2013 Tornament Rules and Scoring (OUT OF DATE)
There will be 4 games of standard 40k. 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. 6th Edition 40k Rules and all current Codex.
TX players vs. OK players.
Build a 1850 point army using the standard force organization chart.
No Imperial Armour units. No Fortifications.
You may have 1 primary detachment and 1 allied detachment.
Follow all the rules for allies per the 6th edition rulebook.
It is perfectly acceptable to use forge world MODEL to represent a unit from a regular codex but using IA stats is not allowed.
3 Hours per battle

Each mission will have a multiple objectives. Each objective will be worth victory points. The player with the most victory points is the winner of the battle. The victory points also determine your standing in the overall tournament. For the first round each OK player will be randomly placed against a TX player. For subsequent rounds you will be matched against a player on the opposing team who is closest to you in score.

For example, a mission might look like this.

Primary Objective - Hold the most objective markers - 9 points
Secondary Objective - Kill the enemy general - 5 points
Tertiary Objective - Wipe out all of your enemies troops - 4 Points
Note that it is possible for both player to score points for the Secondary and Tertiary objectives.
If you completely wipe out your opponents army, you score all possible victory points.

If I was able to get the primary objective and the tertiary objective I would score 13 victory points. If my opponent was able to complete the secondary objective and tertiary objective then they would score 9 points. Meaning that I have won the battle and my overall score is now 13.

Each player will receive 2 bonus points to their overall score if their army is painted. To be considered painted you must have a minimum of three colors.
At the end of the all battles, each player will vote for "Coolest Army" and "Favorite Player" The winner of each of these will be worth 2 points to their overall score. In the case of ties both players score the points.

Friday afternoon/evening will be a open gaming with boardgames and any other game folks want to play.

There will be cookout as usual Saturday night and, I'll break out my many board and card games for folks that want to stick around and hang out.
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