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The Sentinels
It was a calm night, the waves could be heard on the beach above the transistor radio playing 'So beats my heart for you' as Nancy and Ron settled down for a night of romance at the beach. 'Oh Ron, its soo romantic. Tony Bennett , the ocean, the sand, you..hmmm' 'Nancy, let me get straight to it, there's been something I have wanted to ask you for a long time, and its been...difficult and there.'.'Ron!' Nancy interrupted, 'are you sure we are alone?'
'Yes, I believe so, why Nancy?' 'Im sure I just saw someone over there', Nancy pointed off down toward the were the shore and the dunes intersected, 'Yes there just coming over the rise towards us.. Oh!' Nancy quickly gathered her modesty as Ron rose to challenge the interloper. 'I say sir do you mind giving me and my fiancé...' 'Fiancé!?!' said Nancy surprisingly , 'Yes darling I wanted to propose to you.' Ron turned to face the oncoming person. 'I said can you leave us alone sir', Ron walked out into the dark to meet the figure, 'I have some serious business of a marriage proposal to do tonight.' The approaching figure made no sound and continued to lumber forward in the sand towards Ron. "Look I think you can underst-' stopping in midsentence Ron turned to Nancy and said in a firm calm voice' Nancy I think it's time you got up and ..RUN!, Run for the car its some kind of creature from the .. at that Nancy could see a fight break out. She screamed for her man, romance a distant memory and did as her lover instructed. As she ran she could hear the struggle fade behind her but as she ran she was aware that there were things moving around her too. She almost ran into a small child, only to have it turn and face her to show a half eaten face, a gurgling hiss leaving its malformed lips. The small creature reached out to claw Nancy. She managed to dodge the creature and ran, ran with all her strength until she got to the car. From there she drove as fast as she could until she past a small emergency telephone both. Quickly she dialled 999, oh help, oh help its, they, its horrible, they have Ron.........
Session: Game Session 3 - Sunday, Aug 19 2012 from 12:30 AM to 2:30 AM
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