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Mher: A City
is that the guy!?!
with everyone finally on the same page and realising that finding the key is probably a really important thing to do, the group scan the crowd, seeing nothing but the people about thier business, with no way to tell if any of them are the possible thief...

... Until Cano sees a fellow walking round a corner in the distance, oddly heading down an alley that is seldom used by passerby... even that barely registered as odd, until the fellow looked back over his shoulder as if by reflex, looking straight at the group at the moment Cano looked towards him.

the fellow jumped slightly, his eyes widening briefly as he whipped his head forwards again and hurried his step to take him from view down the alley...
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"Hey there was a guy way over there." Cano points to an Alley way in the distance. "I just have a hunch that he may be the person we are looking for, that alley is seldom used and he noticed I saw him as he started to speed up." "I know this city like the back of my hand, there is a shortcut that crosses the road of the ally down there" Cano points past the ally into a building. "That is my ex's house if we go past that we can cut him off."
Leodak starts his pursuit
"Alright, I'm the fastest, let me get catch him." Xavice runs off in the direction that Cano was pointing.
*Silvia decides to try going left around the block, in an attempt to cut him off if he turns right.*
Vanished from the group and appears overhead on the roofs. (later on)
Cano stays back in case the man decides to come back this way
d20 + 2 => [6] = 8
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 2 => [6] = 8