. Instead of chairs, the floor was covered with pillows. As the place was sparsely populated, I began to gather the pillows for a pillow fort. Once my shelter was complete, I looked around for something else to do. I saw Ash not paying any attention to me. I tossed a pillow at her and shouted pillow fight. The place erupted in a massive pillow brawl. I retreated to the safety of my fort. I may have taken a micro nap while encased in the comfort of my pillow fort. When I emerged, most of the patrons had departed, and the staff were cleaning up. I purchased one of the pillows, and we departed.

Upon returning to the camp. I saw Ezra sleeping next to the fire. I covered him with my newly purchased pillow and retired to my tent. Then I realized I had never set up my tent. I didn’t want to spend another moment awake. The world was beginning to spin, and so did I. I laid down on one end of my tent and rolled until I was snug.

I don’t think tomorrow is going to be as happy a day as today was.
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March and April recaps
March and April recaps

Raben let out a long slow breath and collapsed to his knees. Leaning against the wall to keep from toppling over. Sliding to the floor to rest. Acidic ozone air filled the Devil-blooded paladin’s nostrils. His muscles still twitched from the recent magically created lightning strikes that had nearly killed him.

The events of the last few days swirled in his exhausted mind.

After fighting the demon wolf … it seemed like months had passed not days since the fight in the dark woods … it was easy enough to be found by the elves.

That meeting went well enough, but resulted in the elves only agreeing to help those in the valley rid the area of the thieves and thugs of the ‘Iron Circle’ if someone from the valley showed they were willing to risk life and limb to assist the elven clan first. As the woods were short of any inhabitants of the Harkenwold valley, it fell to the motley group present to perform the required task and risk life and limb (yet again)

Go to a magical standing stone circle, be transported to an undead mage’s (and longtime nemesis of the local elves) layer. Send the skeletal mage back to death. Kill any goblin allies of the mage in the area.

The circle was easy enough to find, but goblins and large spiders were in the area. That fight was easy enough – little risk of life or limb in that skirmish (though at least one of the group was spider bit and momentarily poisoned)

Teleporting to the mage’s layer, again easy (with a drop of dragon’s blood provided by the elves).

However, stepping out of the teleporting circle ended in standing in a room full of goblins and 2 caged wargs. That fight was significantly more difficult than the earlier fight with the goblins and spiders. In the fray multiple of the group were injured but were healed enough to remain in the fight.

Somehow in the fight TseTseg saved one of the wargs and tempted it into becoming a pet/alley of the orc-blooded barbarian (though the paladin/thief had trouble imagining a wolf the size of a horse and a tendency to bit off people’s arms or heads as a pet – though as a product of and follower of redemption himself, he hoped the barbarian was able to temper the warg’s evil tendencies and tame it at least a little)

After the fight, the paladin/thief stumbled onto a magical trap, a necromantic barrier, the further injured him. Though looting the undead mage’s sleeping room was worth the injury

Then …. The mage with his magical summoned lightning bolts …. The first strike caught the devil blooded paladin/thief and 2 others of the group in a cluster. The strike nearly killed all 3 at once. In a split second of blue crackling power the fight became very dangerous. The chance for loss of life and limb was fulfilled!

For a time the undead mage and the group played cat and mouse – magically throwing doors open, closing them, harrying each other, but to no avail. Finally, the paladin had a plan

3 of the group nearly dead (and the cleric out of magical healing) an assault on the mage was too risky at this time. However, if given enough time to take a small rest, get a breather, and prepare properly, they could have a chance

“Close and lock the doors. Bar them ! Keep the thing locked in the spider web filled room for now”

The group slammed the doors shut, drug table to brace the doors, spiked them with jagged rusty goblin weapons.

For a few minutes the group rested. But not long enough. Another magical lightning bolt blasted through one of the doors and scattered the tables braced against it in a cloud of smoking wooden splinters. The paladin/thief was quick enough to avoid most of the damage from the explosion.

A spider blooded humanoid, an Ettercap, rushed through the opening of the blasted door and sunk its teeth into one of the group.

Quick thinking of one of the spell slingers illuminated the skeletal mage, hiding in the shadows clinging to the ceiling of the underground chamber, making it easier to hit.

The battle was joined again.

Weavilthorn called forth dark demonic voices to assail the Ettercap, and chase it from the fight. The rest of the group focused on the glitter glowing mage. Spell, arrow, bolt and javelin flew into the darkened room. Some finding their mark of the glowing spell caster, others missing. Answered by the undead mage’s spells. However, struggling against overwhelming numbers, the undead mage was finally torn apart by the bombardment of spell after spell.

The devil blooded paladin, feeing the tides turn in the favor of the group, rushed into the spider web filled room. Knowing the Ettercap had the advantage, the paladin paused. Then, with an imp smile tossed a torch into the mass of webs.

The webs burst into flame and the fire quickly spread. Soon enough the Ettercap had no web covered hiding place and had to attempt a dash for safety. A run that brought him into the awaiting party’s arrows bolts and spells. Moments later the spider-blooded creature fell dead.

The fight was over, and the devil-blooded paladin/thief felt weight of the pain and injuries of the fight press down on him.

A locked door still to be opened … but the cool wall, the soot covered floor, called. Rest beckoned the bruised and battered Raben Halboeze den Angeist - Raven Halfevil

Can't believe it had been so long since my last update. sorry.

Finally had a breather at work this week so tried to catch everything up
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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
Redbrand hideout
Pip led the group up the path to Tresendar manor. More a castle than a house, the ancient manor had been abandoned since the orc raids that decimated this area of the northern sword coast centuries ago. Roughly halfway up the hill, Pip led the adventurers off of the established path and they travelled along the side of the hill to a small cave opening, heavily obscured by rocks and boulders.

“This is it! Good luck in there!” and with that the boy ran off.

The group of adventurers lit torches (at least those without dark vision) and entered the cave. The narrow passage continued for 100 feet before opening up into a much larger cavern. A cold breeze filled the natural cavern, carrying with it the faint scent of decaying flesh. A crevasse divided the eastern and western sides of the cavern with two arched wooden bridges spanning across. As the group entered the cavern their torchlight illuminated the well-gnawed bones of a half-eaten human corpse. As the group proceeded further into the chamber, Wizziff spotted a treasure chest tucked into the southern corner of the crevasse. More concerned with treasure than with safety, the Wizard climbed right down to the chest.

“Come any closer, and I will rip you to shreds.” Wizziff and the rest of the party heard a foul whisper in their heads.

“Well, guess I’m not opening that chest,” sighed Wizziff.

“What a pussy,” mocked Kyron.

“Fuck it” Wizziff reached for the chest to open it

As he did, he felt as if his flesh was starting to rot off of his bones. He was sick to his stomach and simultaneously overcome by fear of whatever lurked deeper in the cavern.

“There’s something over there!” yelled the Wizard as he pointed to a stone column obscured by darkness.

GayJon felt his mind being probed by the telepathic presence.

“So the halfling has a big cock,” GayJon and everyone else heard the voice in their heads again, “too bad he can’t always get it up!”

GayJon scanned the chamber for the source of the telepathy and spotted a hideous scaled creature with a single large green eye hiding behind the stone column. He drew his short sword and charged the beast.

“I get erections all the time!” yelled the halfling as he swung at the creature, but his sword was deflected harmlessly by layers of thick natural armor.

The eye monster hissed loudly before leaping 15 feet clear across the crevasse, once on the other side it focused its gaze on GayJon. The halfling felt his flesh rotting off his bones but did not succumb to fear, “My cock is fine!” he yelled.

Tau drew his greataxe and charged the beast by crossing the wooden bridge spanning the chasm, but the instant his full weight was on the bridge it collapsed and he tumbled 20ft down into the cold, shallow water below. He quickly sprung to his feet, climbed out of the chasm and ran fearlessly up to the nothic. Asbjorn and Teejack launched ranged attacks with fireballs and crossbows at the nothic from the other side of the chasm while Kyron and GayJon pursued the creature by traversing the northern bridge. The nothic hissed as it mauled the yeti standing in front of it with it’s claws, but Tau endured the blows like a stone and retaliated with his great axe. Kyron thrust with the pointed end of his halberd, scoring a critical hit directly in the nothic’s eye, it shrieked as blood poured from its eye socket.

“Tau! Catch this beer!” Asbjorn yelled at the yeti from across the chasm as he prepared to throw him a bottle of sloppy joe’s special brew.

“I’m a little busy right now,” Tau yelled back as he dodged another claw swipe from the nothic.

Overcoming his fear, Wizziff launched a firebolt from the southern end of the cavern, striking the nothic in the chest. As blood continued to pour from its eye socket, the nothic finally collapsed to the ground.

Not wasting any time, Wizziff plundered the nothic’s treasure hoard. Among the collection of currency and gemstones he found a beautiful longsword with the word “Talon” inscribed on the hilt. Ash Ketchum identified the sword as belonging to a great knight named Aldith Tresendar. Sir Aldith died fighting off the orcs that attacked his manor and the sword was believed lost until now.

“Who the fuck are you?” Wizziff asked Ash Ketchum after he had finished explaining the history of the longsword. Ash had managed to follow the group of adventurers up to the manor, into the cave, and had watched their battle with the nothic from the sidelines without anyone really taking notice.

“I just wanted to make sure y’all weren’t doing anything fucked up to that kid.”

“What is your story?” asked Kyron.

“I’m looking for my lost wolf, have any of you seen a wolf recently?”

Recalling the fact that the party had slaughtered a group of wolves chained up in the Cragmaw hideout just yesterday Asbjorn replied, “we saw some wolves in a goblin hideout, but they were vicious and did not seem like pets”

“Doesn’t sound like my wolf,” replied Ash.

“Welcome to the party, we’re best friends now” said Kyron.

The group then began exploring the multiple side passages that branched away from the central cavern. The walls in the side passages were finished with dressed stone block walls and a flagstone floor, appearing to be part of the manor’s construction, rather than a natural formation like the cavern.

Ash began chirping like a bat, communicating with the tiny bats flying about the large cavern.

“The bats here say that humans come in and out of these side passages, and that a wizard comes from a secret door in this area.” Ash reported.

Kyron began searching for secret doors and located two near the northern end of the cavern. The first lead to a hallway two with other doors, one locked and one unlocked. Teejak used his thieves’ tools to pick the lock on the first door, revealing what appears to be the Redbrand armory. Some of the party members donned the red cloaks stored within in an attempt to disguise themselves. The unlocked door had a note written on it:

“Dear dumbasses,
Don’t forget the password to get by the skeletons

With no immediate means of learning the password the group decided to explore other side passages first.

Kyron opened the second secret door he found, leading to a staircase going downwards before abruptly ending at a wall. Upon closer inspection Kyron realized this was also a secret door. He opened the door to reveal a bedchamber, covered with drapes of scarlet cloth. There was a small writing desk with a matching chair, a comfortable looking bed, and a wooden chest at the foot of the bed. Sitting at the desk was a short, dark-bearded human male in robes, studying a tome. Within his reach, a beautiful glass staff leaned against his desk.

Using the element of surprise, Kyron bull-rushed the seated wizard, tackling him off his chair, placing him in a grapple, and simultaneously yelling “Glasstaff!!!” at the top of his lungs. Ash heard the call and rushed into the room behind Kyron. The druid quickly grabbed the wizard’s staff.

“Cut him, bat boy!” yelled Kyron as he wrestled with the wizard.

“What is the meaning of this!” yelled the wizard.

Ash produced a tiny flame that singed the wizard only slightly.

The rest of the group rushed into the room as quickly as they could.

“The Phandelver Miner’s Exchange has put the quite the bounty on you, Glasstaff. Care to explain?” asked Teejak.

“Halia Thornton just wants to take over my operation! Unhand me now!!” replied Glasstaff.

Kyron successfully used rope to restrain Glasstaff, but the wizard had one trick up his sleeve.

Glasstaff prepared to teleport, he searched the room for a suitable location but both exits were blocked. “Oh for fuck’s sake” thought the wizard as he uttered the spell words, teleporting out of his bindings and into the corner near the western door, next to Ash Ketchum.

“Give me my staff back!” he yelled as he attempted to shove Ash out of the way and access the door, but the half-elf druid did not budge.

“You fucked up now” shouted Teejak as he shivved the wizard with his dagger.

“Alright! Alright! I surrender” said Glasstaff as he clutched his wound.

“Where are the looted supplies!?” demanded Teejak.

“They are hidden throughout these cellars, surely you have seen some of them on your way in here.”

“Where is Cragmaw Castle!!” Kyron continued the interrogation.

“Hand me the map on my desk and I will show you”

“You better fuckin mark it!” Kyron commanded, Glasstaff complied.

“You want to kill him?” Kyron asked Teejak.

“Eh I don’t really care”

With that, Kyron punched the wizard three times in the face, knocking him unconscious.

The group searched Glasstaff's desk and located a mysterious note:

Lord Albrek,

My spies in Neverwinter tell me that strangers are due to arrive in Phandalin. They could be working for the dwarves. Capture them if you can, kill them if you must, but don’t allow them to upset our plans. See that any dwarven maps in their possession are delivered to me with haste. I’m counting on you, Iarno. Don’t disappoint me.

The note was simply signed with a symbol resembling a black spider.

The paladin hoisted Glasstaff onto his shoulders and the group was about to depart when the western door to the wizard’s chambers was knocked open. Four humans wearing leather armor and red cloaks, armed with longswords, stood on the other side of the door.

“Let him go!” one of the Redbrands yelled.

GayJon rushed to the doorway and used his shield to prevent the Redbrands from entering.

“Hold the door!” yelled the group of adventurers as they unloaded on the Redbrands with ranged attacks.

Three Redbrands attacked GayJon simultaneously with a vicious flurry of blows. Although many blows deflected off his shield it was simply too much. The halfling collapsed on the floor, blood pouring from his stab wounds.

The Redbrand standing directly in the center of the doorway was pummeled by ranged attacks from the party and keeled over dead.

Thinking quickly, Kyron held a knife to the throat of the unconscious wizard.

“If you come in here, he dies. As will all of you,” threatened the paladin.

Having just seen their ally slain, the Redbrands decided to stand down.

“Take the wizard,” they shouted, “leave this place now.”

After stabilizing and healing GayJon, the party retreated back through the secret doorways and cavern and exited the manor, with the unconscious Glasstaff in tow.
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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
Gathering information
The adventurers awoke the next morning and ordered breakfast from the Stone Hill Inn’s kitchen. Asbjorn also ordered a breakfast beer and prayed to his deity as he drank. After some debate, the party decided that, for the time being, rescuing their friend Gundren Rockseeker was their primary objective. The group agreed to split up and ask the townsfolk if any of them knew the location of Cragmaw Castle or were familiar with any goblin activity in the area. The bar maid, Elsa, was much more concerned with the Redbrands; however, she recalled a rumor that the Redbrand leader actually had goblins working for him.

Elmar Barthen, at Barthen’s provisions, paid the group for the successful delivery of the supply wagon from Neverwinter. Barthen is saddened by the news of Gundren’s capture and encourages the group to seek out Cragmaw castle and rescue him, though he does not know where that is. Barthen also informs the group that Gundren’s brothers, Nundro and Tharden, frequently head out into the wilderness for days at a time. The brothers told him that they had found “something big.” However, Barthen has not seen the Rockseeker brothers in over a tenday and he expects them to be returning to town for additional supplies any day now.

The group next visited the Townmaster’s Hall, in the center of town. A board outside the hall contained a series of job postings and bounties:

REWARD! 100 gold pieces for the head of Brughor Axe-Biter, leader of the orc band raiding the eastern Triboar Trail
REWARD 200 gold pieces for "Glasstaff" leader of the Redbrand gang. Dead or alive. DONT YA FUCKIN TRY IT! WE WILL FIND AND KILL WHOEVER WROTE THIS!!!!
REWARD 500 gold pieces for defeating the goblin clan stationed in Cragmaw Castle
MISSING Iarno Albrek, member of the Lords' Alliance. A short, dark-beareded human wizard in his thirties. Last seen near Tresendar Manor two months ago.
Adventurers needed. Inquire with Sister Garaele at the Shrine of Luck.
Adventurers needed to kill undead lurking at the Old Owl Well. Inquire with Daran at Edermath Orchard.

Inside the town hall the group found the townmaster, Harbin Wester, and also Sildar Hallwinter. Harbin, an old fat man, seemed to be the only person in town who was not imploring the group to take on the Redbrands. Sildar was visibly frustrated with Harbin.

“The townmaster is both a coward and a fool,” said Sildar, “He fears that the Redbrands will retaliate against his family if he does anything to confront them. Apparently they recently murdered someone who stood up to them.”

Sildar encourages the group to continue their search for Gundren, but the only suggestion he can offer to locate Cragmaw castle is to search the Triboar trail for more goblin raiding parties and to capture and question them for directions. Sildar also offers the group a reward for dealing with the Redbrand leader, Glasstaff.

GayJon visits Sister Garaelle at the Shrine of Luck. Recently, Garaelle’s superiors within the church asked her to undertake a delicate mission to persuade a banshee named Agatha to answer a question about a spellbook. Garaelle sought out the banshee’s lair but the creature did not appear for her and she narrowly escaped an owlbear attack while on the road back to Phandalin. Garaelle asks GayJon if he would be willing to attempt to talk with the banshee on her behalf and offers him a reward of three potions of healing. GayJon couldn’t help but notice the Sister’s eyes wander occasionally in the direction of his manhood as he talked with her.

Meanwhile, Teejak visited the Phandelver Miner’s Exchange and informed it’s leader, Halia Thornton, that the thieves guild had received her request for help and that he had been sent to help her recover the stolen goods.

“Excellent, these Redbrands have been a real nuisance. You will receive the agreed upon 100 gp reward when their leader has been deposed.”

TeeJak noticed that something seems a little off with Halia, perhaps she has ulterior motives for wanting the Redbrand leader out of the picture.

Reconvening in front of the Townmasters hall, the group of adventurers decides that there is a good chance that an investigation of the Redbrand hideout might reveal ties to goblins in the area and help them locate Cragmaw Castle and Gundren. With that, the group headed back to Stone Hill Inn to seek out Pip, the boy who had offered to show them a secret entrance to the hideout the previous evening.

Just outside the inn the party encountered Bronn, the novice dragon slayer.

“Good morning friends!” Bronn greeted, “It’s a fine day to slay a dragon, wouldn’t you say!?”

Bronn was now wearing full plate armor, with a large two-handed great sword on his back, he stood beside a large stallion that was also wearing armor.

“Oh shit…” muttered Wizziff.

“Yeah… great day… listen, we can’t go with you today… how’s Wednesday?”

“It must be today!” exclaimed Bronn, clearly excited at the prospect of getting his first dragon kill, “If you can’t join me I understand, just give my money back and we can part ways.”

“Yeah I don’t think so… there’s five of us and one of you” threatened TeeJak

Even as TeeJak was saying this he saw Kyron, Tau, and Asbjorn begin to walk away and into the inn. Wizziff and Teejak were now the only ones standing in the road.

“You don’t look so tough,” Bronn placed his hand on the hilt of his great sword, preparing to unsheathe it.

“Ok here you go!” Wizziff threw the money on the ground and ran away to rejoin the group.
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Note to Cabhan
(As the group reaches the outskirts of Tree-Town, Ailie presses a piece of parchment into Cabhan's hand.)


I have possibly already lost any right to ask you this, but please - I beg of you - please don't do anything foolish.

I find myself ashamed of my poor behavior, that I have put my ego over seeking help for my troubles. That in my insistence of keeping my secrets I have perhaps hurt you. I realize it must seem as though I would rather have my false pride than be able to speak with you again. I have chosen sleepless nights and deception over admitting to any weakness - but that denial has made me weaker, and...

I see that I cannot properly support you until I have dealt with my own burdens, and I am deeply wounded by that knowledge. My heart hurts that I am unable to help you.

In the meantime, I can offer only apology, ask only your forgiveness and patience, and promise only that I will try to move forward.

I understand if you have lost affection for me, but please know my feelings for you have not changed...

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