Session 5: Recap

Heart of the Elephant!

With the party’s new “trusted” companion Vanku they quickly headed off towards the Tower of the Elephant and their goal, the Elephant Gem! Once they reached the tower the group was able to successfully find a good darkened location to quickly scale the outer wall. And, thanks to Vanku’s keen eyes everyone was able to narrowly avoid the glass and shards of metal hidden in the shadows at the base of the inside wall. Once over the wall the next obstacle were the three tower guards that needed to be quickly dispatched before they could raise the alarm. Vanku led with a lightning attack which the party quickly followed up; the guards were down in seconds and now the group was clear to quickly race across the courtyard to the where the second wall stood before them.

As they approached the second wall they noticed a line of wicked looking vines and brush along the base, Ash was able to remember a rumor he’d heard in Jalizar’s taverns about some kind of venomous plants in the garden’s of the tower. As a precaution and to hide any trace of their presence the group proceeded to toss the downed guards into the vines and brush which to some surprise ferociously devoured their bodies, revealing their wicked nature. Now only how to get over the vines and up over the wall? Kroad looked at the guard’s spears and had a rather dexterous idea, and with a good run he deftly vaulted himself on to the top of the wall! Vanku, not to be out done at such an endeavor quickly landed on the top wall with a cat like grace. The others needed a more practical method so Frydas tied Vanku’s silk rope to the remaining spear and Vanku and Kroad held the other end of the rope on top of the wall. Dalyika and Ash then climbed up and across using the rope, Ash just making it! Frydas then with all her strength and speed leapt over the vines, unfortunately ones of the vines snagged her ankle as she grasped the edge of the wall. Fortunately with the help of the others she was able to break free and complete the climb up to the top of the wall.

Beyond the wall lay the inner garden, a wild tangle of jungle trees and exotic vegetation, and passed that the tower! At this point Vanku let the party know of the true reason for obtaining the Green Lotus powder. He proceeded to explained how there were fierce beasts beyond the wall and that he would use the Green Lotus poison to dispatch of the beasts. Vanku instructed the party to wait for his return before coming into the inner garden. Vanku with blow gun, darts and Green Lotus in hand swiftly disappeared into the dark jungle of the inner garden. The on edge party waited until the last second before another patrol of guards began to appear in the outer garden, thankfully just then Vanku reappeared successful and the party dropped down into the inner garden. The party passed two enormous Lions lying on the ground, presumed and thankfully dead as they quickly made their way to the base of the tower, Vanku had kept his word.

The one hundred and fifty foot tower’s outside was made of a slick shining ivory like material that glistened under the starlight. At the base of the tower with much skill Dalyika managed to shoot an arrow attached with a grappling hook and silk rope over the top edge of the tower. The arrow found its mark and the rope was secure enough to allow everyone to scale the tower to the top.

The top was full of gems and stones that glistened in the starlight, as much as the party tried they could not loosen any of the stones, perhaps inside would hold more obtainable treasures. As the group moved towards a small structure on the roof Vanku made a gruesome discovery, a mostly decayed corpse stuck in the door of structure. Once searching the body Vanku knew, this was the corpse of his father Taurius. Vanku was visibly shaken upon finally finding out the fate of his father, but through some straight and wise words from Ash Vanku agreed to continue on as long as they could return and carry his father’s remain to a proper burial.

The party entered the small chamber to find it full of gems and covered in gold and silver, some chests and chairs also resided inside. Kroad proceeded to examine the chests, opening one and finding it full of precious gems which he quickly stashed in his bag. As the group was moving around examining the room they failed to notice the giant spider creeping down upon Ash and Dalyika. Too late for them to react Ash and Dalyika were ensared in the spider’s web as it bore down on them. Just in time Frydas lept into action and with a mighty swing she split the spider in half spraying it’s entrails down upon a sticky and shaken Dalyika, although better than deadly spider venom she later agreed.

There was a golden door on other side of the room which led the party down a circular stairwell to the next level where they found a very large ivory door. With no traps detected they entered to find an incredible chamber lined with pure gold and at the far end a giant statue of a creature obviously not of this world! In the hand of this “creature” was a giant red translucent gem, which Kroad figured was the gem they sought, the Elephant Gem. Quickly Kroad made a line for the gem while Frydas moved in to examine the large creature statue. As they both got the closer the “statue” came alive and spoke, and moved its large trunk to shield the gem from Kroad’s grasp. The statue turned out to be an ancient being called Yag-Kosha who told a sad tale of his capture and mastery by the evil sorcery priest Yara, who resided just one level below. To be free of his centuries long torment he begged the party to slay him, take his heart and pour it’s blood upon the Elephant Gem. Once done they should take the gem before Yara below, who should be in a Lotus induced dream state, and speak the words, “‘Yag-Kosha gives you a last gift and enchantment.” Yag-Kosha explains that will rid this world of Yara and set himself free, as well the way will be clear for the party to escape the tower. With some reluctance from Kroad, the party agrees. Frydas performs the ritualistic slaying of Yag-Kosha, obtains his heart and drains it upon the gem, the blood seems to be absorbed by the gem which now has become murky red in appearance.

With the enchanted Elephant Gem in hand the group heads down to the next level where they find a large obsidian door. Within is an ornate room containing the chambers of Yara himself. They find him laying on a couch surrounded by the haze of the most powerful and insidious Black Lotus. Quickly Frydas laid the gem on floor a few feet from Yara and spoke the words. Doing this awoke Yara and he was shocked to see the gem and the party, what followed was even more of a shock for Yara, for the gem consumed him! He was shrunk down and absorbed inside the gem, where the party was able to see the faint images of a screaming Yara and a massive winged elephant headed being towering over him! Yag-Kosha’s justice and Yara’s demise seemed to be at hand. The large gem disappeared in a blast of smoke and light but what remained was a solid red ruby like gem, which the party quickly snatched up.

Right after this display of powerful sorcery and magic the entire tower began to crumble, for the magic holding it together was no more. After Ash reasoned with Vanku that there was no time to go up and retrieve his father’s remains the whole group raced out of the tower just in time. Luckily Yag-Kosha had kept his word and all guards were slain and all doors open. When they reached the grounds below the entire tower shook and wavered and after a moment imploded in upon itself and disappeared from this reality all together!

Startled but safe the party took a moment to regroup. Vanku spoke up about his sense of failure at not retrieving his father’s remains; both Ash and Frydas spoke reasoned words with him which were well received. Vanku looked upon the group, smiled, thanked them for the shared adventure and noted for now, he was the new Prince of Thieves and that perhaps their paths shall cross again some day!

The party now needs to assess their situation in Jalizar and find passage back to Jahir in Gis, for they now have the Elephant Gem!
Session: TotDSD: To steal a heart! - Saturday, Jul 28 2012 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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