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Posted by the GM
Sunless Lands
Session 2 Notes

Samuel - Hu F5 (Jer)
Marikus - Hu F5 (David)
Leonard - Ha T5 (Darren)
Barnabas - Hu P5 (Duane)
Merridan - Gn I3/T4 (Dustin)
Liam - Hu Cav6 (Law)

Geoff - Hu Pr4 (NPC)
Locinda - 1/2 Orc F3/Th3 (NPC)


Find two missing nobles (male and female siblings) who were apparently part of an adventuring band. Alive, remains, or signet rings.

Discover source of mysterious disappearances around towns.


The Sunless Citadel

Black Riders

Healing (?) Apples


Day 4

Party explores rift in lower citadel level, encountering some form of molten worm.

Additional rooms explored. Red goblin captive told group that Bellak is down below. Party traveled to stairs to lower level. Entered another area of the citadel, finding a large cavern where a large number of twig blights attacked. Geoff came deathly close to falling to the effects of their Dexterity sapping poison. The party won the battle and broke off to rest in the library and regain spells.

Day 5

The heroes return to the cavern, finding Bellak...

Paladin, Gothmog, sister, frog, Gilthias tree.
Party holds for Barnabas bless - casts entangle.
Party slowed.
Paladin killed by Liam but sword destroyed.
Gnome eaten by frog but saved.
Bellak killed by Samuel.
Sister killed by Samuel.
Party attacks tree and Gothmog.

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Session 1: Drellin's Ferry & Beyond
To be updated.

Session: Game Session 1: Drellin's Ferry - Friday, Dec 14 2018 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Posted by the GM
Deadly Quests
44th Session Summary
20th of Tarsakh - Midnight

Xzar dreams of an advanced human civilization whose skin color was a very pale blue. He sees the humans constructing enormous circular monuments made of an alien metal through which slaves are being brought forth. A slave race which bears a striking resemblance to Wyatt.

Another vision centered around a largely flat land dominated by a single mountain upon which rested a great ziggurat.

As Xzar's vision entered the central meeting chambers he noticed several beings gathered. A disembodied voice spoke, "I am the guardian of Realmspace. The place in which your people have been taken. They have been praying for you but you are unable to hear their prayers. Realmspace has been sealed off by others but you can travel there in the prime. If you wish to build a ship to enter Realmspace here are the coordinates." Xzar notices a familiar figure. It is the being Enki. He volunteers to build a ship. "I sense a presence among us," The voice says as all of the figures turn towards Xzar and his vision fades.

Xzar finds himself floating in the air high above a city of the blue hued humans.

Far below gemstone golems are engaged in combat against beings of enormous size and power. High above the burning metropolis a human wizard of light blue skin flying upon a copper dragon. The wizard is battling two other men, both incredibly large humans standing 25 feet tall. One had golden hair and whose legs were wrapped in vortices of wind the other appeared to be of Mulan ethnicity, with four arms and leonine facial features riding a phoenix. Spells of unimaginable power were unleashed. The Dragon and wizard are instantly turned to ash. The land far below burns with a purple flame. The two enormous men summon forth spirits. The spirits are the Skiraxits, angels of retribution.

Xzar's final vision is in an an underground tunnel, a small group of the blue hued humans are gathered together and begin to speak. It is revealed that their once might civilization of millions has fallen. Only a few remain. Those few are: Hilather, Yaravindar, Thayd, and the speaker - lord Ilphemon.
Session: Chapter 7: The Bloodglade - Sunday, Dec 09 2018 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
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DM Angelo
Posted by the GM
Verbobonc Dark
Journey to the Cloister
Readying 8
The group succumbs to exhaustion and sleeps during the day under cover of the Gnarley Wood.

Readying 9
They set out after dusk to travel to the cloister.
Attacked on the road by a scimitar-wielding werewolf and his henchmen wolves.
The group finds a dispatch with the seak of the spider queen:
Patrol the East
<Spider Queen Symbol>

The group arrives at the cloister and is greeted by a squad of URAK Orcs.
They find another dispatch:

Hold the cloister
Reinforcements will be arriving on Readying 12
<Spider Queen Symbol>

What to do with this information?
Session: Episode 19 - Wednesday, Dec 12 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Posted by the GM
The Haunted Mansion, 24 Dracarr 3008 (12-12-2018)
Whisked away by a giant flock of crows, the finds themselves standing before the Haunted Mansion described as part of the Hallow Falls Festival. Seeking entry at the front door shows only an impenetrable darkness which even the cleric of light cannot foil. A service entrance around the side reveals an old hag named Bertha who serves the house, but gives little advice about how to get in. She mentions something about the imagination and what it can bring for those who enter through the door of darkness.

Once the party takes the plunge, they find themselves standing in a place nearly exact and not just reminiscent of the Arcan Crypts graveyard. A voice calls out for help which sounds like the young Jony of their past. In the fog music is heard, and the zombified figure of Jamtas the fallen bard steps out playing his ballads upon his lute. He ignores the party, fixed upon his music. Heading over to see to the call for help, a familiar face of a boy seems pinned in beneath some fallen rock at the entrance to a crypt. Freeing Jony, he takes them to the entrance to the Steele Crypt mentioning that he can hear and see what is inside without even entering. He hands Felthan a weirstone, seemingly the same one as it is missing from his possessions. The party cautiously heads below. A figure stands in the corner in the room below, and a mace on the wall. Grasping it up it shines the light of the sun. The figure is a version of Rand. Korgan strikes up conversation with his old mentor, who seems cryptic at first but eventually unfolds with useful information on he place they have all found themselves visiting.

A possible gateway into Limbo itself, based on what Rand says below in the Steele family crypt. Atop this he says that his soul has been stolen, and mentions that the tome of shadow is near, soon found on Vurcin. Rand warns against Jony here in this place, and guides the adventurers to speak with the woman with red hair as they continue down to the end of the corridor.
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