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The Story Thus Far:
Within a tavern in the City of Portguard, A young man named Brother Kay sought the strength of any adventurers brave enough to defend his Village of Pryll from a bandit horde. In his haste, Brother Kay inadvertently spilled a mug of grog, right into the lap of a very large, and very angry Half-Orc.
After being dragged to an alley behind the tavern, Brother Kay prepared to receive the worst beating of his life at the hands of the enraged bar patron. However, just before the thug was able to strike Brother Kay, four intimidating adventurers stepped from the Tavern, and promptly removed the Half-Orc’s head from his shoulders.
Brother Kay, suddenly enamored of his Rescuers; begs them to meet with the head of his order. Together, Brother Kay, and his four brave warriors, recruit two additional adventurers to the party. In a short meeting with Pryll’s high priest, The Party agrees to help the village in any way they can.
Mere moments after Arriving to Pryll, and settling in at the towns only Inn, Bandit Spies attack the Party, Hoping to nip this rebellion in the bud. Our heroes cut them down with the assistance of the local bard, A grizzled man named Veddie Edder. after the spies demise, Veddie immediately thanks and praises the strength of the party, and begs them to visit him later.
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Ship's Log #15
Ship's Log #15

Current Location: Baltimus

Ship: Salvation

91 days Traveled
21 days since last Crew Wages
11 days since last Shore Leave
29 days till next Careening

Funds: 48244

Provisions: 500
Cargo: 2 Food (On Salvation)
7 Iron (Warehouse in Baltimus)
13 Blackpowder (Warehouse in Baltimus)

Tools & Stuff
$2300 In Gemstones
Finest Silken Sails (+1 Top Speed)
Magic Head in a Box ("My Magic Is Yours, Only Against The Three Sisters")
Small Wooden Figurine with Sextant (+2 Boating in Storms or near Rocks)
Letter of Marque
2 sacks
3 shovels
4 Powder Bombs
4 Golden Triangles (Being Studied by Incendikos)
10 canister shot
2 chain shot
10 4 lb balls

1 Frigate Being Repaired. Finished on Day 103
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A Dance In The Snow
The light of the orbs above the tents bathes a swirling grey dress in golden light. The snowflakes swirl around as the child-sized creature stops in front of a growing pile of mangled corpses, steadily supplied by her madly grinning allies.

One is flicked on the forehead, a long moan escapes the cadaver as it twitches and claws its way out of the pile of flesh and stumbles upright.

"Oh hello there! You look beautiful today!"
Session: Rivers Run Red XII - Saturday, Feb 18 2017 from 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM
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Pointer-left Quest_thumb
Posted by the GM
Carrion Crown
continuing the chase
After defeating the vile necromancer, the party needed to chase down the riders carrying the components for the carrion crown who had fled south, notably towards Calaiphas.

They were able to track the horses to a ferry to Carrion Hill, but lost their trail there.

While asking about for information, Cedric decided to go straight to the top and went to visit the mayor. The mayor was pleased to see adventurers in his time of need as some*thing* had just collapsed several buildings around the marketplace and had left the townsfolk in terror.

Investigating, they found a trail of foul smelling black slime leading into the wreckage of the collapsed building. Twisted and maimed bodies where everywhere.

exploring they found old deep passages that led to a necrotic grotto. There they found the dead bodies of two keepers who had apparently summoned something awful from the dark veil in their search for power. The party claimed some magic items from the bodies as well as a powerful book of lore regarding the dark veil and the old gods and methods for summoning them. Inside the cover of the book was a dedication naming the five members of the cult - two of whom were dead at the altar. With the help of the mayor they were able to identify the remaining three:

* A sage of history who lived in an abandoned church in town.

* The proprietor of the local sanitarium.

* A mogul in the manufacture of a unique local building material.
Session: Game Session - Monday, Feb 20 2017 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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32. Introductions

We meet at last, my host

You know… I think I feel better already! mused Selph, replaying the conversation he had just experienced. Even his joints didn’t seem to clicking the way they normally did as the party made their way down the grey stone corridors.

It's a pleasure to finally meet you - you may call me Flae

A nice name - and she makes me feel as if I were 80 years younger! He grinned impishly to himself, an enervating flicker of flame in his bloodstream as he followed the enormous wolf-form of Thysper down a flight of stairs towards the exit of Wrogar Keep.

We will make a great team, you and I - with my power, and your talent, we will be unstoppable!

If this Flae had increased his already formidable power as much as he judged, ‘Unstoppable’ would be an understatement. He was already the most capable member of the party.
Selph straightened his back as he walked, fantasizing himself supplanting Aernard as the de facto leader of the group.

I know your mind, my host, you cannot keep secrets from me - you have enemies, you are afraid - together we shall bridle fear, and vanquish our enemies.

Fear. He mused over the concept. Yes, he had been afraid, and more than he let on. But it seemed so foolish now, what did he, a mighty wizard, have to be afraid of?
Surely it would be their enemies that feared them, not the other way around.
The party were nearing the exit to the keep now. Trotting along in close guard formation around the queen, mounted upon the direwolf’s shaggy back.

Power. Wealth. Status. All will be ours. Tell me - what do you desire most of all?

I’ll take the lot thought Selph, a croaky cackle escaping his lips. Up ahead, Alfrigg had drawn to a sudden halt, his eyes first opening wide, then narrowing at whatever he saw around the corner.

I will show you how we can work together, when you see what a great team we make, then we will talk again.

Against all odds, there stood Rean Battleborn, flanked by a pair of what could only be described as goons. The pale skinned, heavily-armoured guards had eyes like corpses, and stares to match.

“Well, well… my dear squaddies” smirked Rean, “We meet again. I see you’ve come to the aid of the Queen - that is good, hand her to me and we’ll take over from here.”

Selph sneered - this was going to be fun, he thought - tiny tongues of sulphurous flame already licking the fingers of his right hand.
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