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Mher: A City
Wilfred steps outside...
Getting up from his chair at the table, Wilfred moves through the throng to the door and steps through it, revealing the dark streets, lit dimly by lanterns with people walking by, in small groups or alone.

stretching slightly, Wilfred starts down the steps, bumping into others, brushing past them as he moves past them, enjoying the first outside breath he has has taken in several hours.

Moments later Wilfred, brushing his hand over his purse reflexively to check on it, feels a sense of panic - the purse is empty! The key! What? Where? how could it be missing!
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Finishing his conversation, Xavice gets up and goes outside. He sees Wilfred looking a bit worried, "Did you get a note too?" as he takes a note out of his pocket. He looks at it, noticing its a shopping list. "What's this?" he reads it, 3 eggs a dried ham and some watermelon. He whispers something(/Altonian) under his breath.
"Well Fuck me Freddy! f!@# C@@# Sucker with the @!##@!%%@## some C$#@ stole me Key..." Glaring at Xavice "Did You See anyone take something from my pouch?"
"You were bumping into everyone, i didn't notice a slight of any hand. You're usually more careful than that. But me on the other hand, i may have bumped into one or two people on my way out. But i don't know if my note was stolen then or before when i was sitting at the bar."
"We need to find the key and whom ever took it now if i lose the key we are all Dead!"
"What's the importance of the key? What do you mean by dead?"
"the key is part of the reason we are all here and i need it back!"
"Malik! Please wait up and let me properly apologize." Cano running through a crowd of people trying to find where Malik went, spotting Wilfred and Xavice talking to each other. "Hey have you seen Malik?"
"She left as she usually does, in a hurry, and annoyed."
"What's going on?"
*Standing behind Cano*

"He's just joking."
The growing group on the stairs to the Wishing Well starts to block the way for other customers, one of which speaks up....

"oy, you lot mind movin' so me and mine kin get into the damned Well? We're lookin to get drunk, not stand here waitin' on yerselves to move in or out."
"Why is it that were still standing here Wilfred, you said it yourself, its a matter of life and death. Better to search for it right now."

He turns to the others.

"Silvia, let's go. Leodak you too, Cano can join also. Let's go."
Leodak immediately jumps out of the way.
"So where are we going?"
"Ok good, because I really need to apologize for asking her about her sex life, as much as I wanted to know, it was inappropriate." It takes Cano a few seconds to realize that Malik is the one standing behind him. "M-Malik, I hope we can improve our relationship, so how about you come over some time?, and sorry.."
Stands aside and says "there's some ale in a pitcher with some mugs there have at it."
*To Cano*
"Maybe later today, let's find out about this key first"

*To Xavice*

What about a key?
"Wilfred can tell us all about it, lets just get going." Xavice walks off in the direction in which he saw a man running. Not caring if anyone follows.
"Score!", Cano whispers to himself "Shes got big boobs too. Double score!", Cano clears his throat, "So whats this about a key?"
"What key?"
From afar "If you guys are coming, get going, this is a matter of life and death."
"A key is pretty hard to find, where do we start?" Leodak looks at Xavice. "Ok lets follow him"
"Find my damned key or we all die!"
*Takes off sprinting after Xavice*

Cano turns and faces Wilfred, "please try not to yell your attracting a lot of attention, maybe we should go someplace private and discuss this matter, from my perspective it seems serious."
Leodak follows Silvia

"very well"
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d20 + 6 => [7] = 13
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d20 + 6 => [7] = 13
d20 + 1 => [16] = 17

Spot Check
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d20 + 1 => [16] = 17
d20 + 2 => [20] = 22
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d20 + 2 => [20] = 22