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Well we spent another day recuperating before heading in to poke around the cave again, and for some reason the druid showed back up with a mountain lion tagging along. I'm not terribly worried, but I think the pixie and the gnomeling might need to sleep lightly.

We finished poking around the larger part of the cave, it was mostly uneventful other then Eek trying to go fishing, and a giant ambush of lobster like creatures who employed tripwires. Luckily they proved more of an annoyance then a threat to trained adventurers such as myself, although it was amusing to watch the gnomeling ping pong around the room.

Finding nothing but a tunnel that seemed to go on endlessly we decided to return to town to regroup and resupply. For some reason my efforts to comfort J's mother went poorly. How is it the person who can carry the least gear wants to buy the most of it? Thank god we've got a packhorse and a cabin. After more time then I'd have liked we managed to equip ourselves for a longer expedition and we returned to explore the tunnel system. We found tracks that looked like they'd been made by slaves, so we figured we were on the right path. We found a locked door which took two keys, which we conveniently had, however it turns out the locked door contained a large number of orcs...
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