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Mher: A City
A night in the Well
A low murmur of voices washes over Cano as he walks in the front door of the Wishing Well, as he moves to the bar to order a drink.
A call from the side of the room catches his attention, and Wilfred waves him over, a smile on his face and a pitcher of ale frothing over in front of him, with several mugs arrayed around it. Marek, who had been talking quietly with Wilfred nods and flips a coin onto the table as Cano approaches, murmuring something quietly to Wilfred as he turns, patting his shoulder in farewell as he leaves.
"Welcome! Come, come, the drinks are on me tonight, friend! I have had some luck with coin today. How fares your work at the Tumbled Duckling...?"

The voices of Wilfred and Cano fade into the background noises as they settle to their drinking and sharing of tales, even as the figure of Xavice cuts through the crowded room towards them, people carefully moving out of his way even though he seems not to notice them, an is followed by the smaller figure of Silvia, her movements balanced and quick, moving through the tables and customers of the Well without disturbing their revelry.

Leodak watches all this from a stool at the very end of the bar, where it turns to meet the wall and offer him a view of the room so he can watch the table and mull over the implications of who else has been called to this bar on this night, and why...
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Xavice takes a seat at the bar and notices both Wilfred and Leodak there tonight, he thinks Wilfred is busy with Cano so he goes and speaks with Leodak."What brings you to the Wishing Well tonight?"...
Silvia walks towards the bar and orders some ale, before striding over towards the table where Cano and Wilfred are sitting. "Mind if I sit with you two?" she asks.
"Wilfred! My friend, my brother! I had the most exciting day today, I used my famous pickup line on the cute girl over there." Cano points blindly to a corner of the room, "I had to teach her all I know." Cano chugs the rest of his drink, which happened to be a full glass of ale. "Hey you guysh you should come over here! lets talk about ours... thins." Attempting to locate the rest of the usual group.
While grasping the shoulder of Cano and more ore less questions "what are we waiting for?"
"Ow my ear you ass, and you are right I don't know why I'm waiting." Cano looks Malik in the eyes, "Malik... I know we don't know each other very well but... why don't you drop the zero and get with the hero, in other words you better come with me." Cano feeling pretty good knowing that no girl in all of Mher can resist his ace card.
Silvia takes this as an invitation to seat herself at the table. "How's things at the Tumbling Duckling?" She asks Cano. "Those kids giving you trouble?"
stands to his feet and goes outside for some "fresh" city air... "i am going to get some fresh air hold my seat for me! O.K. Cano!" (leaving his full beverage alone on the table/counter.)
Finishing his conversation, Xavice gets up and goes outside. He sees Wilfred looking a bit worried, "Did you get a note too?" as he takes a note out of his pocket.
"Those kids don't know left from right let alone how to treat a lady properly, it makes me sick sometimes, but its my duty to protect the women in this city from drunk idiots such as myself." Cano bursts into laughter. "The work is good though and I get to see pretty girls such as yourself on a daily basis. So what's new with your sex life?"
d6 + 2 => [2] = 4
*Kicks Cano's shin under the table*

"How innapropriate!"

*Gets up to go outside, following Xavier out.*
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d6 + 2 => [2] = 4
"Hey.. wait... I didn't mean anything by it!" Cano stands abruptly, falling on his face due to a sudden pain in his shin, "Ow what the.. Hey c'mon! I'm sorry!" Managing to get up and chase Malik outside.
"Oh, I'm just here to relax for once."
"I know what you mean, it feels great to have a break once in awhile, but I'm not here for that. Got some note, don't know what it's all about."
"You too? I have no idea either, perhaps it's some sort of joke." Leodak takes out his note and reads it. The note reads "Let's play a little game" and has a drawing of a someone beside the writing.
Leodak looks at the note, and finds its a love sonnet, written by someone declaring their love for an unknown woman....
"Wait, this isn't what was on it!"
"Strange, that wasn't on my note...I kind of wish i got a drawing of a strange mask instead I got." He doesn't pull out his note, only checks that it's there. Thinking out loud "Very puzzling" He drifts off and sees Wilfred walking outside, "I'll be outside if you need me."
Leodak looks at the people walking outside wondering if the note has something to do with them. "Wait up!"