Session I: Mission to Dathomir
Squad 129 is briefed by General Garza and Master Gnost-Dural about their mission.

The squad learns that they are to proceed to the Dathomir system in order to investigate an archaeological dig begun by the Imperial Reclamation Service. The Dathomir system has been the source of major sensor and comms interference in recent years. The Republic fleet had been using it as a staging point previously, but was chased away by the Imperial Fleet.

To work around the interference, the Imperial Navy and Imperial Reclamation Service are utilizing tight-beam transponder units to authenticate incoming traffic.

Republic SIS contacts in the Bergeren system have confirmed that archaeological supplies are being moved to Dathomir. This is the Republic's best shot of getting their hands on a transponder.

The squad gets a new member, the Jedi Ferrin, who is also the apprentice of Master Gnost-Dural.

Gnost-Dural explains that the dig site is believed to be a crashed ship from the Jedi Civil War or Sith Triumvirate period, 300 years earlier. The identity of the ship is not known.


The squad headed to Bergeren. Sobaku and Mira hacked the docking computer to gain access to Docking Bay 28, where the Imperial Shuttle with the transponder was being kept. Mira then led several of the guards away with Ferrin while Wook and Sobaku waited to deal with the Imperials who would be guarding a shipment of slaves. Mira returned to take the transponder.

Ferrin stayed with Wook and Sobaku and freed the slaves, but ended up taking the shuttle and meeting up with Mira in space to transfer the slaves. After dropping the slaves off at their rendezvous near Selaggis VI, they headed to the Dathomir system.


The transponder seemed to work, but the Harrower-class Dreadnought in orbit redirected the squad's vessel away from the garrison and towards an alternate landing zone, citing quarantine protocols.

The squad landed and headed out on foot. They discovered a crash site in a clearing, about the right age, but without imperials nearby. There was a small cordon erected around the crashed Republic shuttle. Inside the cordon was a lightsaber and a cloak, which Ferrin took.

They also found a cybernetic spine which appeared to be new, which had been thrown near the edge of the clearing, and a small grave which Ferrin sensed was not to be disturbed.

Everyone except Wook witnessed a force vision of a boy with a lightsaber fighting something, and then an older version of the boy coming back to the planet and fighting a bird-faced figure in a robe.

As they continued on their journey, a Rancor popped out of the brush and attacked!
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